Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

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Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

Should you have any concerns about your jewellery, we advise you to bring the piece in store or return to us via post for inspection by our production team. You should arrange an appointment to do so by emailing, or calling us on 020 7831 1901. If your item is deemed to have a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item accordingly.

If damage is not deemed to be a manufacturing fault, we will advise you on our repairs services.

You should be aware when buying diamond or gemstone jewellery that the naturally occurring stones can contain inclusions, irregularities in colour, size and shape and other individual characteristics. Our gemmologists will discuss this with you during your consultation in more detail, and will usually alert you to such characteristics. We pride ourselves on our transparency, and our certified gemmologists will always inform you of the exact characteristics and quality of the diamond you are purchasing, in accordance with its GIA certificate. Such characteristics will not be deemed a defect.

As purveyors of handcrafted jewellery, each item may have minor inconsistencies and irregularities to another. Variation in craftsmanship is not deemed a defect.

Jewellery will be subject to wear due to normal, day-to-day activities and trauma. We do not provide a warranty to repair, replace or refund in the event of normal wear or loss of stones. If your stone appears to be loose, please bring your jewellery in for inspection.

Our warranty does not cover theft or loss, and we therefore advise you select an appropriate insurance plan to cover your item. See our insurance advice.

Conditions of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

As well as the aforementioned conditions, please be aware of the following conditions.

  • Queensmith’s Manufacturer’s Warranty is only available to the owner of the item, and for Queensmith-made items

  • Any alterations made by jewellers other than Queensmith will void your warranty

  • You must have your jewellery serviced by Queensmith no less than once every two years. Frequent inspections will likely prevent serious problems occurring in the future

  • We recommend you arrange an inspection following any trauma to the jewellery, as soon as possible. The necessary repair may not be covered by the warranty, but we will advise on the best course of action

  • Our aftercare includes free deep cleaning and full checkover services for your item. We recommend you do this when possible to prevent problems

  • Defects that occur when the item is in your care are not covered. Please note that discolouration can occur when exposed to certain chemicals, prongs can get caught and bent out of shape and stones can fall out when prongs are loosened, among other day-to-day issues. You should make yourself aware of how to best care for your jewellery, or contact us on for advice

Complimentary Cleaning and Inspection Services for Diamond Rings

We recommend having your ring cleaned and inspected every year or if it undergoes any potential trauma. Inspections may help prevent the loss of a stone and extend the life of your jewellery. This cleaning and inspection service is free of charge to all UK based Queensmith customers on their Queensmith jewellery. The customer only pays for shipping, and Queensmith pays for return shipping. Repairs to your ring mounting can also be done at this time. Alternatively, customers can bring their jewellery in store - email to arrange a time slot that suits you.


We recommend you insure your jewellery in addition to our warranty. Whilst a number of insurers will offer sufficient coverage, we recommend TH March. To arrange cover with TH March, call 01822 855 555 or visit their website Our jewellery reference number is AH750T. Alternatively, you may wish to add your jewellery to your home contents insurance.