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Explore our collection and discover the eternity ring that moves you, pulling from classic and modern design, finished with contemporary finesse. Whether you’re interested in a full diamond eternity ring, half eternity ring, a white gold eternity ring, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold, our timeless designs span both traditional and contemporary styles.


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Diamond Eternity Rings UK

Why A Queensmith Eternity Ring?

Worn alone or stacked with your existing rings, an eternity ring, whatever your style, is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection, and can be gifted for a multitude of special occasions - whether that’s to you from you, or to a loved one. Diamond eternity rings are a romantic choice of diamond wedding band & fantastic gifts for any sentimental occasion, from the birth of a child to a special anniversary.

Choose between classic styles like scallop and pavé eternity rings, or opt for something a little different. You can match your choice of eternity ring to an engagement ring or wedding ring, or opt for a different setting style to create a diverse and playful eternity ring stack.

Each Queensmith eternity ring is made to order, and can be crafted to match the profile of your engagement ring - get in touch to learn more. We’ll only source the finest diamonds for your made-to-order eternity ring, ensuring each stone is graded within the colourless boundary, and of top clarity. We’ll make sure each diamond matches the next in top quality, to ensure the most beautiful, continuous sparkle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Eternity Rings

About Eternity Rings

What do eternity rings represent?

As the name alludes, full eternity rings represent eternal love - or anything that matters to you, lasting a lifetime and beyond. Also referred to as infinity rings, the continuation of diamonds, or other precious gemstones, around the band represents the idea of having no beginning and no end; it is infinite.

What occasions is an eternity ring given for?

Whilst an eternity ring can be symbolic or celebratory for your own unique meaning, they are typically given for celebrations of love, from one partner to another. This could be an anniversary, a promise ring, the birth of a child - you may even choose to propose with an eternity ring. More recently, eternity rings often are self-gifted to celebrate personal achievements and self-worth!

Can diamond eternity rings be resized?

Eternity style rings that aren’t set with diamonds right around the band can easily be resized - these are usually eternity rings with 40%, 50% or 60% diamond coverage. This is because there is enough plain band for the goldsmith to alter the size. Full diamond eternity rings, and eternity rings with diamond coverage over 60% typically can’t be resized for this reason, and if the size isn’t quite right, the ring may need to be remade. If you’re giving a diamond eternity ring as a gift and aren’t completely sure of your partner’s ring size, you may want to take this into consideration.

Which finger do eternity rings go on?

Diamond eternity rings can be worn on any finger, although they are typically worn on the left hand ring finger when given as a token of love. This way, they sit alongside or in place of an engagement ring and wedding ring. That said, there are a number of reasons for choosing a diamond eternity ring, so the finger you wear it on depends on your own take!

Is there a cheaper alternative to full eternity rings?

A full eternity ring features a complete band of diamonds - but of course, diamonds certainly aren’t cheap! Although melee diamonds, the small diamonds set into eternity rings, are significantly less expensive than the diamonds you’ll find set in engagement rings, the costs can add up. One way to reduce the cost of your diamond eternity band is to only feature diamonds around part of the band: usually either 40%, 50% or 60% of the ring. This way, it will still have all the charm of a full eternity ring when you view your hand from above.

Can I have a men's eternity ring?

Although diamond jewellery is typically considered the realm of women's, contemporary jewellers like us are seeing men wanting to incorporate the diamonds into their own designs. Men’s eternity rings can be a beautiful interpretation of a promise ring, engagement ring or wedding band. Just like women’s eternity rings, men’s rings can feature classic, colourless diamonds, or more unique choices like black diamonds, grey diamonds and sapphires.

What metal colours can my eternity ring be made in?

At Queensmith, we create our eternity rings in a number of metal options, including platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Our gold eternity rings are crafted in 18k gold.

If you’re planning to wear your eternity ring next to another ring, make sure they’re made of the same metal. Gold and white gold eternity rings shouldn’t be worn next to platinum eternity rings, as the gold is a little softer and will be worn down by the platinum over time.

How many years married should you get an eternity ring?

Eternity rings are a traditional gift on your first wedding anniversary, and are a beautiful addition alongside you engagement ring and wedding ring. Diamonds are traditionally given for 60th wedding anniversaries, and an eternity ring can be a popular choice for this too.

Many couples don't just limit eternity rings to anniversaries; an eternity ring is a beautiful way to mark the birth of your children.

Eternity Rings As Wedding Bands

Can I have an eternity ring as my wedding ring?

Absolutely, you can wear an eternity ring as a wedding band. In fact, eternity wedding bands are an extremely popular choice, and many like to add to their collection of stacked eternity rings over the years. When choosing an eternity wedding ring, most people like to match the setting style of their engagement ring; typically scallop, pavé or channel set. You can, however, mix and match setting styles for an eclectic mix of diamond eternity bands!

Should my eternity wedding ring match my engagement ring?

Most people match the style of their eternity wedding ring to the style of their engagement ring, meaning they match the metal colour and setting style. For example, if your white gold engagement ring has a 1.9mm scallop set diamond band, you might opt for a 1.9mm scallop white gold eternity ring too.

You can also mix up the setting style of your ring stack; having a pavé eternity ring next a scallop eternity ring or even a plain ring can make for a really cool ring stack.

Is an eternity ring a good choice for a wedding band?

Eternity rings are a great choice for wedding rings, because the continuation of diamonds around the ring represent your eternal love. Plus, they're beautiful and a touch more sparkle to your engagement ring set!

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