Sapphire Engagement Rings

A sapphire engagement ring is the most popular alternative gemstone for engagement rings, as sapphires offer a lustre and durability second only to that of a diamond. These precious gemstones can be found in a full spectrum of vivid colours, from blue to pink, peach to teal, and even red - known as rubies. Create the perfect sapphire ring for you.

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Sapphire Rings

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With its rich colour and charisma, a sapphire is a romantic way to introduce a pop of colour to your engagement ring, and can be found in a rainbow of hues. Everyone has their favourite colour and finding the perfect sapphire tone can be a great way to encapsulate your personality, or that of your loved one. Our qualified Hatton Garden gemmologists are on hand to help you find the perfect colour sapphire for your ring. Book an appointment to view a selection of sapphires and create your dream sapphire ring.

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Sapphire Rings

About Our Sapphire Engagement Rings

Each of our signature engagement rings can be crafted with a precious sapphire, and we invite you to choose from a selection of gemstones our gemmologists source specifically for you and your sapphire ring. Whether you want to create one of our signature designs with a sapphire centre stone, add a colourful halo to your diamond, or create a totally unique sapphire engagement ring, our complimentary bespoke service offers you the chance to see the ring you’ve dreamed of, brought to life.

Stunning yellow gold sapphire engagement ring, with an oval shape sapphire and halo of diamonds
A unique, bright pink square sapphire ring with a diamond set band and hexagon shape diamond halo
Cushion shape blue sapphire with pear shape diamonds either side, in a classic sapphire and diamond trilogy ring style

Blue sapphire engagement rings

The most universally adored shade of sapphire is blue. Blue sapphire rings are synonymous with romance and passion, the deep hues of ocean blue striking when set with platinum, rose gold or yellow gold ring designs. Typically, the richer and more vivid the shade of blue, the more desirable the sapphire - the most valuable blue sapphire shade is referred to as ‘royal blue’. Blue sapphires can also be found in paler, cornflower blue tones, pastel hues, and in more teal-like ‘peacock’ shades of blue.

Blue sapphire engagement rings have risen in popularity as sapphire lovers admired Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s timeless engagement ring; the oval blue sapphire ring set with a halo of diamonds has become an iconic design around the world.

Pink sapphire rings

Sapphires can be found in a spectrum of gorgeous pink colours, from peachy pastel pinks to intense hot pinks and magentas. Pink sapphire rings look perfectly suited to rose gold ring settings, and are often chosen by fans of Blake Lively’s engagement ring, which features a pink diamond - pink sapphires are considerably less costly than pink diamonds, allowing you to replicate the elegant look with a tighter budget.

Padparadscha sapphires are a particular type of pink sapphire that are exposed to beryllium during formation, which creates a sunset-like orange-pink colour. The sumptuous Padparadscha sapphire is found mainly in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania, and is considered the rarest type of sapphire.

Teal sapphire rings

Teal sapphires are a rich and complex tone of greeny-blue and sometimes called 'peacock sapphires', often varying in shades when basked in different lighting, appearing bluer or greener with movement. A growing popularity in alternative sapphire colours has seen the demand for teal sapphires grow in recent years. Adored for their tropical-ocean appeal, teal sapphires contrast beautifully with platinum, rose gold and yellow gold ring designs, and retail considerably lower than more traditional, royal blue sapphires.

White sapphire rings

Colourless sapphire rings are considered by some as a good alternative to diamond, with a unique charm of their own nature. Without any trace of colour, a colourless sapphire may seem like a sensible, more affordable option than a traditional diamond, but you should be aware they look very different to diamonds. You’ll notice white sapphire rings sparkle considerably less than diamond rings due to a cloudy appearance, and emit a silvery-grey light, as opposed to the fiery, complex sparkle emitted by diamonds.

Diamond & sapphire engagement rings

Choosing a sapphire doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy the fiery beauty of diamonds, too. Frame a deep blue, oval sapphire with a diamond halo to achieve the look of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. A trilogy engagement ring can look striking with a sapphire flanked by two diamonds. For an alternative engagement ring, why not try a solo sapphire with a diamond set band, to add sparkle alongside the deep, lustrous mystique of the sapphire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sapphire Engagement Rings

About Sapphires

What are sapphires?

