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Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Guide

A hidden halo engagement ring is the epitome of elegance ring design, marrying classic charm with a subtle twist of modernity. Perfect for those who cherish understated beauty, this guide introduces a captivating choice for your eternal symbol of love.

What is a hidden halo ring?

A hidden halo engagement ring features a circle of small diamonds encircling the pavilion of the centre gemstone, visible only from side views, not from the top. This is sometimes referred to as a diamond bezel or a secret halo.

This subtle design element adds a secret sparkle, enhancing the centre stone's brilliance without detracting from its prominence. It offers a modern twist on traditional halo rings, providing an additional layer of elegance and surprise - and can be an incredibly sentimental touch that perhaps only the ring-wearer will know about. The hidden halo appeals to those seeking a unique blend of understated style and sophistication, making the engagement ring appear more luxurious.

Popular hidden halo ring designs

How is a hidden halo ring different from a regular halo ring?

Regular Halo Ring
Hidden Halo Ring

The key difference between a hidden halo and a regular halo engagement ring lies in the placement and visibility of the accent diamonds. In a regular halo engagement ring, the small diamonds encircle the circumference of the centre stone, amplifying its presence and brilliance from a bird's eye view. This style is popular for its visual impact and the way it enhances the size and sparkle of the main diamond.

Conversely, a hidden halo features diamonds subtly placed around the base of the centre stone, known as the diamond pavilion, and is visible only from side angles. A hidden halo can either wrap right around the claws, or it embellishes the horizontal bar of metal between each claw; in which case this is referred to as a diamond set bezel. This design adds a secret layer of sparkle that catches the light beautifully. It's a contemporary twist that appeals to those who appreciate detail-orientated elegance.

Amelia | Gemmologist & Design Expert

Our in-house gemmologist's thoughts on hidden halo engagement rings

‘The regular halo design boldly amplifies the centre stone, making a statement of grandeur, while the hidden halo offers a discreet charm, revealing its beauty in intimate glimpses. Both styles exemplify our commitment to elegance and detail, catering to diverse tastes and stories.’

Why are hidden halo engagement rings trending?

Hidden halo engagement rings have surged in popularity as individuals seek a blend of uniqueness and timelessness in their jewellery choices. This style captures the essence of both, offering a subtle yet striking twist on traditional designs. The hidden halo complements the centre stone with an unexpected layer of sparkle, providing depth and personalisation without overshadowing the main diamond. It caters to those who value personal touches and understated elegance, making it a favoured option among modern couples. As trends evolve, the hidden halo remains a testament to the desire for rings that are both distinctive and enduring.

Our designers answer the most common questions about hidden halo rings

At Queensmith, our designers are at the forefront of crafting exquisite hidden halo engagement rings, a style that combines subtlety with sophistication. In response to the growing curiosity and appreciation for this unique design, we've compiled insights to answer the most common questions about hidden halo rings to provide some clarity and inspire those considering this beautifully understated choice for their symbol of love.

Are hidden halo rings suitable for all diamond shapes?

Yes, all diamond shapes can feature a hidden halo. Hidden halo rings offer a versatile setting that beautifully complements various diamond shapes, enhancing their allure with an intimate sparkle. From the classic elegance of round and princess cuts to the distinctive charm of pear, oval, and marquise diamonds, the hidden halo setting adds a layer of sophistication without detracting from the stone's natural beauty. This adaptability makes it a popular choice for those seeking a ring that marries traditional grace with a touch of modernity. That said, not all ring designs can cater for a hidden halo. When shopping for engagement rings on our website, look for options marked with the ability to add a hidden halo, like the Bardot, ensuring a tailored accent that suits your preferred diamond shape perfectly.

What types of diamonds are typically used in hidden halo rings?

In the realm of hidden halo engagement rings, the choice between lab grown and traditional diamonds has become a topic of significant interest. Lab grown diamonds, with their ethical sourcing and more accessible price points, have surged in popularity among environmentally conscious and value-seeking couples. These diamonds offer the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as their mined counterparts, making them an appealing choice for those looking to blend modern values with timeless elegance. On the other hand, traditional diamonds continue to hold a place of esteem for their deep historical significance and rarity, appealing to those who cherish the classic allure and heritage of natural stones. Both options beautifully complement the hidden halo design, allowing wearers to align their ring with their personal values and preferences.

Regarding the most popular stone shapes for hidden halo rings, round and oval diamonds stand out for their timeless beauty and ability to maximise brilliance. The round cut, known for its unparalleled sparkle, benefits significantly from the hidden halo's additional light reflection, enhancing its natural radiance. Oval diamonds, with their elongated shape, offer a contemporary twist, providing an elegant and slender appearance to the wearer's finger. These shapes, coupled with the hidden halo, strike a perfect balance between classic charm and modern sophistication, making them a favoured choice among couples.

Alise | Senior Jewellery Designer

Our in-house jewellery designer's thoughts on the popularity of hidden halo rings

‘The surge in popularity for hidden halo rings, especially with round and oval diamonds, mirrors a trend towards timeless elegance infused with modern values. It's fascinating to see how preferences have evolved, favouring both the ethical appeal of lab-grown diamonds and the rich heritage of traditional stones.'

