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Revealed: The UK’s Most Popular Wedding Registry Offices

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September 27th, 2023 • 12 min read

If having a traditional white wedding doesn’t appeal to you, then there’s no reason why you have to have one! Alternatives to ‘traditional’ weddings are becoming more and more popular, so getting hitched at a registry office may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re fancying something more casual, yet still beautiful and personalised, or if you splashed out on your engagement ring and you’re wanting to save a little money before jetting off to your amazing destination wedding, this type of ceremony provides the flexibility needed, whilst ensuring you remember this memorable day.

With searches for registry office wedding venues being up by 800% and how do i get married in a registry office UK being up by 860%, it’s clear that a lot of couples are interested in these alternative ceremonies, but are unsure on what exactly this entails.

Engagement and wedding experts at Queensmith, have analysed 36 registry cities across the UK, ranking them on factors such as the number of Instagram hashtags, TikTok hashtags and Google Searches to reveal the best registry offices in the UK.

Top 20 most popular wedding registry offices in the UK

Rank Registry Office Location Instagram Hashtags TikTok Hashtags Google Searches Total
1 Orleans House Gallery Twickenham, London 3,385 221,503 36,900 261,788
2 Cheltenham Town Hall Gloucestershire 2,977 11,313 110,500 124,790
3 Chelsea Old Town Hall West London 16,181 72,400 31,800 120,381
4 The Old Marylebone Town Hall Central London 14,114 98,974 640 113,728
5 Hackney Town Hall East London 6,221 51,117 51,100 108,438
6 Manchester Town Hall Manchester 18,445 1,436 66,500 86,381
7 Cardiff City Hall Cardiff 4,349 41,630 37,700 83,679
8 Islington Town Hall North-East London 11,140 45,739 8,950 65,829
9 Oxford Town Hall Oxford 2,760 29,200 20,500 52,460
10 Sutton Coldfield Town Hall West Midlands 1,249 4,012 44,600 49,861
11 Norwich Halls Norfolk 663 14,400 28,000 43,063
12 Brangwyn Hall Swansea 2,259 4,815 35,100 42,174
13 Sheffield Town Hall Sheffield 3,437 2,395 31,600 37,432
14 Congleton Town Hall Cheshire 273 117 33,500 33,890
15 Morden Park House South-West London 857 21,200 11,300 33,387
16 Saxon Hall Wellingborough 335 750 29,000 30,085
17 Liverpool Town Hall Liverpool 4,377 12,000 12,500 28,877
18 Stratford Town Hall Warwickshire 301 925 26,400 27,626
19 Shoreditch Town Hall London 3,093 1,593 22,000 26,686
20 Leicester Guildhall Leicester 1,165 1,267 24,200 26,632

Top 5 most popular wedding registry office in the UK

1. Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham, London

Ranked top as the most popular registry office in the UK is the gorgeous Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham. Set within the beautiful gardens which overlook the River Thames, this enchanting location provides an ideal setting for exchanging vows. Built in 1721, the venue can comfortably host up to 60 guests, allowing them to enjoy a leisurely walk through the gardens and explore the gallery following the ceremony.

This location truly takes the lead, boasting an impressive 221,503 TikTok posts featuring venue hashtags, far surpassing all other registry offices. With approximately 3,385 Instagram photos tagged at the venue and 36,900 Google searches to its name, it's no wonder that Orleans House Gallery stands out as the clear favourite.

2. Cheltenham Town Hall, Gloucestershire

Although Cheltenham is often associated with its renowned racecourse, it also holds the distinction of being the second most popular registry office destination in the UK. With booking admin fees of £60 and a notice of marriage costing £70, the historic venue, with its original decorative vaulted ceilings and regency architecture, offers an ideal location for tying the knot.

The aesthetic architecture makes Cheltenham Town Hall second for being the most popular registry office in the UK. With a remarkable 11,500 Google searches, it enjoys significant attention online, further amplified by its strong social media presence featuring 11,313 TikTok videos featuring the venue and 2,977 Instagram images.

