Trilogy Engagement Rings

Trilogy engagement rings feature three diamonds or precious gemstones, symbolising your relationship’s past, present & future. Three stone rings are both a romantic and eye catching choice of engagement ring. Two perfectly matched diamonds are selected to flank and complement the centre diamond - tripling the sparkle, for a truly notable ring.

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Three Stone Rings

Choosing A Trilogy Engagement Ring

There are plenty of ways to create a trilogy ring that suits your personal style, from opting for dainty designs with rounded diamonds to bold, geometric shapes. Tapered diamond shapes set horizontally work beautifully as they blend into the ring’s band; consider shapes like pears diamonds or tapered baguettes to frame your centre diamond. Alternatively, round diamonds are a traditional choice for a classic trilogy engagement ring. Typically, the two side diamonds of a three stone ring each weigh around half the carat weight of the centre stone, for an aesthetically pleasing graduation, however this styling element is totally up to you.

Emerald cut diamond trilogy engagement ring with side stones in a tapered baguette shape
Platinum trilogy ring
Oval shape trilogy engagement ring with two side diamonds in pear shape
Yellow gold trilogy ring
three stone engagement ring with one oval yellow diamond and two pear diamond sides
Rose gold trilogy ring
Three Stone Rings

Choosing The Best 3 Diamonds For A Trilogy Ring

At Queensmith, our gemmologists will work with you to find the best diamonds or gemstones for your three stone engagement ring. Starting with the centre stone, we’ll prepare a selection of stones discerningly chosen to present to you. Together with your dedicated consultant, you’ll find the perfect centre diamond or gemstone, followed by the two side stones.

Whether diamonds or gemstones, the side stones you select for your engagement ring should match each other perfectly in terms of size, cut, colour and clarity grades. Whilst every diamond is unique in its characteristics and make up, finding the most similar diamonds ensures a beautiful and coherent aesthetic. Rest assured, our experts will take out the leg work and find you the best matching pair of side diamonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trilogy Engagement Rings

About Trilogy Rings

What is a trilogy engagement ring?

A trilogy ring features three diamonds or precious gemstones, and is sometimes called a ‘three stone ring’. Thanks to the stone’s incomparable lustre, rareness and beauty, 3 stone diamond rings are the most classic style of trilogy engagement ring - they can, however, be crafted with any durable gemstone. Sapphire and diamond trilogy rings are the most common alternative to trilogy diamond rings, where either two diamonds flank and sapphire, or, more commonly, two sapphires are set either side of a diamond.

What’s the meaning behind a trilogy ring?

Traditionally, the three stones of a trilogy ring represent the past, the present and the future of your relationship. According to classic design, the centre diamond is usually the largest, representing the ‘present’. Whilst some opt for a trilogy ring simple for their beauty and elegant design, others adore the significance of their sentimental meaning.

Designing A Trilogy Ring

How do I choose the right diamond sizes for my trilogy ring?

Traditionally, trilogy rings feature ‘graduated’ diamonds, meaning the centre stone is the largest, and the two side stones smaller. Using side diamonds that are each around half the carat weight of the centre diamond creates a beautiful, classic aesthetic. Alternatively, some prefer to use three equally weighted diamonds - this can make for a more unusual and contemporary looking engagement ring.

Which diamond shapes should I choose for my trilogy ring?

The centre diamond of your three stone ring is usually the largest stone, and most diamond shapes will work beautifully. Classic trilogy ring designs feature diamond shapes like round, oval and cushion cut diamonds. Geometric and angular shapes like pears, emerald cuts and Asscher cuts create a more modern looking ring.

The side stones of your trilogy ring can be any shape, but some shapes work better than others: elongated and tapered shapes set horizontally make beautiful side stones, like pears and tapered baguettes. Round diamonds are also a traditional choice of side diamond for your three stone ring.

Which diamond shapes make good side stones for three stone rings?

You can choose any diamond shape for your trilogy ring's side stones, but some work better than others. The best trilogy ring side stone shapes are:

  • Round

  • Pear (set horizontally)

  • Emerald or baguette (set horizontally)

  • Tapered baguette

  • Trapezoids

  • Trillion cuts

  • Half moon

Should I consider sapphire and diamond trilogy engagement rings?

Although typically consisting of three diamonds, sapphires can be another classic design feature of three stone engagement rings. Choosing a sapphire for your centre stone will allow for a pop of colour. Choose from deep and vivid blue sapphires for something traditional, or explore some of the more unusual options, from peachy Padparadscha sapphires, to yellow, hot pink or even teal.

Opting for a sapphire could increase the size of your engagement ring without increasing your budget. Sapphires tend to be a less expensive alternative to diamonds. As there are three prominent stones to account for when buying a trilogy ring, choosing a sapphire centre stone may be the right option for you and your personal budget.

Celebrities With Trilogy Rings

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring

Meghan Markle’s trilogy engagement ring is picture perfect: the 3ct cushion cut centre diamond, inherited by Prince Harry from late mother Princess Diana, features an additional 1.50ct round diamond either side. The perfectly graduated diamonds are set in yellow gold, and stacked with her Welsh gold wedding ring and other diamond eternity rings, creating a modern ring stack. Totalling 6cts, Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is estimated to be valued at £255,000.

Miranda Kerr’s trilogy ring with tapered baguettes

A staple trilogy engagement ring design, Miranda Kerr’s engagement ring is simple, sleek, and a perfect balance of feminine and contemporary design. Kerr’s three stone engagement ring consists of a large round brilliant diamond, estimated to be between 2 and 3cts, flanked by two tapered baguette diamonds. The total cost of Miranda Kerr's engagement ring is estimated at $55,000.

The step cut baguettes counteract the exceptional sparkle of the centre diamond, to add a little androgynous edge. If this celebrity engagement ring piques your interest, check out our Winters trilogy engagement ring design.

Vogue Williams’ trilogy ring with trillion cut diamonds

A little more unusual, Vogue Williams’ engagement ring is bold and structural, influenced by her love for architectural forms. Either side of a sizeable cushion cut diamond, two triangular trillion cut diamonds complete her custom made engagement ring. Unusual diamond shapes such as trillions, pear diamonds or even half moon diamonds make for great side stones to frame more traditional diamond shapes, such as round, oval or cushion cuts.

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