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Crafting Process

Ever wondered how engagement rings are made? At Queensmith, each ring we hand over has been crafted by our in-house goldsmiths, meaning every step of the crafting process is closely monitored to produce the highest quality outcome. Read about our crafting process to see how your ring will be made.

How are rings crafted at Queensmith?

  1. Our Production team process your online or in-store order
  2. Your design is CAD and 3D modelled, and tweaked if necessary
  3. The design is cast in platinum or 18K gold of your choosing
  4. The ring mount is pieced together and prepared for setting
  5. The diamonds are securely set under microscope and the ring is refined
  6. The ring is independently hallmarked at the London Assay office
  7. A final polish gives the metal the perfect lustre
  8. Our Production team scrutinise your ring with one last quality control check - and we’ll let you know your order is ready for delivery or collection

1. We Receive Your Order

Our team of Production specialists receive and familiarise themselves with the specifics of your order - they’ll be in charge of checking your ring meets our exquisite, quality standards at every step of the crafting process and meeting your due date. They’ll schedule your ring to head to a number of our in-house specialists, from the CAD team to our mounters, goldsmiths and diamond setters. We’ll check over your diamond and its IGI or GIA certificate before handing it over to the crafting team.

2. CAD & 3D Modelling

For bespoke orders, our Design team will create a digital, CAD mockup of the ring for your approval, offering an opportunity to make final tweaks and changes with this helpful visualisation. This step allows us 100% certainty that your ring will be beauty and structurally sound, suitable for everyday wear. In some instances, a wax model is 3D printed to help your visualise your ring.

3. Casting The Metal

Queensmith engagement rings are cast, specifically to order and following the exact proportions of the ring's CAD design. The process is by no means fast, and takes great care and attention to carry out safely, and without metal impurities, irregularities or porosity - should these occur, they do not pass our strict quality control measures.

A wax model of the ring's shank and collet is created from the CAD, covered in plaster and fired to create a mould.

The precise amount of precious platinum or 18k gold needed for the ring is measured and heated to extreme temperatures.

Once the metal is molten, it is very carefully poured into the cast of your ring, and left to cool.

The cooled metal becomes the rough, blank canvas for your ring, but requires a lot of work to get it up to scratch.

4. Creating The Mount

The rough cast is passed on to our specialist Mounting team - our mounters have particular specialisms, so the Production team will assign the best goldsmith for your particular ring.

The casting is cleaned up - filed, sized, papered and pre-polished in preparation for the stone setting. Once again, this is quality control checked before moving onto the next step.

5. Setting The Diamonds

Setting the diamonds and gemstones of a design is an extremely meticulous process that takes place under microscope, making sure each diamond is perfectly secure with a finessed, neatly finished setting.

The proportions of the ring are measured and melee diamonds are carefully selected, before drilling tiny, precise holes to set the diamonds in.

Each small melee diamond is set, carefully and under magnification, making sure the setting is both neat, secure and evenly spread.

Now it's time for the all important centre stone - and it's vital to check the stone is evenly and symmetrically set, with ultra secure claws.

The ring setting is further refined and secured. The claws are tightened and sawed into the desire shape, like talon or ball claws.

6. Hallmarking At the Assay Office

Hallmarking precious metal is a legal requirement, carried out independently by the London Assay Office. The Assay Office verifies the purity of the metal and the credentials of Queensmith as the maker with a laser hallmark, which essentially marks the ‘who, what, when and where’ of the ring - it’s a way of showing the ring’s provenance.

Once again, our Production team will double check the ring is looking its best at this stage, and is ready for its final finessing.

7. Refinement & Final Polish

Back in the hands of the goldsmiths, the details are refined and the edges of the shank are softened to create a comfortable and aesthetic fit. Finally, the ring is polished to a mirror finish - even the tiniest details are buffed out to a perfect lustre.

Your ring will undergo a final clean in our sonic cleaner, then blasted with a steamer to blow away any last remnants of the crafting process to reveal your sparkling ring, in its finest form.

8. The Last Quality Control Check

Before the finished ring can leave our possession, our Production team uses their eagle eyes to complete the final quality control check. This will ensure the ring appears exactly as ordered, and all details are finished to perfection. The security of each stone is checked, and we’ll make sure the GIA number of the diamond is accessible to view under a microscope. If our Production team are satisfied with the high quality standard of the ring - we’ll be in touch with the client to let them know it’s ready!

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Unlike most contemporary jewellers, Queensmith craft each ring to order, allowing you to be as involved in the process as you wish.


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Rest assured, in the unlikely case that imperfections arise, we’ll do our utmost to keep your jewellery looking and feeling as good as new - for a lifetime.

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Our diamonds are all GIA or IGI certified and hand selected for their superior quality.

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