3. Chelsea Old Town Hall, Chelsea

In third place was the lovely Chelsea Old Town Hall situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington. Being named one of the world’s best wedding locations, the Chelsea Registrars aim to make your day as special as they can, celebrating at the end with confetti thrown on the iconic town hall steps. With different size ceremony rooms fitting 150-400 people and costing between £585 - £885, whether you fancy something big or small, this venue caters to your needs to ensure you have a memorable day.

The town hall enjoys tremendous support on social media, boasting an impressive 16,181 Instagram images tagged at the venue and a staggering 72,400 TikTok posts featuring venue hashtags. And that's not all—Chelsea Old Town Hall also records 31,800 Google searches, solidifying its position as one of the most popular registry offices in the UK.

4. The Old Marylebone Town Hall, Central London

Securing the fourth spot on the list is the iconic Old Marylebone Town Hall, another esteemed London registry office. Boasting seven distinct ceremony rooms, this venue offers couples the flexibility to cater to various preferences and guest capacities, whether you desire an intimate gathering for two or a grand celebration for 100 or more. The Westminster room, the largest of them all, exudes regal charm with its beautiful wood panelling and ornate plasterwork ceiling, ensuring you feel like royalty for a day. Prices for this majestic space range from approximately £805 to £1,379, depending on the chosen day of your celebration.

What the Old Marylebone Town Hall lacks in Google searches, it certainly makes up for in its popularity on social media. With Tiktok being one of the most popular platforms, having over 98,974 videos using the venue hashtags, it puts the spot as a great contender for top registry offices.

5. Hackney Town Hall, London

In fifth place, nestled in the heart of Hackney, this award-winning venue stands as a shining exemplar of London's civic Art Deco architecture. Adorned with original 1930s chandeliers and preserving its original features, the town hall offers ample space to accommodate up to 300 guests. Additionally, it boasts the intimate Gold Suite, perfectly suited for smaller weddings and civil ceremonies. With its remarkable ambiance and aesthetic charm, this location promises to leave a lasting impression on your momentous day.

Coming in strong with 51,100 Google searches, 6,221 Instagram images using the venue hashtags and 51,117 Tiktok videos, Hackney Town Hall is also a favourite amongst the public on social media and in searches.

The Prettiest Registry Offices in the UK, According to Instagram

Rank Registry Office Location No. of Hashtags
1 Manchester Town Hall Manchester 18,445
2 Chelsea Old Town Hall West London 16,181
3 The Old Marylebone Town Hall Central London 14,114
4 Islington Town Hall North-East London 11,140
5 Hackney Town Hall London 6,221
6 Liverpool Town Hall Liverpool 4,377
7 Cardiff City Hall Cardiff 4,349
8 Sheffield Town Hall Sheffield 3,437
9 Orleans House Gallery Twickenham 3,385
10 Shoreditch Town Hall London 3,093

1. Manchester Town Hall, Manchester

Resembling a structure plucked from the pages of Hogwarts, it's no wonder that Manchester Town Hall clinches the top spot as the most Instagram-worthy registry office with over 18,000 photos tagged at the venue. Nestled in Albert Square, this hall stands tall as one of the city's most iconic landmarks, showcasing its stunning Neo-Gothic architecture and a grand clock tower, which boasts an impressive 173-step staircase.

2. Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

Earning a spot in the top five for the most popular registry offices and ranking in the top three for Instagram-worthy venues with over 16,000 images using the hashtag #chelseaoldtownhall, Chelsea Old Town Hall is a true gem. Within it’s walls, you’ll find original oil paintings, lofty vaulted ceilings, and finely crafted sprung wooden floors. These features are perfect along with the beautiful gold detailing and elegant decor.

