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Gone are the days of simply changing your Facebook relationship status - bring on the photographers, props and of course, the ring! With the Royal Family recently announcing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement via Twitter and Facebook, social media announcements have become a sign of our time. Here are some of Khyara’s top tips on when, what and where, to get your engagement announcement ideas flowing.

When To Post

Of course the first stage here is to get engaged. Take your time to enjoy the moment between the two of you, take plenty of snaps of the jaw-dropping diamond that has just adorned your ring finger, and soak it all in. The next step is to tell your ‘VIPs’. ‘Your engagement is possible one of the biggest moments in your life - apart from actually saying “I do!”. It’s a treasured moment that should be celebrated in person with your closest family and friends first as it’s an emotional moment’.

Once this is out of the way, you’re ready to tell the online world, but not too hastily - there’s plenty to plan first. According to Khyara, there is a very particular pattern to when people are online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ‘For Facebook, Sunday is the most engaged day at 9am, 1pm and 3pm. For Twitter, Wednesday is the most engaged day with 12pm, 3pm and 5-6pm as the most engaged hours. Mondays to Thursdays are the most popular days for Instagram, at 2am, 8-9am and 5pm.’

What To Post

Now this is where your creative juices can start flowing - what is the perfect image to define your relationship, represent the proposal and show off that sparkly new engagement ring? To once again get a bit technical, there is a very specific algorithm as to what followers will initially notice in your post - ‘the ring grabs a massive 48% of initial attention, followed by hands and nails at 20%. The setting is also important at 7% and the filter far less crucial at only 3%.’ So this is your chance to show off the ring in all its glory, but make sure the surrounding elements including your manicure and the setting are up to scratch!

A bespoke 5 Stone engagement ring  @Queensmiths

A bespoke 5 Stone engagement ring @Queensmiths

'I Said Yes' Game of Thrones'  Sophie Turner 's Instagram announcement

'I Said Yes' Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner's Instagram announcement

Keep up to date with our beautiful designs    @Queensmit  hs

Keep up to date with our beautiful designs @Queensmiths

In the wise words of Khyara, ‘don’t be boring, be extra.’ This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, make the most of it! If there are certain props that represent you as a couple and your engagement story, get them involved. Perhaps if you got engaged in autumn, enlist some pumpkins and autumnal leaves to set the scene. Both have a passion for ice cream? Find the fanciest, most extravagant ice creams you can and snap them with the ring-adorned-hand in plain sight. Or maybe you met whilst dog walking - involve the dogs and stage a picture of where you first met. And this swiftly brings us to Khyara’s next top tip - pets!

Those of us with pets all know they’re really another family member. Plus, they’re cute and extremely likeable on social media. Involving your pet makes the image that little bit more special, so perhaps orchestrate a position holding your cat whilst simultaneously flashing those diamonds. Alternatively, a pet with a sign is always sweet - a pooch with a simple ‘She said yes!’ sign can go a long way. ‘Everyone loves children and pets! Such content and their related hashtags will open up the reach of a post. Plus, it’s more sentimental to include loved ones and pets and might mean more to you when you look back in the future’

Photo Credit  @Hayleylarue

Photo Credit @Hayleylarue

Photo Credit  @Proposalsinwonderland
Photo Credit Brooke Images

Photo Credit Brooke Images

Another route to choose is a recreation of the proposal itself. If your partner was efficient enough to organise a photographer for the actual big moment, you’ll probably already have an amazing snap to share. A surprise moment like a proposal, however, can catch the best of us off-guard, and recreating the moment will allow you to take charge with how you look, pose and the setting; the perfect way to share that special story with a little added charm.

Where To Post

We are officially living in a digital-age and the range of social platforms to choose from may be a little overwhelming. Cross-channel sharing is also an option, and a great way to maximise reach. ‘I think when it comes to announcing your engagement the right channel will be the one that you use most and the one where you have more family and friends – I’m thinking engagement and maximum impact here! Also bear in mind each channel is incredibly different, video is performing incredibly well on Facebook, and Instagram is such a visual(ly competitive) platform while twitter is more conversational.’

Instagram gives you the option of stories, live, boomerang or a simple old-school snap. Facebook too allows you to live stream for super-quick engagement, saving to your feed for others to see at a later date. Again, you may want to keep things simple on Facebook or Twitter with an image and explanatory caption. If you’re feeling particularly proud of your shiny new ring, hashtag away! The list of highly-searched engagement related hashtags is extensive (Google it), but Khyara’s favourites include #Engaged, #IsaidYes, #Ringselfie#JustEngaged. It is also well-worth tagging accounts dedicated to showing off the most beautiful of engagement rings and proposal stories, such as @weddingdream, @theknot and @howheasked, for the chance to be featured on their feeds. Of course, we’re always keen to repost our happy clients here at Queensmith!

Tom Daley  announced his engagement to Lance Black on Facebook

Tom Daley announced his engagement to Lance Black on Facebook

Pixie Lott 's Instagram announcement, outside St Paul's Cathedral where boyfriend Oliver Cheshire proposed

Pixie Lott's Instagram announcement, outside St Paul's Cathedral where boyfriend Oliver Cheshire proposed

We love  @valynatorrr 's Twitter announcement

We love @valynatorrr's Twitter announcement

So there you have it, get creative, have fun and seize this opportunity to show off that ring! And what would social media guru Khyara do herself? ‘I would definitely prioritise Instagram it’s my favourite platform as I am such a visual person, hopefully something involving a dog but it would depend on the proposal!’

Thanks so much to Khyara for sharing her words of wisdom with us, and make sure you give her a follow to stay updated on all the latest social media trends.

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