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Simple Wedding Rings

Whilst understated in design, our simple wedding rings are designed and crafted in a number of styles, from light court to full court, D-shape to domed court. Browse our selection of classic, simple rings and discover the style to suit you.

Plain Wedding Rings UK

Discover Our Elegant Plain Wedding Rings

Create the perfect wedding ring set by matching your metal to your engagement ring, or choose a ring to proudly sit on its own. Plain yellow gold wedding bands are the perfect choice for both contemporary and classic tastes, whilst plain rose gold wedding rings are unique and versatile.

Plain platinum wedding rings and white gold are understated and classic. With all these timeless designs to choose from, you can be certain you'll find a ring that you'll love forever. Find your style, from our collection of simple wedding rings.

Lovingly Crafted Plain Wedding Bands

Crafting classic plain wedding rings is an art form our goldsmiths have mastered, to create wedding bands that you’ll truly love. Whether you buy your bespoke wedding ring individually or are interested in a set, we offer a service to match your simple wedding ring seamlessly alongside your unique engagement ring.

Your plain wedding ring should be exquisitely refined and elegantly finished, so our Hatton Garden jewellers make sure every tiny detail is flawless. Each plain wedding ring we craft is finessed to perfection by our in-house goldsmiths. From buffing and polishing the metal work to achieve a mirror-finish, to ensuring a smooth and seamless band.

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Plain Wedding Ring FAQs

Men's & Women's Plain Wedding Rings

How popular are women's plain wedding rings?

Plain wedding rings for women are popular, although the majority of women opt for diamond wedding rings at Queensmith.

Most people choose to match their wedding ring to the style of the engagement ring band, in terms of both thickness, metal and whether or not it is diamond set or plain. A plain wedding ring can be a beautiful addition to create a complete bridal set with a refined aesthetic, regardless of the setting style of the engagement ring.

Book an appointment to try on a selection of wedding ring styles, and find the right match for you.

What kind of wedding ring do most men choose?

We find most men choose plain wedding bands within the regions of 4mm to 7mm. In terms of choosing a metal colour, the best thing to do is try on a few options to see what works for you. We find some of our clients like to match their metal colour with that of their partner’s wedding or engagement ring, but most make the call in finding the ring metal that suits them most, regardless of their partner’s choice.

There’s nothing to say you can’t throw out the rule book and create something truly unique. Get inspired by our core collection of men's wedding rings, or book an appointment to discuss your wedding ring.

How thick are plain women’s wedding rings?

A wedding ring is a highly personal and sentimental piece of jewellery. There isn’t necessarily a rule book when it comes to differentiating men’s and women’s wedding rings, but typically women choose wedding rings between 1.6mm to 3mm in width and made to match the profile of their engagement ring.

How thick are plain men’s wedding rings?

Most men choose a plain wedding ring between 4mm and 7mm, but the width of your ring is up to you - what feels comfortable and looks you is totally personal!

Book an appointment to try on a selection of styles and band widths to find the right choice for you.

Choosing A Plain Wedding Ring Metal

Should I match the metal of my wedding ring to my engagement ring?

Whether you choose a plain ring or diamond set, it is advisable that you match the metal of your wedding ring to your engagement ring. Not only will this work the best aesthetically, but it ensures neither ring is hardier than the other - meaning your rings will comfortably sit together without one rubbing and wearing the other down.

What's the most popular metal colour for plain wedding rings?

Platinum is the most popular choice amongst those shopping for simple wedding bands. The colourless, silver tone lends itself well to a refined ring style, and is also the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Yellow gold is a traditional choice for plain wedding rings, and is famously celebrated by the British Royal family as the wedding band metal of choice. Yellow gold has also seen a rise in popularity amongst contemporary tastes.

Rose gold is the least commonly chosen metal for plain rings - so the rosy metal offers a unique charm for an otherwise simple design.

Should I choose white gold or platinum for my plain wedding rings?

Most people prefer to choose a platinum ring over white gold. This is because white gold rings require more maintenance throughout their lifespan.

White gold is actually a buttery yellow in colour, so to give it its signature silvery finish, it is plated in rhodium. Over time, the rhodium wears away and the metal can begin to tarnish. When this happens, you’ll need to have your ring re-plated. The frequency of this will depend on the wearer and their habits - those who use their hands frequently, use products like hairspray and similar substances could find themselves needing to re-plate their white gold rings anywhere between a year and 18 months on - whilst others could find their plating lasts for years.

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