Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Choosing a heart shaped diamond engagement ring will ensure you have a unique ring. There is an undeniable charm to heart shape engagement rings - every bit as romantic as they sound, and intensely sparkly. Browse and buy a diamond heart shaped engagement ring that's perfect for you, or discover our full range of diamond engagement rings to find your style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Heart Diamond Engagement Rings

What are heart engagement rings?

Heart engagement rings feature a diamond cut into a love heart shape as the main, centre stone. Due to the two, rounded peaks of the shape with lots of symmetrical facets, heart diamonds are extremely sparkly. Love heart shape engagement rings are romantic by nature, but very unusual - so make a great choice for those that like whimsical romance.

What are the benefits of heart shaped engagement rings?

Heart shape engagement rings are really sparkly. The heart shape features two rounded peaks that are similar in facet structure to the sparkliest diamond shape of all: round diamonds.

The main pull for heart shaped diamond rings is their romance and playfulness. Heart diamond engagement rings are not common, so perfectly suit people with unique and whimsical style.

Are heart diamond engagement rings rare?

Heart engagement rings are pretty uncommon. Very few of the diamond engagement rings sold every year are crafted with heart shaped diamonds, which makes them a really special choice for those that love the playful, unique diamond shape.

What does a heart shaped diamond engagement ring mean?

Heart shape engagement rings have very literal symbolism: they represent love, romance and unity. The instantly recognisable love heart shape of heart engagement rings makes them the perfect choice for romantics.

Do heart shape engagement rings sparkle lots?

Heart shape engagement rings sparkle intensely. They are a type of brilliant cut, engineered to produce as much sparkle as possible. The two rounded peaks of the heart shape diamond are similar in structure to round diamonds, which are the most sparkly diamond shape of all. The overall sparkle of heart engagement rings is similar to that of pear diamond engagement rings.

Do you wear a heart ring facing you?

Most people prefer to wear their heart shaped engagement ring with the tip pointing inwards, towards the back of their hand. This is represent the idea that you have given your heart to your partner. It also means that when you look down at your hand, the heart shape is facing you, to remind you of your love. That said, it is totally your decision which way you prefer to wear your heart diamond engagement ring!

Can a heart ring be an engagement ring?

Yes, a heart shaped diamond ring makes a great engagement ring! The heart shape represents the mutual love and connection you share with your partner. Heart diamonds have a beautiful internal facet structure that creates an intense, fiery sparkle, making them an even better choice for your engagement ring.

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