Round Engagement Rings

Round engagement rings are adored for their simplicity, timelessness, and above all, sparkle. Cut with the optimal number of symmetrical facets, round diamond engagement rings emit more fire and brilliance than any shape. Browse and buy the perfect round cut diamond engagement ring, or discover a style you love with our complete collection of engagement rings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Round Diamond Engagement Rings

About Round Diamond Engagement Rings

What is a round engagement ring?

A round engagement ring uses a round brilliant cut diamond as the centre stone. Round diamonds are the most commonly chosen shape for engagement rings, thanks to their timeless style and intense sparkle.

What are the benefits of a round diamond ring?

  • The most sparkly diamond shape

  • Iconic and timeless style

  • Typically the most valuable shape

  • Super versatile and suits all ring settings

  • No sharp corners or weak points

  • The intense sparkle can mask inclusions

Are round diamond engagement rings expensive?

Round diamonds are typically a little more expensive than other shapes of the same quality and carat weight. This is because of two reasons: first, more diamond is wasted during the cutting process to achieve the round shape. Secondly, round cut engagement rings are by far the most popular choice across the world. The high demand for round diamonds increases their value.

Why are round cut engagement rings the most popular?

A round diamond ring is the most iconic design for engagement rings. Popularised in the 20th century, rings featuring a single, round diamond became an iconic symbol for engagements. Aside from their timeless appeal, round diamonds are more sparkly than any other shape. This is because round diamonds are cut with the optimal number of facets with 360 degrees of perfect symmetry, so light bounces in and around before emitting as intense sparkle.

What’s the best ring style for round engagement rings?

Round diamonds are the most versatile of diamond shapes, so really suit any setting. Solitaire rings with round diamonds are the most iconic design, as the simple, stripped-back design allows the diamond to do all the talking. In contemporary times, many couples choose to add diamond shoulders or a halo to their round engagement ring, to really amp up the sparkle.

Do round diamond rings look bigger than other shapes?

Round diamonds are one of the smallest appearing diamond shapes. For example, a 1ct round diamond will appear a little smaller than a 1ct oval. This is because other shapes, like ovals, have an increased spread, so more of the carat weight is spread across a larger top surface (the ‘crown’ of the diamond). Round diamonds hold much of their carat weight directly under the crown.

Is a round diamond ring cheaper than an oval?

Round diamonds are the most expensive of all diamond shapes, thanks to their popularity and the amount of diamond wasted during the cutting process. Typically, an oval diamond engagement ring offers a lower price point for the same carat weight, as well as a large looking stone, due to an increased spread.

What does a round engagement ring mean?

Round diamonds represent eternal, undying love. The circular shape of a round diamond symbolises something with no beginning or end, that will last forever. You can trust a round diamond engagement ring to never go out of style, and the iconic, timeless diamond shape will forever emit an intense sparkle. Therefore a round diamond ring symbolises reliability, loyalty, enduring passion and a classic kind of love.

Celebrities With Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Miranda Kerr's Tapered Baguette and Round Diamond Ring

Miranda Kerr's engagement ring is a large, round diamond ring with tapered baguette sides, set in platinum. The trilogy ring is believed to have cost over $150,000 and looks to be 3 to 4cts.

Pia Mance's Round Diamond Solitaire Ring

Influencer Pia Mance has a striking but super simple solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond. Set in platinum with four claws, the design is traditional, yet paired with a very unique, wrap around wedding ring.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley's Round Engagement Ring

A simple ring with diamond set shoulders, set in platinum, Rosie Huntington Whiteley's large round diamond engagement ring is estimated to have cost around £250,000 and is approximately 5ct.

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