Halo Engagement Rings

Queensmith’s skilfully crafted halo engagement rings ensure an eye-catching and sophisticated aesthetic. A halo of melee diamonds is added around the centre stone of each ring, enhancing sparkle and intricacy. Striking a perfect balance between classic and contemporary style, explore our collection of diamond halo engagement rings.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Create A Diamond Halo Ring

Choose from our signature halo engagement ring designs or create a custom commission to suit your unique preferences. Either way, we invite you to choose the perfect centre stone alongside our qualified gemmologists at our showroom located in the heart of the historic Hatton Garden Jewellery Shops district. Alternatively, speak to our specialists from the comfort of your own home with an online appointment.

Choose your metal colour and style

Platinum halo rings are a contemporary favourite, the halo of colourless melee diamonds and lustrous platinum band designed to enhance the light reflection into the centre diamond for maximum sparkle. Classic shapes work with platinum halo rings, like round, oval and cushion. Yellow gold halo rings offer warmth, character and a more modern look - particularly paired with diamond shapes like emerald cuts and pear diamonds. If you're after a unique halo ring - take a look at rose gold halo rings - the pinkish metal is romantic yet contemporary and works well with all diamond shapes.

Design a custom halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings are an elegant choice to add detail to your ring whilst keeping the design refined and timeless. Whether you’re considering a diamond halo ring, or if sapphire halo engagement rings are more your speed - this iconic ring design enhances the centre stone with a series of melee diamonds set to enhance the size and sparkle of the ring. Play with the details, and create bespoke features like a hidden halo or a cluster halo for your engagement ring - get in touch to discuss your unique design with our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Halo Engagement Rings

About Halo Rings

What are halo engagement rings?

Halo engagement rings feature a series of smaller diamonds set around the circumference of one bigger diamond.

Traditionally, engagement rings feature one solitaire diamond. Throughout time, however, ‘halos’ have been used to add decorative detailing around the central diamond or gemstone of rings, pendants and earrings.

Typically, a halo features small diamonds, known as melee, or gemstones which are simply set around the circumference of the centre stone. A ring's halo can also involve intricate metal work and bold design features.

Adding a halo to a diamond ring can be a great way to increase the size of your ring without facing the steep cost of increasing the carat weight of the centre diamond, as well as adding further sparkle and intricacy to the engagement ring.

What is the history of halo diamond engagement rings?

Ring halos are a common design feature in Victorian jewellery, often set to emulate the shape of flowers - the halo acting like petals around the centre stone. Influenced by the natural forms of flower heads, Victorian rings were often crafted with coloured gemstones, such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies. More recently, halo diamond engagement rings have become a little more en vogue.

Similarly, the Art Nouveau period saw diamond halo engagement rings inspired by natural forms - only this time, in a slightly more abstract fashion. Engagement ring halos featured soft swirls and patterns, emulating floral forms and motifs.

By the 1920s, Art Deco halo engagement rings had taken centre stage, designs heavily influenced now by geometry, sharp lines and symmetry. Pavé set diamond halo rings became all the rage in the first half of the 20th century, featuring round round or calibre cut diamonds and gemstones within the halo. Octagonal halos became a design staple, often finished with milgrain detailing.

In recent years, the most popular style of halo engagement ring is a simple scallop set diamond halo ring, typically set with melee diamonds. Most commonly, the halo is set around popular diamond shapes such as round, oval and pear diamonds, although we’ve seen a demand for halo engagement rings with slightly more unusual designs. For example, many clients choose a round brilliant centre diamond, for its incomparable sparkle and brilliance, and opt to have a halo crafted in the shape of a cushion cut diamond. It’s a beautiful design feature, almost working as an optical illusion to make the most of the soft cushion cut shape alongside the unrivalled sparkle of a round diamond.

Designing Halo Rings

I’d like a sapphire halo ring - can you help?

Yes, absolutely. Any of our halo rings can be designed with a sapphire instead of a diamond, or you can create your own custom sapphire halo ring design with our experts - book your consultation here.

Whilst diamonds remain the most popular gemstone for engagement rings, sapphires take a close second - particularly set into halo ring designs. Popularised by Kate Middleton in recent years, the contrast of the rich gemstones with a bright, colourless diamond halo has become a design classic; sapphire halo engagement rings are timeless, sophisticated and always a good idea.

The word ‘sapphire’ is synonymous with oceanic, regal blues - yet sapphires can actually be found in a wide range of colours, both naturally and when treated. Other popular tones for sapphire halo rings are pink, peach and orange, which look beautiful set in rose gold halo engagement rings, and yellow, perfect for yellow gold engagement rings. Turquoise, green and ‘peacock’ sapphires are a unique choice and make for a characterful and contemporary sapphire halo ring.

Can I have a halo ring with a diamond band?

Absolutely, a halo ring can either feature a plain band or a diamond set band. Most people would prefer to match the setting style of their diamond band to the style of the diamond halo, for example, choosing a scallop setting for both parts of the ring. You can, however, mix the setting styles, for example, have a scallop set halo with a pave set band.

Will you use the same grade diamonds in my ring's halo as the main diamond?

Yes, at Queensmith we pay attention to the details, and we will match the colour and clarity of the small diamonds of your ring’s halo to that of the centre diamond. This typically means using diamonds graded between VS2 to SI1 clarity and between D to F colour for both the small halo diamonds, and the large centre diamond.

Using halo diamonds with a higher or lower grade range than the centre diamond would impact on the beauty of the ring; our experts perfectly match the melee diamonds to the centre diamond of a consistently bright, lustrous sparkle.

Celebrities With Halo Rings

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s black diamond halo engagement ring

Little Mix’s Liegh-Anne Pinnock’s engagement ring is pretty out of the ordinary, mixing a vintage-inspired rose gold halo ring design with a striking, cushion cut black diamond. The large black diamond is sensibly set with a split shank, detailed with scallop setting to match the halo. The bold ring is believed to cost around £25,000.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton's engagement ring

The perfect example of a timeless halo ring design, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring features a large oval sapphire with a halo of diamonds. The diamonds used along the halo of the ring are larger than the typical diamonds used for a halo engagement ring, but balance the sizeable oval sapphire perfectly. Kate Middleton’s halo engagement ring was inherited by Prince William from his mother, Princess Diana, and is now thought to be valued between £300,000 and £400,000.

Nicole Richie's Art Deco halo ring

Nicole Richie’s engagement ring is the perfect example of an octagonal halo emulating vintage, Art Deco ring design. The halo engagement ring design is pretty unique, the rub-over set round diamond is edged by a pavé set halo, but a gap is kept between the halo and centre stone. This makes for an unusual engagement ring setting that suits Nicole’s love for all things vintage & bohemian.

Alison Brie's gold halo ring

Alison Brie’s yellow gold engagement ring is a classic halo design, elevated with the addition of an extra halo. The double halo engagement ring maximises the style and size of the ring, ensuring a great deal of light enters the centre stone and produces a vivid sparkle.

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