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Our core collection of wedding rings incorporates classic and timeless design with modern and meticulous craftsmanship. Find the ring that’s right for you, create your own with our complimentary bespoke services, or get in touch to create a perfect ring set, crafted to sit seamlessly alongside your engagement ring.

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About Our Wedding Rings

At Queensmith, every wedding ring is made-to-order. As an independent Hatton Garden jewellers housing a talented team of gemmologists, designers and goldsmiths under one roof, we are able to bring your custom ideas to life. Whether you’d like to tweak one of our staple designs or create a totally unique wedding band - our experts are here to advise and bring your thoughts to fruition, book an appointment to start your wedding ring creation.

Platinum wedding rings

Platinum is a bright, silvery tone. Mirror polished for maximum reflectivity or to a satin finish for a textured touch, the colourless metal encourages the reflection of white light to produce a bright, icy shine. Platinum is amongst the most durable metals on Earth, meaning it is more resistant to nicks and scratches than many other metals, like gold, and is noted for its versatility, suiting both contemporary and more traditional wedding ring designs.

18K yellow gold wedding rings

Yellow gold is a variant of the pure gold found in nature, alloyed with metals like silver and copper to create a warm, sunny tone and a stronger metal, more resistant to nicking and scratching. The golden hue of yellow gold is flattering for most skin tones, and provides a characterful edge to wedding rings. Yellow gold can look traditional or extremely contemporary, depending on the wedding band design.

18K rose gold wedding rings

Rose gold is sometimes referred to as ‘pink gold’, thanks to its rosy, blush colour. Pure gold is alloyed mainly with copper, and a touch of silver, to produce the slight pink tint of rose gold. This also creates a stronger metal suitable for wedding rings. Rose gold is modern in style, and thanks to its credentials as an uncommon metal makes for a unique choice.

18K white gold wedding rings

White gold is colourless and similar in tone to platinum’s bright and icy aesthetic - in its finest form, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. That said, white gold is buttery in tone without its signature rhodium coating. The rhodium coating wears away over time, and will need replacing every so often - so you may find platinum a preferable choice for your wedding ring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Wedding Rings

Buying Wedding Rings

How much should wedding rings cost?

There is no rule as to how much you should spend on your wedding rings, and the cost of your rings will depend on your personal budget and design preferences.

In either platinum or 18K gold, plain, thin wedding rings start at around £350. Diamond set wedding rings start around £1,350 but can cost over £6,300 for an eternity style ring with large diamonds.

Read our blog How Much Should I Spend on my Wedding Rings for more insight into how much wedding rings cost, what makes some more expensive, and how you could tweak designs to suit your personal budget. Ultimately, how much you budget for your rings is a very personal decision.

Who should pay for the wedding rings?

Traditionally, each member of the couple pays for their other half’s ring - but this isn’t all that common anymore. Couples often split the cost of their rings evenly, or pay for their own ring.

When should we buy our wedding rings?

It’s recommended you buy your wedding rings around 3 months before your wedding. At Queensmith, our wedding rings typically take 4 weeks to craft. Having your first appointment way ahead of your wedding will allow time for decision making and ensures you can collect or receive your rings with plenty of time to go, to avoid last minute rushes.

Book your consultation now.

Choosing a Wedding Ring

How can I match my wedding ring to my engagement ring?

Matching your wedding ring to your engagement ring can be a beautiful way to create a cohesive, stylised wedding ring set. You may want to consider matching details like the width of the band, and the setting style, whether that’s scallop, pavé, channel rubover.

Solitaire engagement rings with plain bands can also look beautiful with the addition of a diamond set band, to add sparkle to the ring set. Book an appointment now to find the best wedding rings for you.

At Queensmith, we offer a service to match the profile of your wedding ring to your engagement ring. This means the two rings will fit snug together, seamlessly flush. Some engagement ring designs may require a shaped wedding ring to achieve a flush set, however most Queensmith engagement ring designs are created ‘wedfriendly’ or ‘wedfit’, meaning a straight, traditional wedding ring can fit together perfectly with the engagement ring.

Whether your engagement ring was purchased with Queensmith or elsewhere, we'll work with your engagement ring to ensure a set that fits beautifully together - book an appointment to create your flush wedding ring set.

Should I choose my own wedding ring, or should my partner?

Whilst engagement rings are often bought as surprises, wedding rings are typically chosen by the wearer. Couples usually have their wedding ring appointments together, and chip in to advise on their partner’s design as well as their own, but ultimately it is common to choose your own wedding ring.

While couples typically attend their wedding ring consultations together, very few couples choose to create completely matching wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Sizes

What’s the average women's wedding ring size?

The average women’s wedding ring size is M (UK). In US measurements, this converts to 6 ¼ and in European measurements to 52. To find your wedding ring size, use our ring size guide,

What's the average men's wedding ring size?

The average men’s wedding ring size is T (UK). In US measurements, this converts to 9 ¾ and in European measurements to 61. To find your wedding ring size, use our ring size guide,

How can I guess my wedding ring size?

Our finger sizes are typically related to our clothing size vs height - our experts can usually make a good estimate for clients unable to come into the store. Otherwise, we will measure your finger size during your appointment.

To learn more about ring size, find our ring size conversion chart and download our printable ring sizer, visit our ring size guide.

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