Can a hidden halo ring be resized?

Resizing a hidden halo engagement ring is definitely possible, but it requires the expertise of skilled jewellers due to the intricate design and placement of the hidden halo. At Queensmith, our master goldsmiths approach each ring resizing with precision, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic of the ring remain intact. We recommend consulting with our professionals to discuss the specific adjustments needed, as certain complex alterations could affect the hidden halo's appearance or the ring's overall structure.

Rest assured, our experts know exactly how to handle a ring resizing! And we offer free resizing up or down 3 sizes with each ring purchased at Queensmith.

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Are hidden halo rings customisable?

Hidden halo engagement rings offer a wonderful canvas for customisation, allowing individuals to create a piece that truly reflects their personal style and story. Queensmith specialises in bringing your vision to life through bespoke designs, meticulously crafting each element of your ring to suit your preferences. From choosing the centre stone's cut, carat, and colour to selecting the metal type for the band, every aspect of your hidden halo ring can be tailored to meet your desires. Our bespoke service provides the ultimate personalisation experience, inviting you to be involved in the creation of your dream ring.

What factors should I consider when choosing a hidden halo engagement ring?

Discover the benefits and considerations of choosing a hidden halo engagement ring with this concise table, which highlights the key advantages and potential challenges to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits Considerations
Personalised touch A hidden halo engagement ring offers a unique, personalised touch, but can present challenges when it comes to stacking it with a wedding ring due to the hidden diamonds potentially scratching the band. We would recommend opting for a design where the centre stone is set higher or consider a bespoke contoured wedding band designed to fit snugly around your engagement ring, preventing direct contact with the hidden halo.
Extra sparkle The hidden halo provides an additional layer of sparkle, enhancing the centre stone’s brilliance, but the intricate details can make it slightly trickier to clean. We recommend regular professional cleanings combined with gentle, at-home care using a soft brush and soapy water to keep your hidden halo ring sparkling.
Versatile design Hidden halo rings cater to a wide range of tastes, effortlessly blending with both contemporary and classic aesthetics. However, it’s important to consider how comfortably the ring will fit into your everyday life, especially for those with active lifestyles or careers that require hands-on work. Think about the ring’s profile and how it aligns with your daily activities to ensure long-term comfort and wearability.
Symbolism and intimacy A hidden halo can often symbolise the intimate and personal aspects of a relationship, with its secret sparkle seen only by those who look closely. While this extra touch adds to the romance, it will also add to the price, so it’s important to budget accordingly and balance the desire for extra detail with your financial comfort zone.
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Are hidden halo rings worth it?

Hidden halo rings are undoubtedly worth considering for those who appreciate a blend of personal style, extra sparkle and a modern twist on classic elegance. A hidden halo can be an incredibly romantic, surprise gesture to add to your engagement ring. Even in the instance that your partner has specified what ring they want, you can create an element of surprise by adding a hidden halo or other secret diamond embellishments. This unique setting offers an intimate layer of sophistication, enhancing the centre stone's appearance with a secret halo that promises to impress. Perfect for individuals seeking a ring that combines timeless design with contemporary flair, a hidden halo engagement ring provides lasting beauty and a special touch that stands the test of time. Whether you're drawn to its subtle enhancements or the way it mirrors your personal journey, a hidden halo ring is a beautiful investment in your love story.

How much extra does a hidden halo cost?

The addition of a hidden halo to an engagement ring can vary in cost depending on several factors. A hidden halo typically costs £500 to add to an engagement ring, but the price could vary depending on the size of diamonds you’d like to add. The bottom line cost will depend on the specific design choices, but the investment enhances the ring's uniqueness and allure, making it a valuable addition for those seeking a special touch in their engagement ring.

Hidden halo engagement ring inspiration

Explore the possibilities of a hidden halo engagement ring through a range of inspirational designs, each subtly combining style and a personal touch that perfectly captures a unique love story.

How to shop hidden halo rings at Queensmith

At Queensmith, we understand the appeal of the hidden halo and its significance in selecting the perfect engagement ring. To assist you in identifying rings that can feature this exquisite detail, we've introduced a special 'Hidden Halo' badge on our products. This badge is prominently displayed on the product pages of rings that can be customised to include a hidden halo or diamond bezel, ensuring you can easily find and select a design that meets your desires for that extra touch of elegance and sparkle.

Design a custom hidden halo engagement ring with Queensmith

Our passion for creating the perfect engagement ring is matched by our expertise in bringing your vision to life. Our team of diamond and design experts is dedicated to guiding you through every step of the design process. From demystifying the intricacies of diamond carat, colour, cut and clarity, to meticulously crafting a hidden halo engagement ring that perfectly encapsulates your personal style and meaningful bond, we're here to ensure your journey is as seamless as it is enjoyable. With Queensmith, designing your custom hidden halo engagement ring becomes an unforgettable experience, enriched by professional insight and personalised attention.


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