Ring Guides

Learn About Ring Metals

Rings are crafted in a limited selected of fine and precious metal: platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Find out the pros and cons of each, and which is the right choice for your engagement ring.

Our guide to precious metals

From bright, colourless platinum and white gold, to the the warm and characterful tones of yellow and rose gold - delve into the our metals guides, curated by Queensmith’s design experts, and find which is the perfect choice for you and your ring.

About platinum

As a colourless and lustrous metal, platinum is a great choice for diamond engagement rings. The reflectivity of the metal enhances the diamond’s sparkle, keeping it bright, colourless and icy. Platinum metal is versatile, suitable for a wide variety of tastes and designs, and is the perfect choice for a timeless engagement ring that will transcend fashions and changing trends.

About yellow gold

Yellow gold is a versatile metal. It can look classic and traditional, thanks to its historical routes, or totally contemporary with simple, refined ring designs. Once upon a time, yellow gold was the number choice for engagement rings, and whilst platinum has enjoyed the top spot since the late 20th Century, the sunshine tone is having a resurgence in popularity.