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Delve into the intricate diamond characteristics at an expert level, from the width of the girdle to the ideal diamond fluorescence, to what causes inclusions and why the GIA are recognised as the foremost diamond graders.

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When buying a diamond, it is important to look at the fundamental characteristics that contribute to a diamond’s quality, value and desirability. If you’re interested in delving deeper into what makes a diamond a diamond, read our expertised guide, including information like what creates diamond inclusions and how they can differ, whether your diamond should have a culet and why a diamond’s fluorescence grade should be an important consideration.

GIA Certified Diamonds

Who are the GIA and why are they so important?

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Beyond the 4Cs

Now you’re clued up on the 4Cs and diamond fundamentals, you may choose to delve a little deeper before making your purchase. Diamonds are complex and each so unique in nature - discover the characteristics that look beyond the 4Cs to determine a diamond’s beauty and value.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Girdle

When you view a diamond from the top, the girdle is the part of the diamond that creates the outline. The diamond girdle is graded by experts from ‘thin’ to ‘thick’. Discover what makes some diamond girdles more preferable than others.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Inclusions

A diamond inclusion is any small internal mark or external blemish on a diamond that may or may not impact the stone’s beauty. Discover the different types of diamond inclusions and how they are graded and valued in our complete guide to diamond inclusions.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Polish

Diamond polish refers to the degree of smoothness of each facet of a diamond: smoother facets equate to a better diamond polish grade. Find out about how a diamond’s polish impacts its beauty in our diamond polish guide.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Culet

The culet is the very lower tip of a diamond, and perhaps surprisingly, the size of the culet (or existence of) can hugely impact it’s beauty. Discover how diamond culets are graded, and what to look out for when choosing a diamond with the ideal, pointed culet.

Diamond Expertise

Diamond Fluorescence

Fluorescence is the glow you see when a diamond emits visible light. Only some diamonds fluoresce when they are exposed to UV ray sources such as the sun. Find out whether fluorescence is preferable and more in our detailed guide.

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