Ingle & Rhode is acquired by Queensmith

Following the collapse of Ingle & Rhode Ltd, Queensmith (Group) Ltd has purchased from receivers for an undisclosed sum.

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About Queensmith

An award-winning jeweller that makes bespoke - simple.

Based in London’s Hatton Garden, Queensmith is a multi-award-winning manufacturing jeweller, and the UK’s largest retailer of lab grown diamonds.

Whilst Queensmith has acquired, they do not assume any financial liabilities or obligations towards Ingle & Rhode's historical customers, suppliers or service providers.

If you are an Ingle & Rhode customer, creditor, supplier or service provider, and require further information regarding the closure, please contact [email protected].

About Queensmith

Local, in-house craftsmanship

As a Hatton Garden jewellers, we make the most of our locale, rich in jewellery history, specialised expert knowledge and artisanal passion. Creating each Queensmith piece in-house allows us to control costs and deliver quality: peace of mind that your ring has been locally made by accomplished industry experts, at a price that’s fair.

About Queensmith

Responsible diamond sourcing

Every stone we sell is sourced from reputable, trusted suppliers who share our values for transparency. We’re proud supporters of the Kimberley Process, which has stemmed 99.8% of the global production of conflict diamonds, and continue to expand our expert-led lab diamond offering.

About Queensmith

Friendly & dedicated experts

You’ll work directly with real people who are genuine experts in their field, with the support of our Customer Care team every step of the way. Our experts will build an understanding of your expectations and desires, whilst offering honest and impartial advise, fuelled by a passion to create something enduringly beautiful, deeply meaningful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Queensmith

Where are the Queensmith stores?

Queensmith currently has two locations in central London’s Hatton Garden area.

Queensmith Showroom: 98 Hatton Garden, EC1N 8NX

Queensmith Studio: 29 Greville Street, EC1N 8AF

If you’re unable to make it to either of our locations, our design experts are available via online consultations. It's the same service our clients have come to love - now in the comfort of your own home!

Our core collections of engagement rings and wedding rings are also available to purchase online. Find your design, choose your diamond - and we'll craft your ring in-house, to exquisite standards.

Queensmith opening times

At Queensmith, we operate our consultations by appointment. This ensures one of our experts is available to sit down with you, and really get to know what you're after. It also means we can prepare a selection of diamonds and designs just for you, your budget and your preferences. Please book ahead - and note that weekday evenings and Saturdays tend to book up a week or two in advance.

Store opening hours
Monday to Friday - 10am to 6.30pm

Saturday - 10.00am to 5.00pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays - closed

Phone lines available Monday to Friday 9.30am - 6pm

Book an appointment here.

If you're unable to make it into one of our showrooms during our opening times, why not book a virtual consultation? We can't wait to meet you.

Queensmith & the LGBTQ+ community

Recognising the individuality of each couple we work with has always been a huge part of our ethos. The engagement, wedding and fine jewellery industry can seem a little too traditional at times - so we know how important it is that we’re welcoming and visible to all communities. We’re proud to have grown a strong and loving LGBTQ+ client base over the years, and will always endeavour to contribute to a more inclusive industry.

Here's more about Queensmith's offering as an LGBTQ+ friendly jewellers.

What makes Queensmith different?

We make bespoke simple: transparent expert-led advice for hassle-free decisions plus exquisite in-house crafting that keeps things cost effective. It's a recipe for creating your ring, your way, at a price you like.

Learn more about Queensmith & our values.

At Queensmith, we celebrate the artistry of Hatton Garden, and our in-house workshop is integral to keeping our trade authentic. Sadly, the amount of Hatton Garden jewellers still crafting rings to order has dwindled over the years - many preferring to supply jewellery from big brands and mass producers.

We’re proud to have our own team of goldsmiths working in our Hatton Garden showroom - and to celebrate our crafters in all that they do, we’ve designed our studio to allow visitors to see our craftspeople in action. Take a step into our showroom to meet with our talented artisans, become a part of the narrative and create something exceptionally personal.

Learn more about the crafting process.

How did it all begin?

It began with a desire to make bespoke - simple.

Queensmith founder, Brett, visited London’s Hatton Garden jewellery quarter in search of a ring for Natalie, to celebrate the birth of their baby. Ring after ring, store after store, the experience was missing Brett and Natalie’s own story.

In a sea of hurried and homogenous sales tactics, Brett discovered a desire to create a different jewellery-buying experience. So the purpose of Queensmith was realised: to offer an immersive experience in which every couple, their personal decisions and their own sentiments are at the centre of their jewellery. Crafted exquisitely, in-house, at a transparent price.

Learn more about Queensmith.

Why are your workshops in-house?

Unlike many contemporary jewellers, we keep the production of our rings in-house and crafted by local talent. We never sell mass produced jewellery, so our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that their jewellery was created just for them, just the way they wanted.

Our in-house workshops allow us to cut out the middleman and maintain transparent and authentic provenance throughout the creation process. We’re able to keep our overhead costs controlled, whilst paying our own goldsmiths fairly for their meticulous work. We’re also able to make sure high quality standards are always met, with no exceptions, so we can be held accountable for the workmanship in every piece we sell. It just makes sense!

Interested in learning about The Crafting Process?

Are your diamonds ethically sourced?

Yes - every stone we sell and work with is sourced from reputable, trusted suppliers who share our values for transparency. We’re proud supporters of the Kimberley Process, which has prevented 99.8% of the global supply of conflict diamonds, and continue to expand our expert-led lab diamond offering. We also refuse to work with gemstones from conflict areas.

Learn more about our ethical sourcing.

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