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Virtual Consultations

Connect with our experts online via our free virtual consultation service. It’s the same service our clients have come to love - now in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Consultations

Connect with our experts from the comfort of your own home

For when you can’t make it into a Queensmith store, we offer a free online consultation service. Explore a selection of diamonds sourced just for you, and view in detail with a macro lens, before browsing our signature designs and discussing your bespoke ideas.

Designed to fit in around your busy schedule, our virtual appointments are available on weekdays between 11am and 6.30pm.

We’re here to help

We get it, you’ve never done this before.

That’s why we have diamond and design experts on hand, who are here to guide you through every step - from understanding what carat, color, cut and clarity mean, to designing the perfect ring.

1. Schedule Your Meeting

Book a virtual consultation online

Use the book appointment form to schedule your virtual consultation, providing as much information as possible regarding what you're looking for in order that we can prepare the best selection of setting designs and diamonds for your needs. We'll then be in touch to confirm your appointment and you'll receive your meeting link in your reminder email the day before.

We run virtual consultations during weekdays only (between 11am and 6.30pm)

2. Meet Your Consultant

Meet your dedicated design consultant

You'll be assigned a personal Queensmith design consultant ahead of your meeting. They'll be your main point of contact and offer their expert advice to help guide you through the process of creating a truly personal and sentimental piece of jewellery.

3. Discuss Your Design

Share your design ideas and browse our rings

We’ll prepare a selection of sample rings to suit your criteria. This is your chance to let us know what works, customisations you'd like, or if you have an original design in mind.

4. Choose Your Centre Stone

Browse diamonds or gemstones

We’ll source a selection of diamonds or gemstones with the best aesthetics & value for your budget. Delve into the 4Cs, view options under our macro lens and find that perfect stone together.

5. Finalise Your Design

Finalise the details of your design

Your consultant will take you through your chosen ring design and centre stone, providing you with a quote and estimated lead time ahead of taking the order should you wish to proceed.

6. Receive Your Ring

We'll craft your ring and arrange collection

Finished & finessed in 4 to 5 weeks. Choose to collect your ring from one of our stores in London’s Hatton Garden, or we’ll organise a secure delivery for a day that works for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Virtual Consultations

About Virtual Consultations

How long is a virtual consultation, can I do it on my lunch break?

Both in store and virtual consultations are 1 hour long. We book out 75 minutes in our consultants’ schedules in case you need some more time. Lunch break virtual appointments are popular amongst our clients, and we can work to fit around your schedule. If you needed a slightly shorter appointment to fit into a busy schedule, we can condense our typical consultation to suit you - and arrange for further consultations or follow up phone calls if more time is needed.

Do I need to prepare for my virtual consultation?

No! It’s up to us to supply you with all the information you’ll need during your consultation, before choosing that perfect centre diamond or gemstone and ring design. We’ll send you a Zoom invitation, usually the day before your appointment. This will include instructions on how to download and use Zoom, as well as an introduction to the Queensmith consultant you’ll be meeting with.

Can I purchase a ring during my virtual consultation?

Yes - you can either place a deposit to start the ring crafting process right away, or we can arrange for further consultations if you need a little longer to make your final decision. We can take your payment remotely - either a 25% or 50% deposit (it’s up to you how you’d like to spread your payments). You may also choose to initially discuss your ring via virtual consultation, then book an appointment at our showroom to view your options in person before purchasing.

Creating An Engagement Ring

How long does it take to make an engagement ring?

It typically takes us 4 to 5 weeks to craft each ring, from when you place your order and confirm the design. If you choose a bespoke design that requires CAD imaging for your approval, our 4 week lead time will start from when you give us the go ahead. If you need an engagement ring sooner, we have a number of ready to wear pieces that may suit your search - get in touch to find the perfect ring for you.

Can I return an engagement ring if my partner doesn’t like it?

Yes, a good jeweller should let you return your engagement ring if your partner doesn’t like it - but check prior to your purchase if you’re unsure. At Queensmith, we have a 40 days returns period, and can offer a full refund or remake the piece as you or your partner wish. Read our returns policy here.

Should my engagement ring be a surprise?

The majority of people planning to propose choose to keep the engagement ring a surprise - but it is totally up to you! More and more couples are coming to the mutual agreement to get married together, opting to then design their ring together. If you’d like to propose as a surprise but are nervous about choosing a ring on your own, consider proposing with a loose diamond then designing the ring together. That way, you’ll have put a great deal of thought into choosing the diamond but don’t have the pressure of choosing the ring.

Should I pick out my own engagement ring?

It is totally up to you whether you pick your own engagement ring, brief your partner or leave the decision totally to them. While most engagements are still a surprise, a recent survey by Queensmith found that 46% of UK women chose their engagement ring themselves or together with their partner. We’ve seen female buying power soar, with more women involved in the design process than ever. When it comes to same sex and non-binary couples, there is a an even split between those that choose their rings together and surprise proposals.

Engagement Ring Cost

How much should you spend on an engagement ring in the UK?

The average amount paid for an engagement ring in the UK is around £1,800 - but this varies hugely with geographical location, with people in the South of England and London typically spending between £2,300 and £3,800. Some people choose to follow rules, such as spending one or two months’ salary on an engagement ring (which, based on the national average salary would mean upward of £6,500) - but this is largely seen as an outdated rule. Instead, you should spend however much you feel comfortable, bearing in mind a minimum cost of around £1,300 for a quality ring.

The cost of engagement rings starts from around £1,300 for a quality crafted piece with a real, 0.30ct diamond, but the price you budget for a ring largely depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Choosing how much to spend on an engagement ring is a very personal decision, and most budgets can be catered to.

What do engagement rings cost in 2023?

Engagements rings start from around £1,400 for a quality made ring with a natural 0.30ct diamond, a little less for a lab diamond. There’s no real limit to how much an engagement ring could cost, because the prices of diamonds increases exponentially with size and quality. You'll notice a larger price gap between natural and lab diamonds with bigger carat weights. At Queensmith, our clients typically spend between £1,400 and £8,000.

Who pays for the engagement ring?

Typically, the person proposing will pay for the engagement ring. Most proposals are a surprise, meaning those proposed-to never find out the cost of their ring, nor contribute to the cost, but couples do often split the bill when it comes to their wedding rings. For couples that reach a mutual decision to get married without a typical proposal or when there are two rings involved, some couples will split the cost.

How much does a 1ct diamond ring cost?

1 ct engagement rings start at around £2,330 if you choose a simple solitaire setting and a lab diamond. The price varies hugely depending on whether you choose a lab diamond or natural diamond.

A good quality 1 carat diamond typically costs £1,480 if it’s a loose lab grown diamond, or £6,200 if it's a loose natural diamond. The total price of a 1 carat diamond ring will have the additional cost of the ring setting itself, starting at £850.

You should be aware that diamond prices fluctuate, and this should be used as a guide price accurate at the time of writing.

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