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Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval cut engagement rings are one of the most popular styles amongst couples due to the eye-catching elongated diamond. Thanks to the increased spread, oval diamond engagement rings look bigger than most shapes, and are very flattering for the wearer. Available in platinum, or 18k yellow, white or rose gold, find the perfect oval diamond ring to symbolise your love.

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The most popular styles of oval engagement rings include oval solitaire rings and oval diamond band rings. Both are incredibly refined and modern, although the diamond band setting will offer added sparkle for those seeking further brilliance. For a further, subtle sparkle, consider adding the custom touch of a diamond set bridge or hidden halo to your oval engagement ring.

An oval halo engagement ring nods to vintage design and is a surefire way to enhance the size of your ring thanks to the addition of melee diamonds around the centre gem. A scallop set halo will appear a little more contemporary, while a pavé halo will give the ring an Art Deco edge.

What does an oval engagement ring symbolise?

The oval engagement ring is a staple of modern design and represents a modern taste that honours tradition, thanks to its structural similarity to the iconic round diamond ring. Some believe oval diamonds symbolise birth or the start of a family, thanks to their resemblance to an egg. Because of this, ovals can be the perfect choice for an engagement ring to mark the start of your new family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

About Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

What are oval engagement rings?

Oval engagement rings feature an oval cut diamond as the main, centre stone of the ring. Oval diamonds are like elongated round diamonds, and due to a similar facet structure to round diamonds, are incredibly sparkly. Thanks to their elongated shape, oval engagement rings can look bigger than most other diamond shapes.

Why are oval diamond engagement rings so popular?

Oval engagement rings in the UK have soared in popularity, now rivalling round diamonds as the most popular shape for engagement rings.

  • Oval diamonds look bigger than most other diamond shapes, as they are elongated and have a large spread

  • People like the way oval diamonds cover more finger than other diamond shapes

  • Oval diamonds are slightly cheaper than some diamond shapes, like round diamonds

  • Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Molly Mae and Blake Lively have oval diamond engagement rings, which has influenced modern tastes

  • The long shape of the oval diamond is flattering for the wearer, making the fingers look long and elegant

  • Oval diamonds feature no weak points or corners, making them a strong and durable diamond shape

Learn more about engagement ring trends in our data-led report.

How much do oval engagement rings cost in the UK?

The cost of your oval cut engagement ring will depend on the quality of the diamond, and more importantly, its carat weight. A 1 carat oval diamond ring costs around £1,900 for a lab diamond, and from £700 for the ring setting, so a total of around £2,600. A natural diamond will cost around 75% more.

Diamond prices do fluctuate, and these numbers are indicative.

Why do oval diamond rings look bigger?

Oval diamonds look bigger than most diamond shapes, as they are elongated. This means more of the carat weight is spread out over a larger surface, and the diamond is relatively shallow. An oval cut engagement ring will cover more of the finger than, say, a round ring of the same carat weight.

Celebrities With Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Hailey Bieber's Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Back in 2012 Hailey Baldwin tweeted her admiration for Blake Lively's engagement ring, 'if my ring isn’t as big as Blake Lively’s, I don’t want to get married' - and Justin Bieber listened. Fast forward to 2018, Justin bought Hailey a huge oval diamond engagement ring estimated to be near 8 or even 10 carats, and to be worth upwards of $500,000. Get the look with the Oval Bardot in 18K Yellow Gold.

Molly Mae's Oval Engagement Ring

In July 2023, Tommy Fury proposed to Molly Mae with an oval diamond ring believed to be around 5ct. Molly Mae's engagement ring is estimated to be valued at £400k if natural, or a much lower figure of £20-40K if lab grown. Get the look with the Oval Bardot Scallop in Platinum.

Jasmine Tookes' Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Jasmine Tookes' engagement ring is a simple but large oval diamond solitaire ring, set in yellow gold. Believed to be around 7cts and worth $250,000, the impressive oval diamond required only a simple, refined ring design. The plain band allows the huge diamond to do all the talking. Get the look with the Oval Bardot in 18K Yellow Gold

'Si, mi amor! ♥️ We’re engaged!!! 🥰😭' wrote model Jasmine Tookes on Instagram to celebrate her engagement, alongside a series of proposal photos.

Vanessa Hudgens' Oval Engagement Ring

Vanessa Hudgens announced her Parisian engagement in early 2023 with a post on Instagram. Embracing her new fiance Cole Tucker, she proudly showed off her beautiful oval ring, simply designed with a yellow gold solitaire setting. Vanessa Hudgens' engagement ring is believed to be around 5ct. Get the look with the Oval Bardot in 18K Yellow Gold

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