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Engagement ring experts reveal the 7 signs to look out for that could signal your partners about to propose

April 9th, 2024

“Get ready with me to be maybe engaged” videos on TikTok have become the new viral trend receiving between 700 to over a million views each. The trend involves women and men filming themselves getting ready while chatting about the suspicious reasons they think they’re about to get engaged.

Whether it’s friends acting suspicious, a random surprise trip or a sudden change in their partner’s behaviour, these TikToks can result in many people analysing their own relationship.

Whilst there’s no guarantee that your partner is planning on proposing, engagement and wedding ring experts at Queensmith have revealed the top signs your partner could be planning a proposal.

1. Encouragement to get your nails done

Have your friends and family been asking you to go with them to get your nails done? Are they urging you to get them done slightly more so than usual?

This is one of the biggest signs that your partner is going to propose and are wanting you to feel and look your best for those all-important engagement ring pics!

If you suspect this might be the case, ensure you agree to get them done. There would be nothing worse than having chipped nail polish when your partner slips the engagement ring on.

2. Your partner plans a trip

This doesn't mean you need to doubt your partner's intentions before every trip, but there are some signs to recognise if this holiday will be unique.

Firstly, if your partner typically isn't involved in holiday planning but suddenly becomes very hands-on, it could signal they're planning a special proposal abroad.

Secondly, If you’ve been together a while and you have a special day coming up (such as an anniversary or your birthday), this could be another sign that they are planning on proposing to you.

3. They are talking to your family more than normal

While it's wonderful for our partners to bond with our closest family members and friends, if you notice an increase in their time spent with your family when you're not present, or they keep sneaking off for private conversations with them, they might be seeking their blessing or doing some extra planning with them.

If conversations stop when you enter the room or family gatherings start to feel a little different from usual, they’ve likely had “the talk”!

Try to avoid asking what they’re talking about so you don’t let on to them that you know something is going on or ruin the surprise.

4. Change in your partner's behaviour

Your partner is the one who knows every intricate detail about you. They can sense when you're upset without a word spoken and distinguish between your anger and your hunger. Therefore, if your partner starts behaving more nervously or becomes unusually quiet around you, it's a telltale sign that something could be brewing.

In such a scenario, they’re likely preoccupied with thoughts of the proposal and anxiously pondering your response to the big question. If you notice them exhibiting signs of heightened anxiety, try to support them as much as possible without giving away your suspicion that a proposal might be around the corner.

5. Talking about the future

If your partner starts getting really deep with you about the future, this is a good sign that a ring might be coming your way!

If your partner begins posing questions like "Where do you see this relationship going?" or "Where do you envision us living together?" it could indicate their desire to ensure both of you are on the same page about the future direction of the relationship.

6. They are cutting down on spending

Not only does cutting down on spending mean they could be saving up for a ring, but this also means they could be planning on saving for future familial expenses.

If they start wanting to have a quiet night in rather than going out with the boys or cooking dinner on a Saturday night rather than the usual takeaway, these are key signs that your partner is being more mindful of their budget, possibly in preparation to spend on an engagement ring.

7. They are suddenly interested in your jewellery

If your partner has been shopping for an engagement ring, you might observe them becoming more knowledgeable about jewellery overall. They may begin expressing opinions on other people's rings and discussing what ring styles they find appealing.

If you catch your partner snooping around your jewellery box or rummaging through your drawers, they might be trying to figure out your ring size and preferred style without directly asking you.

If you suddenly can't find your favourite ring despite remembering where you last left it, this could be a subtle hint that wedding bells could be coming your way.

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