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Proposal Stories | Lucy & Louisa

Written by India Charter
September 23rd, 2020 • 7min read

Two coincidentally designed rings and two beautiful proposals - see how Lucy & Louisa grew as unsuspecting friends, fell in love, and eventually surprised each other with rings that turned out to be the perfect match.

How It All Started

For a little while we were “best friends” who secretly and without even knowing it ourselves, were falling in love. Louisa and Lucy’s love story started with a chance meeting at Nottingham university, a flourishing friendship and, finally, something a little more. While it took the pair a hot minute to figure out how they truly felt about each other, after seven years, Louisa and Lucy found a way to symbolise their forever love - with two exquisite engagement rings.

The Proposal

For a long time we used to joke that we wanted to be married but we would never end up getting engaged, because we both wanted a proposal and neither would go first! In the end - we both proposed.’ In September 2020, the couple spontaneously booked a Monday off work - it was due to be the last hot sunny day for the year, so after a quick sandy beaches close to London Google search, they settled on a picnic in Kent’s Botany Bay.

While Lucy had nothing planned for the day, she had already created a ring for Louisa, and brought it along should the perfect moment arise - and it did. Down a secret pathway to a secluded bay with no one else around, Lucy nervously broached the subject - ‘wouldn’t it be nice if we got married?’ - to which Louisa exclaimed, ‘well are you asking me or not!

Louisa added, ‘The best part about the engagement was how little I had expected anything to come, it was so spontaneous! I had also bought a ring, ready to propose, and I wanted mine to be spontaneous too. I always knew there would be two proposals, neither of us would want to miss out on that right of passage!

A week or so later, Louisa prepared the house for when Lucy came home from work with candles to set the scene, and created a scavenger hunt beginning at the front door. Each clue was a little rhyme, related to the couple and their memories. ‘The final clue was to our (feline) baby boy, who was waiting patiently upstairs with Lucy's ring around his collar.

The Engagement Rings

It was important that our rings had a little wow factor - that they were big enough to make an impact but not totally break the bank. We agreed we should spend a similar amount and get similar sizes, close to but just under one carat.

After days, evenings and nights spent scrolling through inspiration, Lucy & Louisa decided the diamond shapes they preferred - an oval, and a pear. Despite keeping the designs to themselves, they both opted for something simple, classic: a scallop set diamond band to frame the single diamond shape of their choice.

I was so pleased in the end that they both almost looked like a pair, even though neither of us saw each other’s - I didn't realise that would be a lovely factor!

Creating The Rings

Louisa let us know a little more about her time working with Queensmith to find that perfect diamond and ring design for Lucy.

I knew I wanted to buy Lucy's ring from Hatton Garden, the famous diamond district. I spent a long time Googling different Hatton Garden jewellers, searching their websites and reading reviews. I booked about four different appointments throughout one day, of which Queensmith was second. My first appointment was disappointing... Queensmith was then like walking into another planet, in comparison. I cancelled all my other appointments and bought Lucy's ring!

I loved everything about Queensmith, and especially being told all about the craftsmanship that goes into finding the perfect diamonds and making them into the perfect rings, as well as the customer care going forwards.’

Finding Lucy's centre oval diamond was brilliant. I let Queensmith know in advance that I wanted to see oval shapes, close to 1 carat, with high specs. I was shown a real range and helped to narrow down which ones would be best, with tips on what to look out for. It came down to two I couldn't pick between, and I felt I should buy the one which was slightly higher spec, but also for some reason cheaper. However, something about the shape for me just wasn't perfect. Queensmith’s lovely Sarah Jane, who was helping me pick, told me to forget about the price and decide which I preferred - the more expensive one - and she adjusted the price to allow me to get the perfect ring and keep it within my budget.’

Lucy and Louisa’s engagement celebrations were thwarted by lockdown ensuing at the end of 2020 - all the more reason to celebrate in style when the wedding comes, we say! And in-style it certainly will be: the pair have booked a September 2022 wedding in a beautiful French chateau in Dordogne, close to where Louisa’s family live for part of the year. Congratulations to Lucy and Louisa - we’re sending you guys all the best for your future and upcoming wedding!

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