Emerald Diamond Guide

About emerald cut diamonds

Learn what makes emerald cut diamonds so enchanting. Check out how much emerald shaped diamonds cost and which grades to choose for your emerald cut engagement ring.

Tips for choosing the best emerald cut diamond

  • Prioritise a high colour grade between D to F, as the large open facets or emerald cuts are unforgiving when it comes to poor colour grades
  • Choose a clarity grade above VS2. A good clarity grade is more important with emerald cut diamonds, due to their large, open facets, which don't hide inclusions so well. A grade close to VS2 should appear clear and provide good value for money
  • Try a number of ratios; see whether you like a classically proportioned emerald cut, something squarer, or even a super elongated stone

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What are emerald cut diamonds?

An emerald cut is a rectangular, step cut diamond shape, based on the cut first designed to to show off the beauty of green emerald gemstones with extremely high clarity grades. The cut style is now widely chosen for colourless diamonds. The large, open facets of an emerald cut diamond allow viewers to see right into the stone, the prismatic diamond producing an enchanting ‘hall of mirrors’ style optical display.

Emerald Cut Diamond Guide

Why choose an emerald cut diamond?

Whilst engagement ring wearers typically opt for brilliance cut diamonds, the emerald diamond is a style of step cut. That means it features large, open, parallel facets that are designed to show off the stone’s exquisite clarity, rather than sparkle. Emerald cut rings therefore suit those who appreciate minimalism, refined design and aren’t too enamoured with intense sparkle.

A demure shape, emerald cut diamonds have a more subtle glisten with flashes of light than intense sparkle, the ‘hall of mirrors’ prismatic effect their main attraction. The repetition of parallel, rectangular shapes found within the emerald cut are both evocative of Art Deco design whilst feeling extremely contemporary.

Carat for carat, the emerald cut diamond shape is amongst the most affordable diamond shapes. It is elongated and flattering for the wearer.

What clarity grade should I choose for my emerald diamond?

The large open facet structure of emerald cuts mean that there is little room for inclusions to hide in this diamond shape. You’ll be able to see right into the stone, and will note visible flaws reflected throughout the facets. Therefore, opting for a higher clarity grade than you might with a brilliant cut diamond is important. Consider SI1 to, more ideally, VS2 and above, but be aware that completely (or even near-completely) flawless diamonds come with a price tag that reflects their rarity.

How do I choose the cut of an emerald diamond?

As a fancy shaped diamond, emerald cuts aren’t awarded a cut grade, but their polish and symmetry grades are important. Ensure you choose an Excellent or Very good polish and symmetry grades, for smooth facets, crisp, sharp lines, and an even finish.

The ratio of your emerald cut diamond depends entirely on your personal preference; you may prefer a square or near-square shape, or something long, elongated and skinny. Most commonly, emerald cut diamonds are cut with proportions between 1.30 to 1.50, with 1.40 considered the most ideal emerald diamond proportion.

Emerald cuts feature clean, crisp, parallel lines - like a series of rectangles, one within the other. The prismatic effect of this is enchanting and bold, making the shape perfect for Art Deco inspired or super contemporary rings!

Laura | Gemmologist & Design Expert

How do I choose an emerald diamond colour?

The large, open facets of an emerald cut means there’s little room for flaws to hide, and the sparkle too subtle to disguise a poor colour grade. Consider D to F colour grades for your emerald cut diamond ring, particularly if you’re opting for a platinum setting.

If you opt for a yellow or rose gold ring, you can get away with a slightly warmer-toned diamond, so consider a H colour grade at the lowest.

How many facets does an emerald cut diamond have?

Emerald cut diamonds feature 57 separate facets, the largest being the table facet. The shape of the table facet mimics that of the diamond as a whole; rectangular, with cropped corners. The majority of the emerald diamond’s facets are rectangular, with corner facets that appear triangular, tapering toward the centre of the stone. As a step cut diamond, the emerald cut is designed to make the most of the diamond’s clarity, and instead of emitting intense sparkle, the prismatic stone boasts subtle glisten and flashes of light.

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How much does an emerald diamond cost?

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the more economical diamond shapes, and you’ll likely find a larger carat weight for your budget than with, for example, a round diamond. That said, you’ll need to dedicate budget towards a good colour and clarity grade, as these qualities are particularly apparent in emerald diamonds.

Emerald shaped diamonds start from around £1,200 (based on 0.30ct, F, SI1). In comparison, a round diamond with the same quality grades will start at around £1,380. The higher the quality, the higher the price jump; a 0.30ct, D, VS2 emerald cut diamond will retail at around £1,350, compared to a round diamond at £1,890.


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