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The Best Engagement Ring Ideas for 2021

Written by Joanna Wyganowska
December 16th, 2020 • 5 min read

As refined, simple design takes centre stage in 2021, we take a look at the best engagement ring trends with classic, timeless credentials, that still allow for custom, personal touches. Check out Queensmith’s take on 2021’s best ring ideas.

Which ring trends will we see throughout 2021?

2020 presented an uncertain year, which encouraged buyers in all sectors to be a little more rational with their purchases, opting for simple, refined designs that hit the perfect balance between ‘modern heirloom’ and ‘timeless classic.’ We’ve seen a huge rise in the demand for simple engagement rings that will endure changing fashions. For their 2021 proposals, Queensmith clients are largely preferring to save money with minimalist designs so they can dedicate more of their budget to the all-important centre stone - be it a traditional diamond, lab diamond or coloured gemstone.

Simple solitaire ring designs

As simplicity reigns in 2021 and minimalism makes its comeback, engagement ring buyers will be searching for the best ways to create a ring that’s back-to-basics and timeless. The less fussy the design, the more budget you can dedicate to a knock-out diamond.

Simple solitaire rings from £1,300 with a natural diamond

Simple design certainly doesn’t mean boring - explore the different ways to design solitaire engagement rings: the metal work can be smooth, plain, and unfussy, yet still evoke interest with subtle quirks, like a tapered band, split shank or ‘floating diamond’ setting style.

Twisted crossover engagement rings

This is a fun trend we’ve noticed on the rise amongst Queensmith clients. A twisted band engagement ring is out there enough to make your engagement ring a unique stand-out, but can be executed in a way that keeps the design cool, refined and timeless, albeit a little different. Check out our Blondell design or create a bespoke, twisted ring of your own!

Price from £2,980

Halo engagement rings

Halo rings makes the lists of top engagement ring ideas every year for a reason: it’s classic design, a little more dressed up than a solitaire ring, but still super refined and eternally stylish. 2021 is the year of investing in lasting style, so explore halo ring ideas for something that will transcend fashions and stay as stylish as the day it graced your (or your loved one’s) finger.

Halo ring settings start at £1,650 plus the diamond you select

For a more stripped-back look, choose to simply embellish your ring with pavé or scallop set halo and leave the band plain. Alternatively, match the setting of the halo right along the band for a little more bling!

Discover styles you love, with our gallery of custom rings.

Hidden halo rings & embellishments

As engagement ring buyers are largely keeping their designs simple for 2021, there’s an increased demand for the special-little-somethings that can set a ring apart from the next: subtle details that only the wearer would see and notice, like hidden halos, diamond set bezels or small gemstones set into the inside of the ring’s band.

Side view of a large 3.20ct lab grown radiant diamond engagement ring showing a diamond set bridge and diamond set bezel and diamond set half way up the claws, all in platinum

Bespoke hidden halo, diamond set claws and diamond set bridge

Choosing subtle ways to personalise an engagement ring whilst keeping the design refined will be huge throughout 2021. The best hidden halo engagement rings will remain refined, timeless, but carry that sweet, sentimental detailing the wearer will cherish forever. Combine the 2021’s engagement ring trend for simplicity by choosing a hidden halo solitaire ring, or opt for a more unusual shape - an emerald cut, pear or oval hidden halo engagement ring will be a huge hit.

A modern lab grown emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a double diamond band that crosses over to meet the diamond

Sustainable rings & lab diamonds

Lab grown diamond rings are relatively new to the engagement ring market, yet contemporary jewellers like Queensmith are finding more and more conscious couples seeking to invest in a diamond with ethical and sustainable credentials. As money and personal budgets become extremely important to engagement ring buyers in 2021, the pull of lab diamonds will grow, as they retail between 50-60% lower than mined diamonds.

The demand for mined diamonds remains strong, particularly as global initiatives, like the Kimberley Process, have eradicated over 99.8% of the blood diamond trade and therefore a mined diamond purchased in the UK is almost certainly conflict-free.

