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Ring Resizing

Whether you’re estimating your partner’s ring size for a surprise, or find your own ring size changes over time - we’ve got your back with free ring resizing for nearly all Queensmith ring purchases.

Ring Resizing

Resizing you ring with Queensmith

Your ring may need resizing throughout your lifetime or upon receiving it - which is why Queensmith rings are eligible for three free ring resizes. If you’re creating a surprise engagement ring or gift for a loved one, our experts will happily help you estimate the right ring size - but rest assured that if it isn’t quite right, we’ll resize your ring for free (as long as the new size is within 3 sizes of the original and doesn't have diamonds around the whole band).

Need help finding your ring size or estimating your partner’s ring size? Visit our ring size guide and download our printable ring size chart.

Can my ring be resized?

Yes, almost all rings we make can be resized (the only exception is full eternity or full diamond set bands which may require remaking if the size is wrong), and will be eligible for three free resizes throughout your lifetime. This is all part of our lifetime care package.

Rings like full eternity rings or full diamond bands, cannot be resized due to the lack of plain metal to alter - and instead will need remaking and incur charges. You may want to take this into consideration when creating such designs, and instead opt for, say 60% diamond coverage on your eternity ring or diamond band engagement ring. This ensures a good amount of plain metal to work with when altering the size.

Please note that engraved rings may need to be re-engraved when resized. To avoid this, you may prefer to wait until you know the ring fits perfectly before engraving.

How do you resize rings?

The process of resizing a ring is relatively simple, but still requires great precision and skill to ensure a seamless finish with no apparent join in the metal work.

  1. The back of the ring shank is cut. To reduce the ring size, a small amount of metal will be removed. To increase the size, a small bit of metal will be added
  2. The goldsmith will use a measuring tool to ensure the correct size is met
  3. Via laser welding, the metal will be welded to a smooth and clean join
  4. The ring will undergo a final polish and quality control check to make sure the resizing work leave no visible trace

How long does ring resizing take?

Ring resizing typically takes one working week. When you return your Queensmith ring to us for resizing, your consultant will give you an accurate due date for completion.

How much bigger can my ring be resized?

Rings can be resized up to three sizes bigger. Adjustments greater than three sizes will require more work, and the ring may need to be remade.

How much smaller can my ring be resized?

Rings can be resized up to three sizes smaller. Adjustments greater than three sizes will require more work, and the ring may need to be remade.

How can I secretly guess my partner’s ring size?

Firstly, don’t stress about guessing your partner’s ring size too much: keep in mind that the ring can be resized up or down three sizes, free of charge. Plus, our experts are on hand to help make an educated guess of your partner’s ring size.

You may want to visit our ring size guide and download our printable ring size chart, but perhaps the best bet for guessing the ring ring size for your partner is by asking Queensmith’s experts, who look at a combination of clothing size and height to make (usually very accurate) estimations. Photos that show your partner’s hand can also be useful for our experts to make their ring size estimation.

It isn’t uncommon that an engagement ring will need resizing post-proposal, typically by one half to one full size
, which is a pretty minimal change, but can make all the difference to the security and comfortability of the ring. The resize will usually take one working week, and is most effective when the correct finger size is measured in store by Queensmith’s experts.

Please note, we are only able to resize rings made by Queensmith, and do not offer resizing services for rings purchased elsewhere.

Ring size is directly correlated to our height and clothing size, so if you know these details about your partner, we’ll be able to make a very good estimation!

Sarah Jane | Gemmologist & Design Expert
Queensmith consultant and gemmologist, Sarah Jane, laughing and smiling at the Queensmith showroom in Hatton Garden

What if I can’t make it to a Queensmith store to have my ring size measured before resizing?

If your ring needs resizing, or if you’re creating a ring without knowing your precise ring size and can’t make it to a Queensmith showroom, please get in touch and our experts will assist you with finding the right ring size. You can also visit our ring size guide and download our printable ring size chart.

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