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What Do Wedding Planners Do?

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January 5th, 2024 • 3 min read

If you’re recently engaged and in the throws of wedding planning, Pinterest boards aplenty, then perhaps it’s time to consider a wedding planner. Here, we delve into what wedding planners do, the value they can bring to creating a memorable wedding, and how much wedding planners cost.

What do wedding planners do?

A wedding planner coordinates the entire wedding; from planning the venue, guest list, and catering, to ensuring your wedding day goes smoothly from start to finish.

There are lots of different details that must be planned, and this can become overwhelming if you try to tackle it by yourself. A wedding planner can take away this extra stress, allowing you to focus on choosing your dream wedding ring and finding the perfect suit or dress.

With their wealth of expertise, a wedding planner can help you to find decorations that aren’t cliché, a personalised wedding invitation, and a menu that everyone will enjoy. They can also be on-hand on your wedding day, rounding up family and friends for photographs, and dealing with any mishaps. While a wedding planner might not be necessary for an intimate or casual ceremony, traditionally large and grand affairs can undoubtedly benefit from the organisational and creative skills of a wedding planner.

What kind of wedding planner do I need?

Most wedding planners will offer 3 options:

1. Full wedding planning, where they take on all creative and administrative responsibilities, sourcing everything from the perfect napkins for your taste, to finding the venue and organising the legalities. They’ll run the schedule of the day, making sure the order of events runs smoothly.

2. Partial wedding planning
, a slightly less hands-on approach. Perhaps you’ll have booked the venue and caterers but need an extra pair of hands for all the other bits in between.

3. Wedding day management
, where you’ll have sourced, booked and chosen the details yourself, but need the management skills of a wedding planner to make sure your wedding schedule runs smoothly - so you can relax and enjoy your day.

What qualities should I look for in a wedding planner?

When choosing a wedding planner, it’s important to look for certain qualities to ensure the process runs smoothly;

  1. Organised and punctual - this may seem obvious, but it’s important to find someone prompt and organised to plan your day. They will need to manage multiple moving parts and chase vendors ahead of the wedding, so you need someone who can keep on top of everything.

  2. Good with people - if you are hiring someone for full wedding management, they will need to speak to vendors regularly, as well as get along with you and your guests on the day. Find someone who is friendly - but can get people moving if needed!

  3. Excellent communicator - you will need to speak to your wedding planner regularly, so they must be good on the phone, and stay in touch via text message. You can get an idea of how they communicate when organising your initial consultation.

How can I find a wedding planner that suits my style?

When searching for a wedding planner, it’s important to do your research. You can search online for local wedding planners in the area, visit wedding shows, and ask for recommendations from your married friends and family.

If you have already found a venue, you may be able to ask the venue manager for wedding planner recommendations from previous weddings. This way, they will already know the venue and be prepared on the day.

You can arrange to meet with any potential wedding planners for an initial consultation. You will be able to look at previous examples of their work, gauge their personality, and test out some ideas. Reviews are important - be sure to read their client testimonials to get an idea of whether or not they are a match for you.

What should I bring to a consultation with a wedding planner?

When meeting with your chosen wedding planner, bring along the following information and inspiration;

  • Venue ideas (if not already booked)

  • A date for the wedding

  • Officiant preference

  • Your budget

  • An idea of aesthetic - Pinterest is good for this!

  • Flower arrangement inspiration

  • Catering or menu suggestions

  • The draft guest list for both the service and evening party

How much do wedding planners cost in the UK?

The cost of wedding planners can vary hugely - depending on location, expertise and experience. The level of service you’re after will also directly impact the cost of your wedding planner.

1. Full wedding planning - you’ll find a good planner will charge a minimum fee with a rate of 10-15% of your total budget.

2. Partial wedding planning depends on the amount of organisation you’ve already done and what is left, but would likely be between £1,500 to £3,000.

3. Wedding day management will depend somewhat on the scale and length of your wedding day, but you’d probably be looking at a lower fee, somewhere around the £600 to £800 mark.

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