Solitaire Engagement Rings

Whichever metal colour solitaire engagement ring you choose, there is an enduring beauty to the simplicity of a single diamond ring. Whilst refined in nature, there is plenty of scope to make a solitaire ring your own - choose from contemporary and traditional styles, tweak the details, or create your own, unique solitaire engagement ring design.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

About Our Solitaire Engagement Rings

Crafting refined solitaire engagement rings in-house, Queensmith has created a collection of refined yet striking designs. Building on the simple solitaire style, each single diamond ring in the collection has subtle unique detailing. Our solitaire engagement rings are made to order, giving you the ability to recreate, tweak and personalise each and every piece from our core collection. Select your diamond, finesse the details, and be as involved in the process as works for you.

Find the Perfect Colour and Shape

Platinum is a beautiful, timeless choice for your solitaire engagement ring. Consider platinum solitaire engagement rings for an understated look that complements the icy, colourless diamond. White gold solitaire engagement rings have a similar brightening effect on the diamond. For something with warmth and characterful charm, take a look at yellow gold solitaire engagement rings - or for a modern take, rose gold solitaire engagement rings add a little edge to the otherwise classic style.

Round diamond solitaire engagement ring with round diamond
Platinum solitaire ring
oval diamond solitaire engagement ring with plain yellow gold band
Yellow gold solitaire ring
Round solitaire diamond engagement ring with plain band in rose gold
Rose gold solitaire ring

Design a custom solitaire engagement ring

Despite their simplicity in design, there are plenty of ways to make your solitaire ring your own - from the claws that hold your diamond in place, to the taper of the band, finish of the metal and even adding a subtle hidden halo. Create a bespoke diamond solitaire engagement ring with Queensmith’s in-house designers and jewellers, and consider personal details, from the very shape of each claw, and additional hidden halo, or a personal engraving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solitaire Engagement Rings

About Solitaire Rings

What are solitaire engagement rings?

Also known as single stone rings, solitaire engagement rings feature only 1 stone. Typically, a solitaire engagement ring features a diamond, usually a round brilliant cut, but can also be set with fancy shape diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Some may refer to rings with diamond set bands as solitaires, but technically, this is a whole different engagement ring style of its own.

Diamond solitaire rings are inherently refined and minimalist, the simplicity of the design allowing the centre diamond to be the focal point of the engagement ring.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are often interpreted as a symbol of unification - the single stone evocative of the two partners in the relationship, coming together as one entity. Stylish, timeless and traditional, read on for everything you should know about your solitaire engagement ring, and design ideas to inspire you along the way.

What is the history of solitaire engagement rings?

Since the late 19th century, De Beers has been at the forefront of diamond mining, eventually establishing the De Beers jewellery company. Come 1938, De Beers' world famous slogan ‘a diamond is forever’ took a grip of the jewellery industry, and soon the solitaire engagement ring was the staple of most proposals - the single stone representing the united relationship that was to last forever. Along with the slogan, images of glamorous women wearing a solitaire diamond ring were published, encouraging solitaire engagement rings to become an aspiration amongst couples in America, Europe and eventually worldwide. Written into wedding tradition in the 20th century, the solitaire diamond ring continues to be an incredibly popular choice, proving its worth as a timeless engagement ring design.

Another jewellery powerhouse, Tiffany, engineered the ‘Tiffany solitaire ring setting’, a six claw solitaire engagement ring that became an iconic design, and has influenced jewellers across the globe. In more recent years, rub-over solitaire engagement rings have become a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary solitaire ring.

Should I choose a diamond solitaire engagement ring?

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are a traditional choice, and the perfect match for those that value timelessness and romance.

Symbolically, solitaire engagement rings represent the unification of a relationship; the coming together of loving partners.

Style wise, diamond solitaire rings are favoured by those with minimalist aesthetics, and the refined setting style is typically simple, always wearable. The most popular style of solitaire ring is set with a round brilliant diamond in platinum, but increasingly couples seek something as refined as a traditional engagement ring, but with a little more edge.

For alternative solitaire engagement rings, try a fancy shape diamond, such as a princess cut or pear diamond, or a sapphire, ruby or emerald for a pop of colour.

Book an appointment to view our signature solitaire engagement rings and GIA certified diamonds in our showroom located at the well-known Hatton Garden Jewellers Shops diamond district, or create a custom ring.

Celebrity Solitaire Rings

Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s solitaire engagement ring

Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin with a sizeable oval diamond solitaire ring, thought to be around 6-7 carats and costing around $500,000. The huge diamond required a simple setting, and sits on a refined, plain yellow gold band.

Lauren Conrad's rose gold, thin band solitaire engagement ring

A master in nailing simple aesthetics, Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring is suitably minimalist. Lauren makes a serious case for the rose gold solitaire engagement ring; the 2ct round brilliant diamond sits in a sweet and simple, 4 claw ring setting. With a peachy toned Instagram feed and Californian, beachy lifestyle, a rose gold solitaire ring is the perfect choice for Lauren.

Julia Stiles’ contemporary rubover solitaire ring

Julia Stiles’ engagement ring is the truest example of simplicity equating to ultimate beauty. So simple and refined, the rubover setting alleviates the need for claws, enhancing the stripped-back aesthetic of her contemporary, round diamond solitaire ring.

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