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Which Jewellery Metal Best Suits My Skin Tone?

Written by Laura Suttie
August 15th, 2022 • 5 min read

The dilemmas of choosing a metal colour and sticking with it for life are daunting: do you really just need to stick to one jewellery metal? Will rose gold wash you out? And why does it matter whether the metal colour you choose is right for your skin tone? Get the answers from the people that know: Queensmith’s jewellery experts are all too familiar with the dilemmas of debating over a metal colour - but sometimes, the answer is right under your nose. See how your skin tone can determine your signature metal colour.

What metals can I choose from for my jewellery?

  • Platinum
  • White gold
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Silver (not for fine jewellery)

Fine jewellery and engagement rings are available in platinum or similar silvery tones like white gold, warm yellow gold and the pinkish rose gold. Diamond jewellery like diamond earrings, wedding rings, and engagement rings are typically made in 18k gold or platinum - some of the Earth’s most durable and precious metals. Silver is not suitable for special jewellery like engagement rings, wedding rings or diamond jewellery, because it is a soft metal that can easily bend out of shape.

How does metal colour affect the way your skin looks?

Just like with makeup and clothes, metal colours can enhance certain undertones in your skin. Take a look at your complexion to know what undertones you’re dealing with, and therefore which metals will look the best on you.

How to tell if your skin has cool or warm undertones

Look at the veins on your wrist to see if you have cool or warm undertones. Your veins will look greenish if you have warm skin, or bluey-purple if you have cool skin. If you see a mixture of green and blue tones, or you can’t really see your veins at all, you probably have neutral skin. Being pale doesn’t necessarily mean you have cool undertones, and having dark skin doesn’t necessarily mean you have warm undertones, which is a common mistake people make!

If you’re someone who burns easily in the sun, you probably have cool skin. If you tan quickly without burning, you probably have warm skin - and if you’re someone who burns a little before tanning, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Which metal colour looks good on cool skin?

Cool skin looks the best with metals that are bright and silvery, like platinum and white gold. The icy tone of these metals will complement the blue undertones of your skin, and can have a lovely brightening effect on your complexion.

Colourless diamonds look amazing on cool skin, and work really well with colourless metals like platinum and white gold, which keep the diamond bright and icy. If you like coloured gemstones, consider sapphires, amethyst and aquamarine.

Remember, cool skin doesn’t necessarily mean pale. Pale people with warm, yellowish undertones can really suit rose gold and yellow gold. Some people with dark complexions have cool blue undertones, and can find platinum and white gold pop really beautifully on their skin.

Which metal colours should I avoid on cool skin?

Rose gold doesn’t suit some people with cool skin tones. The pink tones of rose gold can draw out the purplish undertones of cool skin or make you look a little washed out. If you have cool skin with bluey-pink undertones, then rose gold can leave you looking a little red.

Which metal colour looks good on warm skin?

Yellow gold is a really great choice for people with warm skin. The golden hues of yellow gold complement the golden tones of warm skin. Most warm skin tones also look great in rose gold, which has a similar effect, as well as offering an injection of pink that can brighten up a yellowish complexion. Kind of like how warm skin tones can really benefit from a pop of pink blusher!

Colourless diamonds suit all skin tones, and can contrast really beautifully with the warm tones of yellow gold and rose gold. Coloured gemstones that suit warm skin tones include rubies and emeralds, citrine and yellow sapphires.

Which metal colours should I avoid on warm skin?

Platinum and white gold don’t necessarily look bad on warm skin, but they can get a little lost and cool down the natural warm tones of the skin.

What metals can I wear with neutral skin?

If you’ve found you have both greeny-blue veins on your wrists, you probably have neutral skin which means you can wear any metal colour. Anything from the silvery colours of platinum and white gold to the warm tones of rose gold and yellow gold should suit your skin beautifully!

Does my engagement ring metal have to suit my skin tone?

There are no rules when it comes to choosing jewellery, particularly when it comes to something as personal as your engagement ring. You might find it useful to learn which metal best suits your skin tone, but ultimately you know what you like, and what feels right for you. If you’re unsure, make sure to try on at least one platinum or white gold engagement ring, one yellow gold ring and one rose gold ring. Check how it looks in different lights and take a few photos to refer back to before making your choice!

Can you wear different coloured metals together?

It’s a bit of a myth that you should choose one metal and stick to it for all your jewellery. Metals can look really beautiful mixed together! That said, when it comes to special pieces like your engagement ring and wedding ring, it’s worth sticking to the same metal. This is because some metals are softer than others, and you should avoid wearing different metals next to each other in case one wears down the other. You can wear different ring metals on different fingers, layer up different colour necklaces or mix and match your earring stack! Just try to avoid wearing different colour metals that might rub together.

Does all your jewellery have to be the same metal?

There’s no need to stick to one metal colour for the rest of your life - mixing up your jewellery can look great, and it’s always a good idea to have a few staple options in various metal colours to go with different outfits and occasions. Some people also find they look best in yellow or rose gold in the Summer months when their skin is a little warmer looking, and suit platinum or white gold more in the Winter!

Which metal colour should I choose for my partner’s engagement ring?

If you’re unsure which metal colour engagement ring will suit your partner best, or if you think they’d suit all colours, then look at their existing jewellery collection. If they mainly wear silver toned jewellery, look at white gold or platinum engagement rings. If they like to pop colour into the mix, consider yellow gold engagement rings. Only look at rose gold engagement rings if you know your partner likes the tone: it can be hard to pull off and is much less traditional than platinum or yellow gold.


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