Timeless diamond ring shapes

There are a number of diamond shapes that top engagement ring trends forecasts, year after year - and 2021 is no different. Round diamonds remain the most popular engagement ring shape in 2021. Other traditional diamond shapes that will stand the test of time through 2021 and beyond are oval and cushion cut diamonds.

Along with round and cushion shapes, oval diamonds are a timeless classic - a trend that isn't going anywhere

The soft edges of round, oval and cushion diamonds evoke a feminine, classic style. While there’s a plethora of diamond shapes to choose from, we know the traditional pull of these diamond shapes will be strong throughout 2021 and for decades to come.

Alternative shape three stone rings

The best trends for three stone engagement rings in 2021 will use diamond shapes a little different to the traditional round choice. Think oval diamonds with pear diamond sides, emerald cuts with tapered baguettes, princess cut diamonds with half moon crescents.

Shapes like pear and marquise diamonds make for super unique rings

Elongated diamonds work best as the side diamonds for this trend, such as pears set horizontally. Balance this out with an elongated diamond set vertically, like oval, emerald cut or radiant cut diamonds. There are so many choices to choose from to find the best combination for your trilogy engagement ring!

Geometric diamond rings

As the engagement ring industry continues to shake up and cater for contemporary tastes, we’ve also seen a rise in less feminine, distinctive diamond shapes: angular diamond shapes like Asscher cuts, emerald cuts and even hexagonal diamonds are climbing in popularity. You can also gain the illusion of a geometric diamond by opting for hexagonal halo for an ultra-cool, Modern Deco style ring.

Emerald cuts are a favourite geometric diamond shape

The beauty of a round, with the style credentials of a hexagon halo

Unconventional brides, grooms and contemporary couples enjoy the step-cut nature of diamonds like Asscher and emerald cuts. Step diamond diamonds are geometric in design, with large, parallel facets that result in a little less sparkle than brilliant cuts like rounds; but the mirror-like illusions the angular diamonds offer are unrivalled.

Eternity rings & promise rings

Whether for a proposal ring, a promise ring or as a token of love or gratitude, eternity rings will be a hero ring style throughout 2021. Those looking to limit their engagement ring budget may find an eternity ring the perfect solution - suited to minimalist tastes, for those who call for something a both non-traditional and understated.

Eternity rings start from £1,100

Choosing an eternity ring as an engagement ring for your partner could be risky, unless they’ve stated this in the kind of alternative engagement ring they’re interested in. With 2021’s minimalist trends in mind, a simple diamond band can be a beautiful, subtle way to mark your engagement - and something you can add to over the years and with each of life’s landmark celebrations.

Split shank engagement rings

A split shank ring sees the band of the ring split in two, either with one, both or neither parts of the split band set with melee diamonds. It’s an ultra modern ring style, and a beautiful idea for an engagement ring in 2021. A split shank ring is little out of the ordinary, so the perfect choice for contemporary tastes than veer from tradition.

Bespoke split shank princess cut ring

Set your split shank engagement ring with an elongated shape, set in ‘east to west’ style (horizontally) for an engagement ring trend that is set to rise in 2021. Alternatively, you can choose a split shank ring setting for an otherwise traditional design - think a round diamond, and four claws, platinum.

Why more people are choosing custom made rings

Investing in made-to-last, high quality crafting is something else engagement ring buyers are keen to do in 2021. We’ve seen a rising interest in how our in-house workshop operates, the craftsmanship that goes into each ring, and the benefits of choosing a custom ring over something mass produced. Learn about the ring crafting process.

Creating Your Custom Engagement Ring

If you’d like a little more information, know exactly what you want, or would like to hear from the experts, we’re here to help - just drop us a message.

At Queensmith, each of our consultants are trained gemmologists, with the expertise and passion to find each client the perfect diamond or gemstone and engagement ring design. Contact us to learn more or book an appointment.


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