Marquise Engagement Rings

A marquise engagement ring features one of the most unique of all diamond shapes. The shape of a marquise diamond engagement ring features an elongated centre with two pointed tips on either side. Browse and buy a marquise diamond engagement ring with the setting and diamond of your choice, or explore our full selection of engagement rings to find your perfect style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

What is a marquise engagement ring?

Marquise engagement rings feature a marquise cut diamond as the main, centre stone. The marquise shape is said to have been modelled on a pair of lips and is somewhat similar to an oval engagement ring but with pointed tips - you could compare the shape to an American football.

What do marquise diamond rings symbolise?

The marquise cut diamond ring is said to have been modelled upon the shape of the lips of King Louis XV’s lover, the Marquise de Pompadour. This is what gives the marquise shape a feminine edge and a symbol of romance and glamour.

Are marquise engagement rings expensive?

Marquise diamonds are marginally less expensive than round diamonds, and similarly priced to oval diamonds. The great thing about marquise diamonds is that the elongated shape means they look bigger than their carat weight - so it can feel like your money is going further!

Is a marquise diamond engagement ring rare?

Marquise engagement rings are quite uncommon. Marquise diamond engagement rings are not super popular or traditional, which makes them a great choice for anyone with a unique style.

Are marquise diamond rings popular?

Marquise diamonds are one of the lesser-chosen shapes for engagement rings. While most couples choose popular oval, cushion, pear or round engagement rings, a marquise engagement ring can look really unique and contemporary. The marquise shape is elongated and looks big for its carat weight, so although not currently a popular choice, there are lots of benefits to choosing a marquise engagement ring. In fact, we're noticing the marquise shape creeping up in popularity - perhaps because the elongated shape looks larger than its carat weight might suggest!

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