Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear engagement rings feature a unique diamond shape, also referred to as a teardrop diamond. The rounded base and pointed tip of pear shaped engagement rings give them a unique charm and stylish edge. The elongated shape of a pear cut engagement ring means they look bigger than most shapes. Discover the perfect pear drop engagement ring for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

About Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

What are pear engagement rings?

A pear cut engagement ring features a pear shaped diamond as the main centre stone, which is rounded at the base of the stone, and pointed at the top. Pear diamond rings are sometimes referred to as teardrop engagement rings or even pear drop engagement rings.

What is a teardrop engagement ring?

A teardrop ring is another name for a pear cut engagement ring. The shape of a pear or teardrop engagement ring is literally like a water droplet - rounded at the base, with a pointed tip at the top!

What does a pear ring symbolise?

The pear shape engagement ring is incredibly modern, and reflects the attitude of a forward-thinking, astute person. Because it is so unlike any other diamond shape, the pear engagement ring symbolises uniqueness and individuality.

What are the benefits of a pear shaped engagement ring?

Pear diamonds are one of the largest looking diamond shapes thanks to their elongated shape, and the rounded base of the shape has a similar facet structure to a round diamond - meaning pear diamond rings are super sparkly!

Pear engagement rings are characterful - most people choose classic shapes like round, oval or cushion, so opting for a pear diamond will give your ring a unique and modern look.

Which way do you wear a pear cut engagement ring?

It is totally up to the ring wearer which way round they wear their pear cut engagement ring. Most people chose to wear the tip of the pear pointed towards their fingernail.

Celebrities With Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

Emily Ratajkowski's Princess and Pear Diamond Ring

Em Rata's engagement ring features a princess cut diamond around 2cts, set next to a pear diamond around 3cts in size. The total of the two diamonds and the refined ring setting is believed to be a little under £100,000.

Emily Ratajkowski designed her own engagement ring with her partner, and paved the way for toi et moi style engagement rings to become a rising trend. A toi et moi ring is where two diamonds are set side-by-side, often with one or both at a titled angle.

Margot Robbie's Pear Drop Engagement Ring

Margot Robbie's simple, 3 carat pear engagement ring is set with a pavé diamond band in platinum. The ring is simple, refined and relatively understated for a celebrity ring!

Believed to have cost around £16,000 to £20,000, you could recreate Margot Robbie's pear engagement ring for around 70% of that price if you were to choose a lab diamond.

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