Radiant Diamond Guide

What is a radiant cut diamond?

Where the sparkle of brilliant cuts meet the geometric nature of step cuts, a radiant cut diamond is a unique, modern diamond shape with endless charm. Named so for it’s eye-catching beauty, radiant diamonds feature large, distinctive table and upper facets along with the multi-faceted style of other brilliant cuts. The result is a large looking geometric diamond with a seriously sparkly display. Radiant cut diamonds are typically rectangular in shape, and are a good choice for those who like the style of emerald cut diamonds but seek greater brilliance.

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Radiant Diamond Guide

Why choose a radiant cut diamond?

Radiant cuts are a lesser-known shape, meaning they remain a unique choice that appeals to alternative and contemporary tastes. Choose a radiant cut diamond for your engagement ring, and you’re unlikely to encounter other’s sporting a similar style.

While emerald cuts are a popular choice for their geometric nature, the step cut style does not emit sparkle quite like the radiant diamond. Radiant cut diamonds are chosen for possessing both a geometric form and the lustrous, intense sparkle of a brilliant cut. Plus, radiant diamonds have cropped corners, meaning there are no vulnerable tips exposed to breakage.

What should I be aware of when choosing a radiant diamond?

Radiant cut diamonds are rarer than many diamond shapes, so you may have a smaller pool of quality diamonds to choose from. Fewer radiant shaped diamonds are cut than more popular shapes, such as oval or round diamonds, as demand is lower. That said, when you do find the perfect radiant cut diamond, you’ll know - radiant by name, radiant by nature! Ask our experts to source you a selection of the best radiant diamonds - book now.

What’s the best cut ratio for my radiant diamond?

Fancy diamond shapes, like radiant cuts, do not receive a cut grade as round diamonds do, but their ratio is an important indicator of their aesthetic. Although the ratio of your diamond shape is a personal preference, most gemmologists would recognise that the ideal ratio for a radiant cut is between 1.10 and 1.25. This ideal ratio is rectangular - not too squat, not too long and skinny.

Radiant cut diamonds are a typically a gemmologist's favourite - the shape is elongated and flattering, while the sparkle is intense and truly charming.

Eddi | Senior Gemmologist & Design Expert

How do I choose a radiant diamond colour?

Diamonds with the least colour present are usually the most desirable, while diamonds with higher amounts of trace elements, like nitrogen, will appear yellowish, brownish or even a dull blue-grey. Some diamond experts suggest that radiant diamonds are prone to picking up colour traces, so err on the side of caution and choose between D to F colour grades for a totally colourless radiant diamond.

You can go slightly lower with your radiant diamond colour grade if you’re choosing a yellow gold or rose gold ring design, H at the very lowest. Poor colour grades can, however, contrast with the bright, icy tone of platinum, appearing more obvious.

How do I choose the clarity of a radiant diamond?

As with most brilliant cuts, radiant diamonds exude a great deal like fire, life and scintillation. Due to the facet structure and sheer sparkle of the radiant diamond, you can choose slightly lower clarity grades for this shape. Opt for as low as an SI1 clarity grade, which should not show inclusions visible to the naked eye. Choose a clarity grade between VS2 to SI1 for the most beautiful radiant diamond at the best price.


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How much does a radiant diamond cost?

With such distinctive lustre and, as the name suggests, radiance, you might expect a radiant cut to come with a price tag to reflect the rare beauty of the shape - but actually, radiant cut diamonds retail around 20% less than round diamonds. Radiant diamonds are amongst the most affordable diamond shapes, and due to their large table facets and elongated nature, radiant diamonds can actually appear larger than diamonds shapes of the exact same carat weight. A radiant cut diamond is one of the most economical diamond shapes to choose!

How many facets does a radiant cut diamond have?

Radiant diamonds have 70 facets in total. The table facet is large, similar to that of an emerald cut diamond, as are the upper facets. Turn a radiant diamond upside down, and you’ll see a similar facet structure to a round brilliant diamond - lots of small, precisely cut and polished facets that work together to exude vast amounts of sparkle.

How do I choose the best radiant cut diamond?

  • Choose a ratio between 1.15 to 1.30. The most ideal radiant ratio is 1.25, for a shape that’s rectangular, not too squat and not too skinny

  • Look between VS2 to SI1 clarity for an eye-clean stone, and remember that the intense sparkle of the stone and facet structure will minimise any flaws within the stone

  • Be cautious with the colour of your radiant cut diamond, choose between colour grades D and F ideally, or H at the lowest

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