3. The Old Marylebone Town Hall, Central London

It’s no surprise that the third most instrgammable venue with over 14,000 photos is The Old Marylebone Town Hall. Whether your taste leans towards a classic ambiance with elegant light fittings, a charming feature fireplace, and beautifully panelled plaster walls, or if you prefer a more contemporary setting adorned with a dazzling chandelier and stylish rose gold decor, the venue offers a room that perfectly suits your preferences and your instagram aesthetic.

Most searched for registry office

Rank Registry Office Location Google Searches
1 Cheltenham Town Hall Gloucestershire 110,500
2 Manchester Town Hall Manchester 66,500
3 Hackney Town Hall London 51,100
4 Sutton Coldfield Town Hall West Midlands 44,600
5 Cardiff City Hall Cardiff 37,700
6 Orleans House Gallery Twickenham, London 36,900
7 Brangwyn Hall Swansea 35,100
8 Congleton Town Hall Cheshire 33,500
9 Cheslea Old Town Hall London 31,800
10 Sheffield Town Hall Sheffield 31,600

1. Cheltenham Town Hall, Gloucestershire

Having secured the second position on our list of the most popular registry offices, it's hardly a shock that Cheltenham Town Hall claims the title of the UK's most searched-for registry office with 110,500 average monthly searches. Established in 1902, this historically significant building exudes a rich heritage and was purposefully designed for hosting celebrations, rendering it the ultimate choice for your wedding. If you envision exchanging vows in the heart of the town while basking in the unique charm of a historic venue, then Cheltenham Town Hall is the perfect destination for your special day.

2. Manchester Town Hall, Manchester

The registry office that clinches the second spot on our list transports us to the North, where we find Manchester's Town Hall with 66,500 average monthly searches. Completed in 1877, the majestic Town Hall is dominated by the 280 feet clock tower, which makes the building look even more distinguished and striking. It's no surprise that this iconic registry office narrowly missed securing a spot in our top five most popular registry offices With 6 function rooms, the stunning wedding venue is perfect for both intimate and large ceremonies - whatever your preference is! If you’re wanting something even more exciting, there are wedding packages available such as a wedding breakfast, drinks reception and evening celebrations. Fancying a large ceremony? There are over 2500 hotel bedrooms within a 5 minute walk of the place, which is great for extended family, or friends flying over for the day.

3. Hackney Town Hall, London

Securing the third spot on the list is Hackney, known for its vibrant street art and thriving music scene. It has become a trendy and appealing choice for couples looking to exchange vows. This picturesque locale offers an ideal setting for those seeking an intimate and relaxed civil ceremony, one that retains a personal touch. Adding to its appeal, you can even involve your beloved pet as a wedding ring bearer in this special occasion. With rates as affordable as £275, Hackney unquestionably stands out as the ultimate budget-friendly wedding destination.

What does a civil ceremony entail?

Similar to traditional weddings, both partners repeat a standard set of vows, followed by an exchange of rings (if you would like). The whole service is relatively quick, normally taking around 20-30 minutes, but most registry offices will ask you and your guests to be there at least 30 minutes beforehand, so make sure you all leave enough time!

Once the ceremony is over, the marriage register is signed by the couple, the registrar and a witness. Following this, couples are usually given around 20 minutes for photographs on the steps and confetti to remember the memorable day.

Adele at Queensmith says: “Registry office weddings have grown increasingly popular in the past year. They are an excellent choice for couples seeking a straightforward means of formalising their marriage, whether as a prelude to another ceremony or celebration such as a wedding abroad or if they simply wish to commemorate their commitment to each other in a more low-key manner.

Civil ceremonies provide the flexibility needed when operating on a tight budget, whilst still ensuring your day is beautiful, personalised and memorable.”


We compiled a comprehensive list of registry offices across the UK. We then conducted an analysis to determine the most popular registry offices. This analysis was based on the monthly volume of Google searches each received, as well as how many images were associated with hashtags for each venue on Instagram and the number of videos on TikTok. We then combed these figures to reveal which registry office is the most popular in the UK.


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