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We craft our diamond jewellery in-house, at our Hatton Garden jewellers studio, empowering you to work directly with our experts, with the assurance you’ll receive a top quality piece at great value for money. Every diamond over 0.30cts is GIA or IGI certified, and each diamond is rigorously chosen for top quality and beauty, regardless of its size. Choose between natural or lab created diamonds for you custom made jewellery.

Our online jewellery collection currently features a curated selection of timeless diamond earring studs, the perfect addition to any collection and available to shop online. We’re working on expanding our online jewellery collection in the coming months - but we can create so much more, get in touch to work with our experts on your own design.

How is diamond jewellery made at Queensmith?

  1. First, the design is CAD - this means our in-house designers create a computer-based mock up of the jewellery.

  2. We’ll then have this cast in the precious metal of your choice - platinum, yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

  3. Then the jewellery will be assembled and prepared for the diamond setting by our goldsmiths - paying close attention to creating a sound structure with a beautiful finish.

  4. Our diamond setters then meticulously set each diamond under microscope, ensuring the piece is exquisitely and securely finished, before returning to our goldsmiths for final polishing and finessing.

  5. After hallmarking, the very last step for every piece of jewellery we create is to have our Production team check over the piece under microscope - only the most perfect pieces pass this quality control check! In fact, each piece of jewellery undergoes quality control checks following every step to provide extra confidence in the quality of the piece.

Should I choose natural or lab diamonds for my jewellery?

In the debate of lab vs natural diamonds, there are pros to each.

The main attraction to natural diamonds is the view that they are wonders of nature, grown by the Earth over billions of years, incredibly rare and intrinsically valuable. The view amongst professionals is that natural diamonds will always be valuable - while the future price of lab diamonds is uncertain.

Lab diamonds are substantially less expensive. When comparing an identical lab and natural diamond, you’ll notice savings typically between 75% to 80% for the lab diamond. This means you can achieve larger lab diamonds for your budget than natural diamonds.

The larger the diamond you choose for your jewellery, you'll notice a bigger difference in price between natural and lab diamonds. This means, you may not see huge savings for an eternity ring made of tiny lab diamonds; but you could for a pair of earrings.

Lab diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds - only specialist equipment can tell them apart. Contrary to some people’s understanding, lab diamonds are not fake, and are 100% authentic diamonds - but the environment they are created in is human made.

Another obvious benefit to lab diamonds is the security of knowing their ethical origins. While over 99% of the natural diamonds in circulation are considered ethical, thanks to the Kimberley Process, you can know with complete certainty that your lab diamonds are ethically made. Plus, they require very little land use, no mining, and are increasingly created with renewable resources, like solar power.

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