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Christmas Gift Guide

Written by Joanna Wyganowska
February 24th, 2021 • 3 min read

With the holidays approaching, here are our picks for a festive gift to last, with expert advice straight from our design consultants.

Timeless Diamond Earrings

Diamond studs from £650

A staple for every diamond jewellery collection, diamond stud earrings are a both precious and versatile. Simple, refined studs are suitable for all occasions from everyday wear to evening sparkle, and make a sentimental gift that will remain eternally stylish and special.

Match your engagement ring style to create the perfect jewellery set

Our design consultants can put together a personalised quote for your gift in no time, before crafting and shipping in time for Christmas. Get in touch to receive your personal quote.


Finding the perfect diamond shape..

“There’s an amazing variety of diamond shapes you can choose for a pair of diamond earrings or a solitaire necklace. Choose round a classic and versatile look, or emerald cuts for sleek, modern flare. Top tip - match the diamond shape to an engagement ring or other precious jewellery.” - Jenita, Design Consultant

Dainty Diamond Necklaces

Circular diamond pendant from £1,750

Opt for a simple, single diamond necklace for a timeless favourite, or something a little more contemporary like our circular pendant. Multi-diamond designs, like halos or flower clusters are a beautiful way to amp up sparkle. Although innately precious, our minimalist, versatile diamond necklaces can be worn and adored everyday.

Solitaire Diamond Necklace
Halo Diamond Necklace

Scallop set circular diamond necklace

Flower Shape Diamond Necklace

Our team can put together a personalised quote for the perfect Christmas gift in no time. Book an in-store or online appointment to view collection and finalise your order.

Go bigger with lab grown diamonds!

Lab diamonds are 100% real, authentic diamonds - they’re just created in a laboratory, rather than by nature. Thanks to the efficiency of their production, they retail between 50-60% less than mined diamonds, making them the perfect choice for jewellery gifts and life’s contemporary heirlooms.” - Jack, Design Consultant

Symbolic Eternity Rings

Diamond eternity rings from £945

Eternity rings are a symbolic piece of diamond jewellery, the continuation of small diamonds around the band representative of eternal love. Match the setting style to other rings in your collection, or mix it up for an unusual but stylish ring stack.

Scallop Eternity Ring - From £1,020
Shared Prong Eternity Ring - From £1,685
Pavé Eternity Ring - From £945
Scallop Eternity Ring - From £1,020

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