Ruby Engagement Rings

Rich and lustrous, ruby engagement rings are an exquisite choice, suiting all metals and skin tones. Book an appointment to find the perfect red-coloured ruby with our gemmologists, before choosing from our collection of signature ring designs or opting for a bespoke design.

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Ruby Engagement Rings UK

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Ruby engagement rings are ideal for a unique look. Despite its innate beauty and ideal properties, rubies remain a lesser-chosen gemstone than diamonds and blue sapphires for engagement rings. A ruby engagement ring is evocative of love, commitment and passion. Thanks to their natural hardness, measuring at 9 on the Mohs scale, rubies are incredibly suitable for everyday wear, and are resistant to scratching and chipping. Moreover, rubies emit a fascinating sparkle, gleaming with flashes of warm, characterful red light that give ruby rings their signature, romantic charm.

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Ruby Rings

About Our Ruby Engagement Rings UK

Each ring from our core collection of engagement rings can be crafted with a ruby of your choice, or together, we can create a totally bespoke ruby ring, just for you. Book an appointment to create your ring - and our gemmologists will prepare a selection of the finest rubies to choose from, for you, your ring and your personal budget. Create a ring as unique as your love.

Ruby Rings

Find The Perfect Ruby With Queensmith

Ranging from pale orangey-red to strong and intense crimson, rubies can be found in a variety of shades. Typically, the most desired shade is a pigeon blood red ruby: vivid, rich and velvety. Whilst a relatively un-flawed gem, rubies can contain small inclusions and internal marks, which is why our consultants take care in hand-selecting each gem we’ll show you to ensure a selection of eye-clean, vividly coloured and alluring rubies.

Each of our consultants at Queensmith are trained and versed gemmologists, experts in sourcing the very best gemstones for the best price. We’re here to make your search for the perfect ruby easy - just let us know your preference for shape and the rough budget you’re sticking to, and we’ll prepare a selection of the finest rubies for you, and your personal requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ruby Engagement Rings

About Rubies

What are rubies?

Rubies are a red precious gemstone. The precious gemstone is the same variety of corundum as sapphires, and while sapphires can be found in a full spectrum of colours, red sapphires gained their own identity: rubies. The red hue of a ruby is caused by the presence of chromium within the gem.

Are rubies a good choice for engagement rings?

Yes, rubies are one of the best precious gemstones for engagement rings thanks to their durability and unique, colourful radiance. There are few precious gemstones that are hard enough for everyday wear and tear - rubies are amongst the hardest, measuring 9 on the Mohs scale just below diamonds at 10. The red glow of a ruby is evocative of love, dedication and passion, making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Designing A Ruby Ring

What’s the best shade of ruby for an engagement ring?

The more vivid and velvety the colour of a ruby, the better. Pigeon blood red is considered the best, most desired shade of red ruby, but the colour you choose is totally a personal preference. Rubies can range from pinkish and orangey-red tones to deep purple-red hues.

What are the best metals for my ruby engagement ring?

You can choose from platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold for your ruby ring - each metal will exude a charming look, making the ruby pop. Yellow gold contrasts with rubies in a striking way and can look incredibly contemporary, whilst platinum creates a look that’s a little more simple. Due to their similar tones, you may find that rose gold clashes a little with a red ruby - you may prefer to opt for a pinkish-toned ruby or alternatively a pink sapphire for a rose gold ring.

Are ruby engagement rings popular?

Ruby engagement rings are an iconic choice in jewellery design, yet remain less commonly chosen than diamond or blue sapphire rings. Rubies emit a fiery, red glow that throughout history has been thought to evoke love, romance and passion, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst those seeking a unique engagement ring with a vibrant edge.

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