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The Most Romantic Diamond Jewellery Gift Ideas

Written by Emily Dixon
January 8th, 2021 • 2 min read

Whether you’re gifting yourself next Valentine’s, have the birthday of a special someone on the horizon, or just feel like spoiling the apple of your eye - diamond jewellery is always a good idea.

Diamond jewellery is by no means cheap, and it shouldn’t be something you scrimp on; but the shelf life of such a sentimental gift is unequivocal. What else can you buy that will not only be worn for decades to come, but will swell in sentimental value as it becomes a treasured heirloom?

Discover the diamond jewellery pieces you should consider to flatter any jewellery collection, and get in touch to find out how you can create pieces tailored to your personal budget.

Diamond Eternity Rings

We all want enduring adoration for every beautiful thing we buy, and there is no truer example of this than diamond jewellery. Invest in a style that is as every bit enduring in style as its name suggests: eternity rings are classic, timeless and always wearable.

Eternity rings are a symbolic piece of diamond jewellery, the continuation of small, melee diamonds around the band representative of eternal love and commitment. Usually bought to mark special birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child, eternity rings are a remarkably thoughtful gift. Arguably the best symbol of romance, other than bridal jewellery, eternity rings also make great promise rings for those not quite ready to take the plunge into an engagement ring.

Diamond Pedant Necklace

Scallop set circular diamond necklace

Create a diamond pendant necklace with melee diamonds arranged in a custom shape. Simple squares, circles, triangles or straight, bar-like lines of diamonds work really well to create a contemporary diamond necklace. Think less ‘diamond heart necklace that could be found in a widely-circulated catalogue’, more, ‘sophisticated, clean-cut: something that will have people asking where on earth it came from’.

Why choose bespoke for your diamond jewellery?

If it’s a sentimental gift you’re aiming for, you’re sure to get big props for having your diamond jewellery custom crafted. Diamond jewellery is special. Bespoke diamond jewellery is next level. Whether you opt for a simple design or create a unique, one-off piece, the time, thought and love that you will have put into your diamond jewellery will not go unnoticed - plus, you’ll be able to brag about your jewellery-designing, diamond-choosing credentials to anyone who will listen.

If that all sounds a little intimidating, fear not. Our team of consultants at Queensmith are made up of experienced and highly knowledgeable gemmologists, equipped with all the education (and expert opinions) you need to make the best bespoke decisions. Book an appointment at Queensmith, the go-to Hatton Garden jewellers for bespoke jewellery - created in-house by a team of goldsmiths, designers and gemmologists.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace & Earrings

Sometimes, simple is good. Simple is sweet, refined and without a doubt timeless - so try opting for a single, solitaire diamond. Choose a solitaire diamond necklace using a round brilliant diamond for a style to suit all, or choose a more unusual diamond shape for something a little different: from emerald cuts to ovals, octagons to hexagons or even pear and Asscher cuts. There’s plenty of shapes to choose from to suit you or your loved one.

Although innately precious, diamond solitaire necklaces can be worn everyday, and dainty, layered necklaces have become a celebrated trend amongst jewellery lovers over the past couple of years. Solitaire diamond earrings, too, have a refined flair about them: cherished, casual - and always cool.

A Diamond Engagement Ring

The ultimate in romantic gestures is undoubtedly an engagement ring, and what better to grace your engagement ring than a diamond, the most romantic gemstone of all? If, this year, a diamond necklace or solitaire earrings won’t quite cut it, maybe it’s time to start thinking bigger.

Explore our collection of classic engagement rings, or create a one-off, original engagement ring with our bespoke services - simply connect with an expert to get started!

Together with an expert gemmologist, you’ll explore a range of hand selected diamonds, chosen specifically for you and your budget. Once you’ve reached your decision, our CAD team will get to work to create a render or 3D model of your ring for your approval. When each detail is perfected, our goldsmiths will get to work crafting your engagement ring in our in-house workshop. Ready to get started?

Create your Bespoke Diamond Jewellery with Queensmith Jewellers

Arrange to meet with an expert gemmology and design consultant at Queensmith’s Hatton Garden store via the link below.


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A ring consultation at Queensmith with a professional design expert and gemmologist, working with a happy couple to make their engagement ring

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