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Proposal Stories | Sophy & Paul

Written by India Charter
September 27th, 2019 • 6 min read

Watch the romantic video Paul secretly shot of his proposal to Sophy, on a quiet corner of the Isle of Skye and the bespoke trilogy ring she said yes to.

How It All Began

Like many modern love stories do, Sophy and Paul’s began on Tinder. Living in opposite ends of London, the pair arranged to make the journey to meet on common ground - and knew they’d found something special from the very first date.

The Proposal

Four and a half years on, Paul started the intricate planning for a surprise trip to their beloved Isle of Skye, the slow-paced, tranquil gem of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides. ‘A couple of days into our trip, Paul took me to the Neist Point Lighthouse which overlooks the sea and is very peaceful. He led me to a secluded spot with the lighthouse in the background and set up the camera for a photo. Once he’d spent an unusually long time doing that, he came and stood in front of me and said “I’ve brought you here for a reason” and I think that’s when I knew what was about to happen. Before I knew it, he was crouched down with a little box in his hands and asked me to marry him.’ Complete, of course, with the bespoke engagement ring Paul had custom crafted with the help of Queensmith’s in-house expert gemmologists and goldsmiths. Scroll down for details about the ring.

The moment Paul proposed to Sophy on the Isle of Skye - caught on camera

The Engagement Ring

Sophy's three stone diamond ring, crafted by Queensmith's in-house goldsmiths

Although the proposal was a complete surprise - like the best of us - Sophy had dreamt of her perfect engagement ring. ‘Paul and I had spoken about it briefly once or twice before; all he knew was that I love trilogy rings because to me, they represent the past, present and future.’ Upon seeing her engagement ring for the first time, Sophy responded with a humble “what do you mean!”.

‘He showed me the ring and I instantly fell in love with it, it was so perfect and I just felt like it belonged to me. I think we were on such a high for days after, I remember feeling quite overwhelmed with the huge amount of thought he’d put into it all.’

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Creating The Engagement Ring

Paul and Sophy moments after their Isle of Skye proposal

Upon visiting us with a rough idea of what he wanted to create for Sophy, Paul built the ring of her dreams, detail by detail. First, he explained Sophy’s love of trilogy engagement rings to Queensmith consultant Brett. Our gemmologists handpicked a selection of diamonds to show Paul, sourced specifically with his unique budget and engagement ring ideas in mind.

Trilogy rings can be a little more complex to source diamonds for, as each stone should match in terms of colour and clarity, to ensure a consistent sparkle, but together with Paul, we found just the right diamonds for Sophy’s engagement ring. Choosing the perfect graduation ratio, the two slightly smaller side stones where perfectly matched and well proportioned with the larger centre stone, and the characteristics of each explained in depth to Paul, to help him make his final selection.

The team at Queensmith were very patient and accommodating at helping me find a beautiful ring to fit my needs and budget. They really knew their stuff and I felt safe in the knowledge that I’d chosen the right thing. The experience was amazing, from start to finish and I can’t recommend them enough!

Diamonds chosen, it was then time to choose the engagement ring setting. After sussing out our sample engagement ring designs with Brett, Paul opted for a version of the Leigh engagement ring, custom crafted with an open-sided settings to allow maximum light to enter through each diamond.

Inside the store, where Paul designed Sophy’s ring & selected her diamonds with Queensmith

Sophy and Paul have set a wedding date for September 2020, with around 80 guests set in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, and dream of a scenic escape to New Zealand for their honeymoon. We wish them all the best, and can’t wait to see them back at Queensmith to craft their wedding rings!

Feeling Inspired To Create Your Own Engagement Ring?

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