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About 1.4 ct diamond rings

A 1.4 ct diamond ring is a beautiful choice for an engagement ring that will offer a great amount of finger coverage while still looking demure and elegant. The size of a 1.4 carat engagement ring will be very similar to a 1.5 carat ring, but will have a lower cost. Therefore, this can be a great option for those aiming for the 1.5 ct mark with a tighter budget.

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You want your ring design to be timeless, and we get that. Our collection features rings that transcend trends, look great from every angle and are made to last a lifetime.

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The modern way to buy loose diamonds for your engagement ring, with real 360 videos and advanced filtering. Whether you're looking for a lab-created or natural centre stone, find the perfect loose diamond from our responsibly sourced collection of certified diamonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About 1.4 ct Diamond Rings

Is a 1.4 carat engagement ring a good size?

1.4 ct is a really great size diamond for an engagement ring. A little over the average engagement ring carat weight, 1.4 ct offers a really good amount of finger coverage without looking extravagantly large and without being impractical. A 1.4 ct diamond ring is both impressive and demure.

How much does a 1.4 ct diamond ring cost?

The cost of a good quality 1.4 ct diamond ring starts a little over £3,000. The price will vary depending on the style of the ring you choose and, most significantly, whether you choose a natural or lab grown diamond.

A loose 1.4 ct lab diamond starts at around £2,300. A natural diamond of the same specifications will be closer to £12,000. In addition to this, the metal ring setting itself starts from £700 for a simple solitaire, so a 1.4 ct diamond ring can cost anywhere from £3,000 and upward of £12,700.

How big is a 1.4 ct diamond in mm?

A round 1.4 ct diamond measures around 7.15mm in diameter. This can vary a little depending on the proportions of the cut, and different diamond shapes will appear larger or smaller depending on the spread of carat weight over their surface. For example, elongated diamond shapes like a 1.4 ct oval diamond could measure closer to 8mm in length.

How much does a 1.4 ct diamond weigh?

A 1.4 ct diamond weighs 280 mg.

Is 1.4 ct big for a ring?

Yes, 1.4 carat is considered fairly big for an engagement ring. The average diamond engagement ring carat weight is around 1.25 ct, so 1.4 ct is a little larger than average.

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