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About 1 Carat Diamond Rings

1ct engagement rings are an incredibly popular choice for couples - a 1 carat diamond is the ultimate goal for many people hunting for their dream ring. Around 65% of engagement rings are 1ct. This is because a full, 1ct diamond ring psychologically feels like a great achievement. As well as being a nice, round number, 1 carat is considered an unofficial marker for diamonds that look ‘big’ - making it the benchmark carat weight for many people.

While a 1 carat diamond engagement ring was once considered above average, this carat weight has become much more common for ring buyers due to the emergence of lab diamonds, which offer bigger diamond sizes for lower prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About 1ct Diamond Rings

What is a 1ct diamond ring?

A 1 carat engagement ring features a main diamond that equates to one full carat - a unit of weight used to describe diamonds and other precious gemstones. 1 carat weighs 200mg, which is the equivalent of one carob seed - where the ‘carat’ measurement derives from.

How much does a 1 carat engagement ring cost?

1 ct engagement rings start at around £2,330 if you choose a simple solitaire setting and a lab diamond. The price varies hugely depending on whether you choose a lab diamond or natural diamond.

A good quality 1 carat diamond typically costs £1,480 if it’s a loose lab grown diamond, or £6,200 if it's a loose natural diamond. The total price of a 1 carat diamond ring will have the additional cost of the ring setting itself, starting at £850.

You should be aware that diamond prices fluctuate, and this should be used as a guide price accurate at the time of writing.

Is a 1 carat diamond ring the best size?

There is no right or wrong size when buying an engagement ring - any diamond over 0.30ct should work. However, many people feel a strong desire to hit the 1ct mark or higher when buying their ring. 1 ct engagement rings are considered a very decent size - and with the emergence of cheaper lab grown diamonds, 1ct is now a much more achievable diamond size than it once was.

Does a 1ct diamond ring look big?

Most people would agree that a 1 ct engagement ring looks fairly big. A round 1 carat diamond measures around 6.4mm in length, or more like 7.8mm for elongated shapes like oval diamonds.

How can I choose the best 1 carat engagement ring?

The most important characteristic for a dazzling round 1ct diamond is an ‘Excellent’ (GIA) or ‘Ideal’ (IGI) cut grade - which ensures intense sparkle. Other diamond shapes don’t receive a cut grade, but you should ensure equally great polish and symmetry grades. Next, consider D to F colour diamonds, which will appear bright and colourless. Then, look between VVS1 and SI2 for a clarity grade that doesn’t break the bank, and for diamond that looks clear to the naked eye.

Don’t be afraid to look slightly under 1ct - you could make significant savings with a 0.97ct, 0.98ct or 0.99ct diamond, but they’ll look incredibly similar. In fact, you probably couldn’t tell they’re smaller than 1ct. These are known as ‘underweight’ diamonds and are very rare, so don’t pin too much hope on finding one!

If you’re concerned your budget won’t stretch to a 1 ct diamond ring, consider a lab diamond - which typically cost 60% to 80% less than natural diamonds.

How big is a 1ct round diamond ring?

A round 1ct diamond measures around 6.4mm in length. This can vary by 0.2mm or so, depending on the cut and ratio of the diamond. Elongated shapes like ovals or pears could look 1 or 2mm bigger. The weight of a 1ct diamond equates to 200mg, regardless of the shape.

How big is a 1ct oval diamond ring?

An oval 1ct diamond measures around 7.8mm in length. This will vary depending on how the oval diamond has been cut - some are longer and skinnier, some are shorter and more squat. A well proportioned 1ct oval diamond is usually 1.5mm bigger looking than a 1ct round diamond.

Is a 1ct engagement ring normal?

A 1ct engagement ring is a very normal, typical size for ring buyers in the UK - around 65% of couples choose a 1ct engagement ring.

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