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Ring Styles Guide

Ring can be grouped into four core styles: solitaire, diamond band, halo and trilogy rings. The versatility of these four different ring styles allows you to make your mark with unique customisation. Start with a staple design, work through the finer details and create an enduringly refined, personal ring.

Choosing between the four ring styles

The classics work for a reason: we’ve evolved some of the most celebrated engagement ring designs to produce a collection that is refined, contemporary, and easy to tweak with personal detailing.

Make a preliminary choice between the iconic four different ring styles: solitaire, halo, trilogy and diamond band. You can put the finer details on the back-burner for now, and instead think about which distinctive style will strike a chord with you or your loved one.

What is a solitaire ring?

Simple, refined and effortless in charm, a solitaire engagement ring features one, single precious gemstone - typically a diamond. This is the most iconic and simplistic engagement ring style, loved my purists and minimalists.

Setting cost: £800
(plus centre stone)

Popular solitaire ring designs

What is a diamond band ring?

Also referred to as a diamond band engagement ring, the ring is set with micro diamonds around the band, with one larger gemstone at the centre. The diamond band design builds on the simplicity of a solitaire ring, adding sparkle and intricacy to the design. Each tiny diamond used along the band is hand selected by our goldsmiths to match in high colour and clarity quality.

Setting cost: £1200 to £1400
(plus centre stone)

Popular diamond band ring designs

What is a halo ring?

Building upon the simplicity of a solitaire, a halo ring features micro diamonds set around the circumference of the centre stone. This adds detailing and enhances the size of your ring. Every little diamond used is hand selected to match in quality, enhancing and matching the colour and clarity of the centre diamond.

Setting cost: £1550 to £2250
(plus centre stone)

Popular halo ring designs

What is a trilogy ring?

A series of three precious gemstones, a trilogy ring typically features one larger centre diamond flanked by two slightly smaller stones. The side stones are usually around half the carat weight each of the centre stone, however the size you opt for is totally up to you. Whilst every diamond is unique, the two side diamonds will be selected to perfectly compliment and match in shape, carat weight, as well as matching the colour and clarity of the centre stone.

Setting cost: £900 to £1950
(plus centre stone)