Bespoke Engagement Rings

Design a truly bespoke engagement ring.

If you can't find the perfect engagement ring, why not create it yourself? Create your custom ring design with our experts.

We're here to make your bespoke ring - simple.

Our custom engagement rings

Get inspired by our previously-commissioned custom engagement rings, individually designed with love and crafted by us.

Creating bespoke engagement rings in-house allows us to control prices, starting at £1,300, and to deliver quality within 4 to 5 weeks.

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We get it, you’ve never done this before.

That’s why we have diamond and design experts on hand, who are here to guide you through every step - from understanding what carat, color, cut and clarity mean, to designing the perfect ring.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Creating A Bespoke Engagement Ring

With in-house designers, workshops and goldsmiths, we create our bespoke engagement rings to order, giving you the ability to design, tweak and personalise. Discover more about creating a custom ring, your way.

A jeweller at Queensmith crafting a bespoke engagement ring at his workbench, looking at the custom ring with focus

Take a look inside our in-house workshops during your appointment

Should I buy a bespoke ring?

A bespoke engagement ring enables you to create something deeply personal: choose a classic design tweaked to your own taste, or create a completely unique ring.

When creating an engagement ring with Queensmith’s experts, you can be as immersed in the process as it works for you - from choosing the centre stone and opting for a classic design, to working with our designers to create a completely unique engagement ring. It’s a highly personal service, where each piece of advice we offer will guide you to creating the ring that’s just right for you, for the best value.

How much do bespoke rings cost?

Our bespoke rings start at £1,300, with no extra charges or hidden costs. The beauty of bespoke means you can find the best value for your personal budget, by hand selecting each detail. You'll be able to choose details from the setting style, embellishments like a hidden halo or diamond bridge, and your own choice of natural or lab grown diamond.

We don’t charge extra for our bespoke service. Our business model is built on in-house, made-to-order production. Because you shouldn't have to pay a premium for creating a ring exactly as you envisage!

Joanna | Gemmologist & Design Expert

Bespoke ring design tips

Designing each ring with integrity is important to us. Style and substance are of equal importance, so your ring will stand the test of time, physically and aesthetically.

Close up of a goldsmith's hands, while they are setting a custom engagement ring with a pear shaped diamond with specialist tools

Our diamond setters meticulously set each diamond under microscope, to ensure a flawless and secure setting

Start with the setting

The style of your custom engagement ring is the best place to start. Choose from the four classic ring styles: solitaire, diamond band, halo and trilogy. Once you know which staple ring style you love the most, you can start thinking of all the ways you’ll make it your own.

Choose your perfect diamond

With a bespoke engagement ring, you'll be able to customise your diamond by carefully selecting the cut, clarity and colour. You'll also need to choose the carat weight, with options including 0.5ct, 1ct and 2ct engagement rings upwards.

Learn more about cut, clarity, colour and carat by reading through our diamond guides.

Personalise your ring

We offer a number of ways you can personalise your engagement rings, with sweet and subtle details that will exude sentiment. Consider engraving your ring with a meaningful message, or add diamond detailing, like a hidden halo, diamond set bezel, or diamond set bridge. You could even set a gemstone inside the ring band - incorporating a gemstone that has meaning to your or your partner is another great way to create a bespoke engagement ring with sentimental personalisation.

Finding ring inspiration

We've put together an extensive ring inspiration gallery to help you get a feel of what you like and get the ball rolling on your custom ring. Browsing Instagram and Pinterest can also be a great source of inspiration to start the design of bespoke rings, we also have our very own Ring Inspiration Gallery to help you find styles you like amongst rings we’ve made before.

Think about whether you’d like a completely contemporary ring, if the classics feel right, or if a nod to vintage design will work for you. Let us know the design elements you like, and together we can piece together your dream ring design.

With a little inspiration, you can find the perfect design, or amalgamate a few styles you love, and have your characterful engagement ring crafted from scratch by the best Hatton Garden Jewellers for you.

The Bespoke Process

1. Initial design & CAD

First, we’ll create an initial concept of your ring, which will be mocked up by our CAD team. Our designers will recommend any adjustments that could improve the structural integrity and look of your ring, as well as provide you the opportunity to make refinements or tweak the design.

The Bespoke Process

2. Creating the ring mount

Once you’ve signed off on the design, our specialised mounters will create the all-important framework of your ring, ensuring strength and security while bringing your design to fruition. This is like prepping a blank canvas, with the finer details still to come.

The Bespoke Process

3. Setting the diamonds

Next up, our setting specialists will add the centre stone, melee diamonds, and further detailing to the ring. It’s a meticulous process that requires great precision. Under microscope, the goldsmiths set and secure each stone before refining the claws and metal work.

The Bespoke Process

4. Final touches & quality control

Now for the finessing. Between ongoing quality checks, your ring will take shape with its final polish, before an independent hallmark by the Assay Office. Our production team will take one final quality control check under a microscope, ensuring every detail is perfect - once they’re satisfied, it’s all yours!

I wanted a jeweller who had the same vision as me, I was very specific on what I wanted.. many jewellers were rigid when it came to the design and diamond choices. That’s when a friend recommended Queensmith - the rest is history!

Alice & Tom | Queensmith Couple

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