Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Warming and flattering for all skin tones, the pinkish, sunset hue of rose gold is unlike any other metal colour. Thanks to its unique charm, rose gold engagement rings have risen in popularity, becoming the ultimate metal colour for a contemporary style, a characterful look and a unique ring.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

What Makes Rose Gold Engagement Rings Pink?

As the adage goes, roses are red - but rose gold isn’t quite so: rose gold is a light orangey-pink colour. The presence of yellow gold within the alloy makes the rose gold hue somewhere between yellow and red, a warm, pinkish colour similar to a pale rosé wine. Achieving optimum beauty and durability, copper alloys are combined with yellow gold to create rose gold - and often silver added to desaturate the colour for a more subtle tone. This not only gives rose gold its signature colour, but ensures the metal is tough enough for jewellery designed to be worn everyday.

How to create the perfect engagement ring in rose gold

The charm of rose gold can suit any style - from the super feminine to the unisex, edgy and even vintage or contemporary. Rose gold lends itself to ethereal shapes such as pear and marquise diamonds, as well as such similarly coloured gemstones as pink sapphires. Rose gold oval engagement rings are particularly popular, blending uniqueness with elegance for a timeless design.

Choosing a scallop set band adds to this ethereal quality, whilst others prefer to keep their rose gold rings simple, refined and contemporary. Browse some of our recent commission for inspiration, or get in touch with an idea of your own.

Should I choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the design, rose gold rings have a unique charm, perfect for anyone seeking a slightly alternative engagement ring. Thanks to golden pink hues, rose gold is a flattering and warming colour, suitable for every skin tone. In rare occasions, skin can be sensitive to copper, so it's always best to check yourself or with your partner first.

Here's why a rose gold engagement ring could be perfect for you:

  • A shade of pinkish-red, rose gold symbolises love, elegance and is a modern alternative to gold, perfect for those looking to stray away from tradition
  • Diamonds contrast with the pigmented metal to really stand out (although we’d always recommend you choose colour grade between D-G for a diamond that appears bright, icy and colourless)
  • If diamonds aren’t your thing, complementary coloured gemstones can look really striking set in rose gold rings
  • For those interested in a vintage aesthetic, rose gold engagement rings can be paired with subtle detailing to achieve a beautiful vintage-inspired design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

About Rose Gold

Whats the difference between 18k and 14k rose gold?

The terms ‘18K’ and ‘14K’ refer to the purity of the gold within a gold-based alloy, in this case, rose gold. 24K is the purest form of gold, which is deemed too garish in colour and too soft in durability for fine jewellery. The metals copper and silver are added to pure gold to create rose gold metal. In the right quantities, this will make the rose gold perfectly toned and adequately durable for everyday wear.

14K rose gold contains 58% pure gold. With a greater ratio of copper and silver to gold, 14K rose gold has a paler, brighter pink colour, and is a little more resistant to scratching. 18K rose gold contains 75% pure gold, so has a richer pinky-gold tone, and is a little softer than 14K rose gold. The difference in durability between 18K and 14K rose gold metal is minimal, but you may notice a difference in the richness of colour. 18K tends to be the preferred colour intensity for rose gold rings.

Is rose gold more expensive than other ring metals?

No, rose gold rings cost the same as platinum, yellow gold and white gold rings.

When did rose gold rings emerge?

Rose gold rings emerged in the Mid-Victorian era, which was a seminal period in jewellery design. Victorian rose gold rings were generally a little more dramatic in the design stakes compared to the classic engagement rings we are familiar with today. Whilst overly-ornate designs aren’t particularly popular any more, there are certain design flares that we can borrow from bygone eras to make beautiful, vintage-inspired rose gold rings. Flower-like halos or floral motifs are a perfect example of this, whilst subtle detailing like milgrain can give a rose gold engagement ring a vintage look.

Celebrities With Rose Gold Rings

Jenna Dewan’s oval diamond halo rose gold ring

Jenna Dewan announced her engagement to Steve Kazee on Instagram with the caption ‘a lifetime to love and grow with you’ whilst displaying her super sweet oval halo engagement. The rose gold setting gives the elongated oval diamond a boho-edge, whilst the simple halo provides a classic aesthetic.

Lauren Conrad's rose gold, thin band solitaire engagement ring

A master in nailing simple aesthetics, Lauren Conrad’s engagement ring is suitably minimalist. Lauren makes a serious case for the rose gold solitaire engagement ring; the 2ct round brilliant diamond sits in a sweet and simple, 4 claw ring setting. With a peachy toned Instagram feed and Californian, beachy lifestyle, a rose gold solitaire ring is the perfect choice for Lauren.

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