Platinum Halo Engagement Rings

Platinum halo engagement rings feature one of the most favourable metal colours when it comes to halo engagement rings. Appearing colourless and bright, the silvery tone ensures platinum halo engagement rings offer a refined, sophisticated aesthetic. Versatile in nature, platinum halo rings are the perfect basis for any colourless diamond, as the metal enhances both traditional and contemporary designs.

Pear shape platinum halo engagement ring, with the tip of the pear diamond resting on a tile
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Platinum Halo Rings

Should I Choose A Platinum Halo Ring?

Aside from the structural benefits of the strong, durable metal, the lustre and silvery tone of platinum makes it the most versatile of the precious metals. Choosing a diamond halo for your platinum ring will keep the ring bright, icy and provide a seamless aesthetic. Whilst radiant and brightening when set with colourless diamonds, the metal looks notably sophisticated with sapphires, rubies and gemstones of all colours.

Round diamond halo platinum engagement ring with a diamond set shank, set in scallop style
Scallop set platinum halo engagement ring with an emerald shape centre diamond
Oval platinum diamond halo engagement ring set in scallop style

Skilfully Crafted in Platinum

As with every ring, we craft each platinum halo ring with care, passion and concentrated attention to the details. Our goldsmiths take particular care to polish and buff the metal to produce optimal reflectivity, further enhancing light play around the ring for maximum sparkle, meaning your ring will glow opulently in all light.

How to design your platinum halo engagement ring

The most popular choice of centre stone for a platinum halo engagement ring is a round, colourless diamond. Whilst most designs can be adapted to suit any diamond shape of your choice, it is important to select a diamond that is as near to colourless as possible, ideally graded between D and F.

Some metals are more forgiving, but the lack of colour in platinum means that any traces of yellow or brown tints in the diamond will contrast with the metal - so opt for high colour grades. We’re meticulous with our diamond selections, including the selection of each melee diamond that we’ll set into the halo of every ring - we’ll make sure to perfectly match the colour and specifications of the centre stone, to ensure a seamless, flawless finish.

Choosing your diamond shape

Thanks to the versatility of platinum, you’ll find that just about all halo engagement ring designs will work beautifully in the pale yet lustrous metal colour. From the shape of the centre stone you choose, to the style of the halo, each detail will provide a unique sense of character while the platinum works to deliver a look that is sharp and sophisticated.

Bolder, geometric diamond shapes and halos can look super contemporary or vintage depending on how you style the setting. Details such as a pavé set platinum halo and milgrain detailing look Art-Deco-esque when set with rectangular shapes like emerald cuts, Asscher cut and princess cuts. If you’re more interested in contemporary platinum halo rings, keep the design simple and choose a scallop set halo with a round, oval or cushion shape diamond. Whichever you choose, the addition of a diamond set band will further enhance sparkle and create a seamless cohesion between the metal and the diamonds or gemstones.

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