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6 Hacks to Pack Jewellery When Travelling

Written by
Emily Dixon (DGA - Design Consultant & Gemmologist)

With over a decade of experience, Emily is a powerhouse of diamond, gemstone and jewellery knowledge. Her love of alternative diamond shapes and degree in Circus Arts underpins her joyous approach to modern jewellery design.

May 31st, 2024 • 3 min read

With summer just around the corner, many of us are planning our holidays, including outfits and what to pack. Without proper packing, your jewellery – an important part of making your stunning outfits, can easily get tangled up and cause frustration.

If you're worried about taking your favourite jewellery on holiday due to the risk of losing, tangling, or damaging it, Emily Dixon, Design Consultant & Gemmologist at Queensmith, has shared 6 tips to help you pack your jewellery safely and securely.

How to store jewellery without tangling when travelling

1. Use a travel jewellery box

It might seem like a simple solution, yet many of us don't use a travel jewellery box. These boxes not only allow you to see what items you've packed easily but also include compartments to prevent larger pieces from tangling or getting scratched.

If your jewellery box lacks enough compartments, try placing each piece in small sealable bags before storing them in the box. This approach is a dependable way to keep your smaller items safe and organised.

When flying, always carry your jewellery box in your hand luggage to avoid the risk of losing it if your checked luggage goes missing. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

2. Ziplock bag hack

A simple trick to store necklaces without tangling, particularly chains, while travelling is to use a ziplock bag. Take a plastic ziplock bag and place your necklace inside, but leave a small part of it hanging out at the top. Then, close the ziplock around the chain. This keeps the chain secure and prevents it from tangling with other necklaces or itself.

3. Pill organisation cases

If you need a solution for storing smaller jewellery items and don't have a travel jewellery box, pill organisers are a great and inexpensive alternative.

These secure plastic cases are perfect for storing small jewellery pieces such as earrings and wedding rings. You can also use the compartments to organise your jewellery according to the outfits you plan to wear each day.

For added convenience, insert your earrings into buttons. The small holes in the buttons prevent the earrings from getting lost or mismatched.

This organisation hack can save you a lot of time when getting ready to go out.

3 Stone Pavé Marquise Pendant in Platinum
3 Stone Pavé Marquise Pendant in Platinum

4. Straw hack

Another way to prevent necklaces from tangling while travelling is by using a straw. Simply thread one end of the necklace or bracelet through a drinking straw and fasten it.

This method keeps your jewellery secure and prevents it from getting tangled or knotted in your suitcase or hand luggage.

If the straw is too long for a bracelet, cut it down to size and loop the bracelet through it in the same way.

5. DIY earrings holder

If you have pierced ears, you've probably lost an earring or a back at some point. When travelling, these tiny items are even easier to misplace.

To avoid losing them and keep each pair together, use a thin sheet of foam or card and pierce each pair of earrings. For dangly earrings, secure them with masking tape to prevent damage.

6. Toilet paper roll holder

Use an empty toilet paper roll to transport your bracelets to your holiday destination safely. Loop your bracelets around the roll, then place them in a plastic bag to prevent them from slipping off during your journey.

Diamond Rubover Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold
Rubover Pendant Necklace in Yellow Gold

Complementary jewellery aftercare with Queensmith

So these are all the 6 hacks on how to pack jewellery for travel. Now you can bring your favourite jewellery pieces during your holiday and style them with your gorgeous outfits without worrying that they will tangle and get lost.

Any piece of jewellery purchased from Queensmith is entitled to a lifetime of free cleaning and polishing services. We recommend cleaning your jewellery at home as often as needed and booking a professional polish every 3 to 5 years. After your trip, if you find your jewellery has lost its shininess, you can come to us for the service.

Queensmith is dedicated to delivering ethically made jewellery and sourcing diamonds so you can have your ideal pieces. Explore our collection of lab-grown engagement rings and diamond jewellery at Queensmith. Or book an appointment in our Hatton Garden showroom to speak to our knowledgeable designers and advisors about our bespoke ring-making process.

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