Sapphires are a precious, rare and versatile gemstone that can be found in an abundance of colours. The most commonly sought sapphire colour for engagement rings is a rich and vivid royal blue. The blue hue of a sapphire is caused by the presence of titanium during formation in the corundum rock, and other trace elements can create differing colours, like chromium in pink sapphires and iron in yellow sapphires.

Thanks to their durability, sapphires make an excellent alternative to diamonds, measuring right behind diamonds at 9 on the Mohs scale. As well as offering superb lustre and strikingly vivid colours, sapphires typically retail significantly lower than diamonds. The price of a sapphire is dependent on its market desirability, rarity and quality, and are by no means cheap - just like diamonds, sapphires can be valued from hundreds of pounds into the hundreds of thousands, but you’ll likely find your budget will achieve a larger carat weight in sapphires versus diamond.

Learn more about sapphires.

Where do sapphires come from?

Although a rare and precious gemstone, sapphires can be found in deposits across the globe. Some of the top sapphire producing countries include:

  • Australia
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Are sapphire rings a good alternative to diamonds?

Yes, sapphires are a great alternative to diamonds thanks to their lustrous radiance and hardness.

Diamonds are the hardest precious stones on Earth. Measuring 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds are both dazzling and durable. Coloured gemstones exist in the masses, but none are as suitable for an engagement ring as sapphires. Second only to the hardness of diamonds, sapphires reach 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning they are durable enough to stand the tests of daily wear for years to come. Be aware that they aren't totally resistant to wear or chipping, but they are much more sturdy than most gemstones.

Are sapphire rings more affordable than diamonds?

Carat for carat, sapphires typically cost less than diamonds. The pricing of diamonds, sapphires and all precious gemstones depends on a number of factors, particularly the size and quality of the stone. If you were to compare a sapphire and a diamond of similar quality and size, the sapphire will most likely cost significantly less. As incredibly rare and precious gemstones, however, sapphires are by no means cheap - to buy a sapphire is still a significant purchase.

Designing A Sapphire Ring

What do sapphire rings represent?

Sapphires have been adored throughout history for their regal flare, believed to bring good fortune and wisdom. With a classic sapphire engagement ring, the blue stone is thought to signify faithfulness and commitment. Some believe the first form of ‘engagement rings’ were actually set with sapphires rather than diamonds, with the idea that if either of the couple were unfaithful, the sapphire would turn colourless (although in reality, more sapphires do not lose their colour or fade with time - this is a myth! Only some Padparadscha and some yellow sapphires are known to lose colour, although this is rare).

What is the best sapphire shape for my ring?

Sapphires can be cut and sourced in a variety of shapes, just like diamonds. The most popular sapphire shapes are round, oval and cushion, and this is generally true of most other precious gemstones, like rubies and diamonds.

Which colour of sapphire is the most traditional for engagement rings?

A rich, royal blue is the most traditional choice for a sapphire engagement ring, and is a popular choice amongst engagement ring buyers across the world. For those seeking something a little different, sapphires can be found in a multitude of colours, from blues to greens, yellows to pinks and even oranges to reds.

How can I find the best blue sapphire for my engagement ring?

Most regard the best sapphires as rich and velvety in colour, and if the traditional blue sapphire look is what you’re aspiring to, then consider strongly coloured blue to violet-blue sapphires, often referred to as ‘royal blue’.

Most sapphires will feature inclusions or internal flaws of some kind, so look for a gem that is ‘eye-clean’, meaning any internal flaws are so small they won’t be visible without magnification.

Sapphires can be found in paler tones that many find too weak or milky in tone, but ultimately the saturation of your sapphire is totally up to you. The more pastel-like tones of cornflower blue sapphires, or ocean-like teal of peacock sapphires can be incredibly attractive, and just what some sapphire buyers are looking for. Let our experts know the kind of colour you’re after, and we’ll source the best selection of sapphires to suit your search.

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