Emerald Engagement Rings

Queensmith creates enchanting emerald engagement rings with the most exquisite, lush and luminous green emeralds, adored for their subtle lustre and exotic appeal. Opt to create any of our signature rings with a green emerald or create a bespoke design with our experts - either way, an outstanding symbol of your love.

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Green Emerald Rings

Create Your Green Emerald Engagement Ring

Create an emerald green engagement ring for an incomparably charming ring. Emeralds are less commonly chosen for engagement rings than precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies, despite their rich tones and beauty. An emerald can dress up even the most simple and refined designs, providing alluring character with their soft green glow.

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Green Emerald Rings

About Our Emerald Rings

Each ring from our core collection of engagement rings can be crafted with an emerald of your choice, or together, we can create a totally bespoke engagement ring, just for you. Book an appointment to create your emerald engagement ring - and our gemmologists will prepare a selection of the finest emeralds to choose from, for you, your ring and your personal budget.

Green Emerald Rings

Find The Perfect Emerald With Queensmith

Emeralds are vibrant and lustrous gemstones found in a variety of green shades, and make a beautifully striking centre stone for engagement rings. Typically a vivid, bluish green, emeralds offer a verdant vibrancy like no other precious gemstone, and are adored for their exotic and unmatched charm.

When it comes to choosing an emerald green engagement ring, you should be aware that the precious stone is slightly less hardy than diamonds, sapphires and rubies, meaning they could be prone to chipping. At Queensmith, our gemmologists are trained to identify emeralds with the fewest and least-problematic flaws, and thanks to most emeralds having treatment to fill internal fractures, you can rest easy knowing our experts will only show you the best, most durable emeralds for your ring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Emerald Engagement Rings

About Emerald Gemstones

Are emeralds too soft for engagement rings?

No, emeralds aren’t too soft for engagement rings, but you need to be aware of their vulnerabilities before choosing an emerald ring to make an informed decision. Emeralds measure 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, compared to diamonds at 10 and sapphires at 9. This means emeralds are a little softer than diamonds and sapphires and could be more prone to chipping or surface abrasion. As they typically contain more internal inclusions than some gemstones, emeralds can possess weak points, so choosing an emerald with minimal and unproblematic flaws is important: ask a professional gemmologist to point out an emerald's flaws and advise before purchasing.

Rest assured, most emeralds are treated to increase their durability, and resins can be used to fill any internal fractures that could otherwise cause problems.

Because they are a little more prone to breakage than other gemstones, you may want to think of an emerald ring design that ensures vulnerable points are protected: consider a rubover setting to protect weaker corners or add a halo of diamonds around the central emerald.

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What’s the best shade of green for emerald rings?

Emeralds that range from a vivid bluish green to pure green are considered the best. Emeralds can appear more yellow-green, extremely dark forest-green, and even pale green, and ultimately the shade you prefer is a totally personal choice. Emeralds, like most coloured gemstones, can contain ‘colour zoning’ - this is where the colour appears more intense in some areas, and weaker in others, creating an inconsistently coloured stone: choose an emerald with no visible colour zoning. Ultimately, the shade of emerald green that works for you the most is a totally personal choice.

Designing An Emerald Ring

What are the best design styles for my emerald engagement ring?

An emerald engagement ring can take on any design style, the characterful gemstone a great choice for both simple, contemporary designs and detailed, vintage-inspired styles. Whilst green emeralds will pop beautifully with any metal, yellow gold is a particularly striking match and creates an exotic, richly-coloured look.

As emeralds emit a softer glow than some gemstones, you may choose to add some diamond detailing to your emerald ring to boost the sparkle; add a diamond halo to your emerald ring for added gleam, or choose a trilogy ring and flank the emerald with a diamond on either side.

Adding a diamond halo or choosing a rubover setting for your emerald ring can be a sensible idea, as these design features can protect the edges of the emerald from chipping.

How popular are emerald engagement rings?

Emerald engagement rings are not hugely popular compared to diamond and sapphire rings, and remain a lesser-chosen option despite their rich and characterful beauty. If you’re looking to create an unusual and unique ring, an emerald could be the perfect choice.

What are the best metals for emerald engagement rings?

Yellow gold is widely regarded as the best choice for emerald rings, as the golden, yellow tone compliments the verdant green stone and provides a characterful, exotic look. That said, you can choose from platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold for your emerald ring, and each will look beautiful against the green lustre of the emerald. Thanks to its vivid colour, an emerald will ‘pop’ when set with any metal colour.

Read our ring metals guide for more advice.

What cut should I choose for my emerald engagement ring?

Green emeralds can be found in a variety of shapes, just like diamonds. The most iconic shape for a green emerald ring is the ‘emerald cut’, a cut first devised to celebrate emeralds with vivid green tones and high clarity. The ‘emerald cut’ shape is square or rectangular, featuring large, open step-cut facets. As emeralds don’t have such an intense sparkle as diamonds, these large facets instead celebrate subtler gleam and vibrant colour.

Green emeralds can also be cut into popular shapes like oval, round and pear shapes.

What does an emerald engagement ring symbolise?

The enticing green tones of an emerald represent new beginnings - like a new life together as you become engaged, or newfound love. This makes a green emerald ring an even more meaningful gesture when proposing.

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