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Our experts have put together their top tips and answers to the most commonly asked questions, including the average ring sizes for both men and women, to help you figure out the best solution to finding the right ring size for your partner, or for yourself!

How to find your ring size

Whether browsing for your own wedding ring or planning a surprise proposal, getting the ring size right is important to ensure a lifetime of comfort. In order to find the most accurate ring size, it’s best to book an appointment with an expert to have your finger measured. That said, this isn’t always possible or practical - particularly if you’re planning something special for your partner.

With a team of experts at our Hatton Garden jewellers, we’ll take you through the average ring sizes for both men and women in regards to engagement ring sizes and wedding rings sizes, and reveal the super effective way our consultants estimate the ring sizes of those they’re unable to measure.

A goldsmith cuts into the band of a ring with a saw to prepare resizing the ring

UK ring size chart

Use our UK ring size chart and compare the diameter of a perfectly fitting ring with its UK ring size. To find your ring size, measure the diameter of a ring that fits the finger you'd like to find the size of. Note that your ring finger will measure differently to your other fingers, and could even be smaller or larger than the same finger on your other hand!

You may also be able to use a flexible measuring tape. Ensure this would sit securely behind your knuckle but not too tight or loose; you should be able to take it off your finger with a couple of twists.

You can also download our printable ring sizer to help you find the best ring size for your ring.

Ring Size (UK) Inside Diameter (MM) Inside Circumference (MM) Ring Size (UK) Inside Diameter (MM) Inside Circumference (MM)
E 13.7 43 M 1/2 17 53.4
E 1/2 13.9 43.6 N 17.2 54
F 14.1 44.3 N 1/2 17.4 54.6
F 1/2 14.3 44.9 O 17.6 55.3
G 14.5 45.5 O 1/2 17.8 55.9
G 1/2 14.7 46.2 P 18 56.5
H 14.9 46.8 P 1/2 18.2 57.1
H 1/2 15.1 47.4 Q 18.4 57.8
I 15.2 47.8 Q 1/2 18.6 58.4
I 1/2 15.4 48.3 R 18.8 59
J 15.6 49 R 1/2 19 59.6
J 1/2 15.8 49.6 S 19.2 60.3
K 16 50.3 S 1/2 19.4 60.9
K 1/2 16.1 50.5 T 19.5 61.2
L 16.4 51.5 T 1/2 19.7 61.9
L 1/2 16.6 52.1 U 19.9 62.5
M 16.8 52.8

The average ring sizes in the UK

The average ring size for engagement rings and wedding rings varies slightly from country to country. A person’s ring size typically depends on their dress size, height, and of course, how they’re built.

The average men’s ring size in the UK differs from women’s, essentially because men and women tend to differ in height and build. That said, we all come in unique shapes and sizes, and our ring sizes are no different. There’s no completely fail safe way to predict a ring size, but understanding the average ring size in the UK may help you learn where you (or your partner) fall in the sizing chart.

What is the average ring size for women?

The average engagement ring size in the UK is M. Likewise, the average wedding ring size for women is M.

What is the average ring size for men?

The UK average men’s ring size is T - a whole seven sizes bigger than women’s.

Ring size conversion chart

Just as with clothes and shoes, ring sizes are referred to differently across the world. The UK ring size system uses letters, from A-Z, with ½ size increments (for example, you may have a ring size of K ½).

The US and Europe use a numerical measurement system, so a typical question we often get asked is ‘what is a ring size 10 in the UK?’.

Converting ring sizes between the various systems needn’t be difficult - simply use our UK to US or EU ring converter below to find your size.

Ring Size (UK) Ring Size (US) Ring Size (EU) Inside Diameter (MM)
E 2 1/2 42 3/4 13.7
E 1/2 2 3/4 42 3/4 13.9
F 2 7/8 44 14.1
F 1/2 3 44 5/8 14.3
G 3 1/4 45 1/4 14.5
G 1/2 3 1/2 45 7/8 14.7
H 3 3/4 46 1/2 14.9
H 1/2 4 47 1/8 15.1
I 4 1/4 47 3/4 15.2
I 1/2 4 1/2 48 15.4
J 4 3/4 48 3/4 15.6
J 1/2 5 49 15.8
K 5 1/4 49 5/8 16
K 1/2 5 1/2 50 1/4 16.1
L 5 3/4 50 7/8 16.4
L 1/2 6 51 1/2 16.6
M 6 1/4 52 1/8 16.8
M 1/2 6 1/2 52 3/4 17
N 6 3/4 53 3/8 17.2
N 1/2 7 53 1/4 17.4
O 7 1/4 54 17.6
O 1/2 7 1/2 54 5/8 17.8
P 7 3/4 55 1/4 18
P 1/2 8 55 7/8 18.2
Q 8 1/4 56 1/2 18.4
Q 1/2 8 1/2 57 1/8 18.6
R 8 3/4 57 3/4 18.8
R 1/2 9 58 3/8 19
S 9 1/4 59 19.2
S 1/2 9 1/2 59 5/8 19.4
T 9 3/4 60 7/8 19.5
T 1/2 10 61 1/2 19.7
U 10 1/4 61 1/8 19.9

