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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Hatton Garden

Why should you visit Hatton Garden?

Hatton Garden has a long history of hosting London’s diamond and jewellery scene, with goldsmiths, jewellery artisans and gemstone dealers taking up occupancy since the medieval ages. Although still largely devoted to the jewellery scene, Hatton Garden has welcomed an influx of creative and media agencies as well as the growth of foodie haven Leather Lane market, contributing to the colourful hub it is today.

Taking up shop alongside the traditional Hatton Garden jewellers in 2016, Queensmith brought with it a wave of fresh innovation and contemporary flare. Queensmith have grown over the past few years to become a prominent jeweller in the area and throughout London - crafting engagement rings, wedding rings and fine jewellery on-site, that is both relevant to today’s market, whilst enduring and timeless.

Why is Hatton Garden the UK's go-to for engagement rings?

Since its dawn as a jewellery hub in the Medieval era, Hatton Garden, London has remained the most renowned destination in the UK to create and buy fine jewellery. Traders in Hatton Garden consist of some of the most reputable and distinguished diamond and gemstone dealers in London, the UK, and even globally. Whilst Hatton Garden is home to a vibrant and diverse scene, the area is small - meaning some of the world’s finest diamonds are on our very doorstep, just metres away from our showroom and workshop. The volume and diversity of diamonds available in Hatton Garden has driven the area’s identity as the UK’s go-to engagement ring buying destination.

During the 19th and 20th century, large diamond jewellery powerhouses took up shop in areas like Bond Street, their vast rents and marketing costs increasing the cost of their engagement rings. With a more authentic and artisanal approach, Hatton Garden engagement rings are a reputably more economical choice, avoiding the massive overheads of the big-name brands. Manufacturing Hatton Garden jewellers like Queensmith operate with the same, if not greater, finesse, craftsmanship and diamond and gemstone-specific expertise. Despite the success of big name brands based in the centre of London’s shopping districts, Hatton Garden has remained the go-to destination for expertly crafted, exquisite engagement rings

How to choose the best Hatton Garden jewellers

There are undoubtedly many jewellers to choose from in Hatton Garden - each offering a slightly different service. It’s important to not only find the service that suits you, but to find a jeweller that is reputable, authentic and transparent.

An intricate knowledge of gemstones, their origins, suitability for engagement rings and fine jewellery, and grading systems are all part of a good jewellers’ makeup. Like Queensmith, your chosen jewellers should have experts that rely on experience and qualifications to source the finest Hatton Garden diamonds and gemstones. Find out how to choose a diamond according to our experts.

Engagement rings are by no means a light purchase - which is why we offer a service that is comprehensive, transparent and that revolves around you. Rather than pushing for a hard and fast sale, we’ll take the time to take you through the specificities of each diamond and gemstone you view, as well as talking through the intricacies of your custom ring design. It’s then up to you to consider your options and take the time you need to make your decision - no sneaky sales tricks, no time pressure - just our honest, expert guidance.

What makes Queensmith different?

We make bespoke simple: transparent expert-led advice for hassle-free decisions plus exquisite in-house crafting that keeps things cost effective. It's a recipe for creating your ring, your way, at a price you like.

Learn more about Queensmith & our values.

At Queensmith, we celebrate the artistry of Hatton Garden, and our in-house workshop is integral to keeping our trade authentic. Sadly, the amount of Hatton Garden jewellers still crafting rings to order has dwindled over the years - many preferring to supply jewellery from big brands and mass producers.

We’re proud to have our own team of goldsmiths working in our Hatton Garden showroom - and to celebrate our crafters in all that they do, we’ve designed our studio to allow visitors to see our craftspeople in action. Take a step into our showroom to meet with our talented artisans, become a part of the narrative and create something exceptionally personal.

Learn more about the crafting process.

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