Shaped Wedding Rings

A curved wedding band is a sublime addition to any engagement ring for a contemporary and unique style - and can be the perfect solution for engagement rings that are unusually shaped or not ‘wedfit’. Explore our collection of shaped rings, curved to create a beautiful ring set.

About Our Shaped Wedding Rings

Shaped wedding rings can be plain or diamond set and are the ultimate way to complement your engagement ring. At Queensmith, we offer a service to match the profile of your engagement ring for a perfectly matched, shaped wedding ring set - book now to learn more.

Discover A Unique Curved Wedding Band

Our Hatton Garden jewellers craft rings by hand, made to order, just for you. Whether you buy your wedding ring individually or you're looking for curved ring set, we offer a service to match your shaped wedding ring to fit seamlessly alongside your unique engagement ring - simply book a consultation online or in-store.

We’ll only source the finest diamonds for your bespoke wedding ring, ensuring each stone is colourless and of top clarity. We’ll make sure each diamond matches the top quality of the next, to ensure the most exquisite, continuous sparkle.

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Shaped Wedding Rings FAQs

Designing A Shaped Wedding Ring

How to create a unique ring set with a curved wedding ring

Whether your engagement ring is a simple solitaire, or a complex and unusual design - a shaped wedding ring can be the perfect way to add a little originality to your ring and create a complete, unique set.

If you’re creating a curved wedding band to sit alongside an otherwise traditional, simple engagement ring - consider how you can make the two look part of the same set. Curved wedding ring sets look great when there is some continuity between the two rings - whether that’s using similar diamond shapes, the same coloured gemstone or matching the setting style. For example, if your engagement ring is a round diamond in a rubover setting, choose soft-edged shaped diamonds for your contoured wedding ring such as round or oval, in a matching rubover setting.

Book now to create your bespoke shaped wedding ring.

Can you fit curved wedding rings with any engagement ring?

Yes - shaped wedding rings can be crafted and contoured to sit alongside your engagement ring, no matter the design. Choose from our core collection of shaped rings or create a bespoke design to work with your engagement ring by booking an appointment.

Being able to create our contoured wedding rings in-house allows us the luxury of making sure your ring fits perfectly alongside your engagement ring. This means we can create a snug fit for your engagement ring, no matter its design. By using your engagement ring to correctly measure and proportion each detail, our CAD design team and goldsmiths will ensure the perfect fit for you. Get in touch to book this service.

Can I have a curved wedding ring with diamonds?

Absolutely! You can certainly create a curved wedding ring with diamonds. This would usually be a pavé or scallop set diamond wedding ring, and many prefer to match the setting style of the band of their engagement ring. There are, however, other ways to create a diamond shaped wedding ring. For example, try elongated diamond shapes such as marquise diamonds, set in a custom band to ‘fan outwards’ from your engagement ring. This can look ethereal and bohemian, and is a beautiful way to add sparkle to simple engagement rings.

Should I choose a curved wedding ring?

  • Curved wedding rings can look beautiful and bohemian, even alongside simple and straightforward engagement ring designs

  • If your engagement ring is not ‘wed fit’, a curved wedding band could be the perfect solution

  • There are a number of ‘shapes’ and contour styles to choose from, providing the opportunity to really personalise the look of your curved wedding ring set

  • There’s something sentimental about knowing your wedding ring will fit perfectly alongside only your engagement ring, and that you’ll have a truly personal wedding ring set

Choosing A Shaped Wedding Ring Metal

Does my curved wedding ring need to be the same metal colour as my engagement ring?

Ideally, yes, it is advisable you choose the same metal colour for both your engagement ring and your shaped wedding ring. When wearing any rings together, matching the metal ensures that neither will be worn down by the other. Some metals are stronger than others and would cause the gold to thin over time. Choosing the same metal colour also ensures your curved wedding ring set looks like a complete set, at its best.

Which metal colours can my shaped wedding wedding ring be made in?

At Queensmith, we create our shaped wedding rings in a number of metal options, including platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Our gold rings are crafted in 18k gold.

Do you need matching wedding rings to your engagement ring?

In terms of style no - you can get creative and use different diamonds or gemstones in your wedding ring to your engagement ring, and even mix setting styles.

When it comes to how your rings sit together, however, making sure they’re matched is important. We can create our curved wedding ring sets according to the dimensions, shaping and profile of the existing engagement ring - get in touch to book this service.

You should also match the metal colour of your wedding ring to your engagement ring, to ensure they are of the same durability, and one will not damage the other.

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