Quick tips for getting your ring size right

  • If possible, have your ring size measured by a reputable jeweller - they’ll likely have you try on a couple of sample sizes to see what works best, and will use a professional sizing stick. We offer this service free of charge, book an appointment to arrange your visit to our showroom
  • Your hands swell slightly when hot, and are smaller than usual when cold. If you are particularly hot or cold, get them to temperature buy running them under room temperature water
  • Make sure to determine whether the size is ‘leading edge’ or ‘centre’ - at Queensmith we tend to use the ‘leading edge’ measurement and craft our rings accordingly
  • Try not to worry about the ring size too much - we’re on hand to give you the best advice regarding your or your partner’s ring size right. We predict sizes for engagement rings all the time! And if we don’t get it spot on, we’ll resize your ring free of charge.

Ring size is directly correlated to our height and clothing size, so if you know these details about your partner, we’ll be able to make a very good estimation!

Sarah-Jane | Gemmologist & Design Consultant
Queensmith consultant and gemmologist, Sarah Jane, laughing and smiling at the Queensmith showroom in Hatton Garden
Frequently Asked Questions

About Ring Sizes

Which finger do you wear your engagement ring on?

Most people wear their engagement rings on their ‘ring finger’, the finger next to your pinky on your left hand. Some people move their engagement ring over to their right hand ring finger once they are married, wearing only their wedding ring on their left hand, but this is quite unusual.

What if I don’t know my partner’s ring size for their engagement ring?

It’s unlikely many people know their own ring size, let alone their partner’s ring size. When it comes to creating a surprise engagement ring for your loved one, it’s best to consult with industry experts. At Queensmith, our consultants have a knack for estimating the ring sizes of people they’ve never met - but this isn't purely down to guessing.

So how do we ‘guess’ people’s ring sizes?

As well as the sheer experience of handling rings, meeting with clients post-proposal and getting to know the ins and outs of ring sizing, our consultants use a combination of details to predict people’s ring sizes.

Don’t be alarmed if one of our experts asks the height and dress size of your partner - more often than not, the correlation between height and dress size provides a great basis for predicting their engagement ring size! If you happen to have a photo of your partner with their hand in full view, this can also be a valuable tool in helping our consultants to get it right.

Whilst these trusty methods get accurate results more often than not, it is certainly not uncommon for a proposee to need their engagement ring resized following the big moment. It is unlikely the ring will need altering massively - this is usually a case of sizing up or down by a half to one full size.

What if I don’t get the ring size right?

If you or your partner’s Queensmith ring doesn’t quite fit right, we’ll resize your ring free of charge. As proposals are usually a surprise, we’ll invite you and your partner to come into the store following the big moment. Then, we’ll properly measure the right ring size and make any needed adjustments, to ensure the perfect fit.

How do I know if my ring fits right?

Your ring should comfortably slip onto your finger, with a little resistance when going over the knuckle. This way, it won’t slip off. Ensure it is tight enough that the ring doesn’t twist round on its own (although this can happen with engagement rings that have a particularly large centre stone and halo, even if perfectly sized).

Can rings be altered to any size?

The fewer sizes the ring is resized to, the better. Typically, rings can be altered up or down by 3 ring sizes. Any more than this, and the ring would have to be entirely remade.

If my ring size is right but my ring twists around, what can I do?

Resizing your ring isn’t always the best option - and in such instances adding what we call ‘speed bumps’ may do the trick. These small additions (to the inside of the band of the ring) can help to create a more comfortable fit that ensures your ring won’t twist around.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

Ring resizing is free to all clients who have created the ring in question with Queensmith, as part of our lifetime care package. We only offer this service for rings bought from Queensmith.

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