Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

A cushion engagement ring features a diamond shape somewhere between a round and square shape. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are popular thanks to their intense sparkle, and the vintage look of the pillow-like shape. Find the best cushion cut engagement ring for you, or browse our full collection of diamond engagement rings and find your perfect design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Cushion Engagement Rings

About Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

What is a cushion engagement ring?

A cushion diamond engagement ring uses a pillow-like shaped diamond at the centre. The shape of a cushion cut is a little like a square with rounded corners. Some cushion diamonds are far more rounded than others, and some are more square. Some are even elongated, similar in shape to a radiant cut diamond.

Cushion diamonds are a firm favourite with engagement ring buyers, and follow round and oval diamonds closely in popularity. Similar in shape to Old Mine cut and Old European diamonds, a cushion engagement ring has a beautiful vintage flair.

What shape is a cushion cut diamond?

A cushion diamond is like a hybrid of a round and square shape. Just like the name implies, the cushion cut diamond appears pillow-like, squarish with rounded corners. Some cushion cut diamond engagement rings are more elongated and rectangular, although this is less common.

Do cushion cut diamond engagement rings look bigger?

Cushion cut diamonds appear similar in size to round and princess cut diamonds, and aren’t among the largest looking diamond shapes. Cushion diamond rings don’t typically feature a large spread, meaning much of the carat weight is directly under the crown of the diamond. Unlike this, shapes like pear, marquise and oval diamond engagement rings feature a large spread, and therefore appear bigger.

Are cushion cut engagement rings cheaper?

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are usually marginally less expensive than round rings. This is because the squarish shape of the diamond makes more of the uncut diamond crystal shape, and less diamond is wasted to achieve the cushion shape. That said, they are very slightly more expensive than some shapes, due to their popularity and intense, beautiful sparkle.

What is a crushed ice cushion engagement ring?

Cushion diamonds can be cut in a couple of different ways, one being ‘crushed ice’ and the other being ‘chunky’. Crushed ice cushion cut diamonds feature an extra row of facets under the girdle, the rim of the diamond, so they appear to have many more facets and literally look like crushed ice, or a shattered mirror. Chunky cushion cut diamonds have fewer facets, so each facet appears a little larger and more open.

Both crushed ice and chunky cushion diamonds are equally sparkly and perfect for your cushion cut engagement ring!

What does a cushion cut diamond say about you?

A cushion shape engagement ring says you're romantic and appreciate traditional, timeless style. The cushion shape is rounded, soft and elegant, yet striking, strong and intensely fiery, and has a certain feminine charm.

Celebrities With Cushion Diamond Engagement Rings

Louise Thompson's Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

Influencer couple Ryan Libbey and Louise Thompson became engaged when Ryan proposed with a large and beautiful cushion diamond ring, complete with a diamond halo around the centre stone, and diamond set shoulders.

Get the look, with the Cushion Cut Classic Oberon.

Meghan Markle's Cushion Cut Trilogy Ring

Meghan Markle's engagement ring features a large, elongated cushion shaped diamond at the centre, and two round diamonds on either side. Meghan Markle's engagement ring is around 3 to 4cts, with a further 2cts or so with the side diamonds. Estimated to cost between £200,000 to £270,000, Prince Harry designed the ring himself, opting for a warming tone of yellow gold to set the ring.

Priyanka Chopra's Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

It is reported that Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring from Nick Jonas cost $2,000,000. The large cushion diamond ring is around 5ct, and of top colour and clarity quality.

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