Thinking About Proposing This Christmas?


Christmas is the most cosy, twinkly, joyous time of the year, and subsequently, the most romantic. Make the most of the nostalgia in the air and get proposing! Here are some of our favourite Christmas engagement ideas to get the ball rolling

1. A Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves the mystery of a treasure hunt, especially when there’s something as jaw dropping as a diamond ring at the end of it. Say you’ve hidden a few presents for her to find - keep it simple and silly with typical stocking-filler presents so she thinks it’s nothing serious. Alternatively, if you’re feeling poetic, write a series of clues that will eventually point her in the right direction of the main prize, carefully put together with some more meaningful presents that will remind her of your relationship so far.

2. Hiding the Ring amongst Tree Decorations

Make sure you wake up early on Christmas morning to set this one up, as you don’t want her seeing the ring before the right moment. Carefully hang the ring amongst the other tree decorations and, when your ready, ask her if she’s noticed something special and extra sparkly on the Christmas tree. The twinkle should catch her attention, but if you’ve got a well decorated tree she may need a little help with this one!

3. Spell Out 'Marry Me?' in Decorations

If you’re feeling a little crafty, create your own letter decorations to spell out the big question. For those of us who don't excel as arts and crafts, hanging letter decorations are very in right now so there are plenty to purchase. We love these baubles from Amara, simple stars from Not on the High Street, or Trouva's light up letters for a real show stopper. This is perfect hung above the fireplace or somewhere cosy where you can settle down with a glass of warm mulled wine. Alternatively, hang this at the end of the bed for her to see first thing when she wakes up.

Amara's letter baubles

Amara's letter baubles


4. Christmas Day Walk

If you’re both old school romantics, perhaps you’d prefer something a little more traditional. Christmas Day can be hectic when you’re engulfed by family members, cooking and keeping little ones entertained with games. Take a moment for just the two of you and plan a walk - there is something super romantic about a stroll on a cold winter's day. Make sure there is a scenic or meaningful place to stop to pop the question - imagine the faces of everyone when you return with a lil’ extra sparkle!


5. Advent Calendar Surprise

Suggest before the beginning of the month that this Christmas you make each others’ advent calendars. Set a budget for gifts - this could be small and silly things, classic confectionary or you could really splash out and get a few things you’ll know she’ll love. Again, this could be a great opportunity to put together some small, really meaningful gifts that signify the most important parts of your relationship. Of course, the big reveal on the final day of advent is the end goal, but perhaps put a fake present in place of the ring until the big day in case impatiences gets the better of her!


6. The Old Small-Box-in-a-Big-Box Trick

This is a great tactic if you’re getting the feeling she might be expecting a Christmas proposal. When she sees your big gift for her under the tree, her suspicions will be alleviated and she’ll spend the morning wondering what on earth it could be - why not mislead her with false clues. Stuff a large gift box or cardboard box full of packaging and place the ring box right at the bottom, so she doesn’t see what it is until the very last minute. Wrap the big box as you would any other presents, or choose a smart gift box. John Lewis have some beautiful gift boxes to choose from, or try Not On The Hight Street for something personalised. Another fun idea is to fill a Regency Hamper with all of her favourite things, leaving the ring nestled at the bottom to leave the best 'til last. Leave in plain sight under the tree and leave her pondering…  

Photo Credit Caley Dimmock

Photo Credit Caley Dimmock


7. Hidden in the Christmas Pudding

Ok, so this one can go a little wrong but involving an ancient Christmas tradition certainly delivers a spark of romance. As is tradition, fill the Christmas pudding with coins and dish out as normal. You’ll have to be clever about the way you make sure the ring is in the right piece of pudding and given to the right person. Oh, and make sure she likes Christmas pudding … So maybe this one is a little more of a risk than it's worth!

8. A Classic Christmas Game of Charades

If like most British families, you’re partial to a game of Charades on Christmas Day, this could be the perfect proposal for you. Make sure the ring is sufficiently hidden in your pocket and, when your turn comes you have a couple of options about how to execute the proposal. The first idea is that you act out the words for the entirely made-up film / book / TV show ‘Will you marry me?’ and make sure your partner is the one answering. Alternatively, if you’re feeling like your acting skills are up to scratch, start to act out random actions that don’t actually have a correct answer. When everyone is getting majorly confused and thinks you’ve begun to lose the plot, get down on one knee and pull out the ring. A truly amazing way to win Charades this Christmas.

So there you are - some fun Christmas proposal ideas to mull over, make sure you leave plenty of time to organise and plan, some of these tricks will take quite a bit of plotting! Now you've sussed out the big proposal, better get thinking about the ring...


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