0.8 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

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About 0.8 ct diamond rings

A 0.8 ct engagement ring is considered a sweet spot between pricing and size. Shy of a full carat by 0.2 ct, your diamond will be eye-catching and fiery without appearing too large or incurring the pricing jumps seen at 1 carat. A 0.8 ct diamond is a good option for those with simpler, refined tastes. A 0.8 ct diamond also makes a great centrepiece for a halo ring - you can add diamonds to the perimeter of the diamond whilst keeping the design demure and understated.

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You want your ring design to be timeless, and we get that. Our collection features rings that transcend trends, look great from every angle and are made to last a lifetime.

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The modern way to buy loose diamonds for your engagement ring, with real 360 videos and advanced filtering. Whether you're looking for a lab-created or natural centre stone, find the perfect loose diamond from our responsibly sourced collection of certified diamonds.

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Each Queensmith engagement ring is crafted to order, made just for you and your partner. We have an in-house workshop and production team that meticulously crafts your ring and finesses every detail until it passes our final quality control check. Our quality and finish is a cut above the rest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a 0.8 carat diamond ring cost?

A great quality 0.8 carat diamond ring will start at £2,000 in total.

The price of a 0.8 ct loose lab grown diamond is around £1,300, or closer to £3,500 for a natural diamond. In addition to this, the price of the ring setting itself will start at £700 for something simple.

You should be aware that diamond prices fluctuate, and this should be used as a guide price accurate at the time of writing.

How big is a 0.8 carat diamond engagement ring?

A round 0.8 carat diamond ring is around 5.95mm in diameter, which isn’t tiny nor is it huge. A 0.8 ct diamond ring is considered a fairly modest size, which makes it incredibly easy to wear and versatile in terms of the setting style you can choose from.

Can you see the difference between a 1 ct and 0.8 ct diamond ring?

Yes, most people can see a difference in size between a 1ct and 0.8 carat diamond ring when side by side. The difference in size is only a matter of a few millimeters in diameter, but when worn on the hand they can look distinctly different to each other.

Is a 0.8 carat engagement ring big enough?

0.8 carats is certainly big enough for an engagement ring; it will offer dazzling beauty while looking demure and on the subtler-side. Many people find a 0.8 ct engagement ring is just what they want: it’s not too big nor too small, and is very practical for those with physical occupations or active lifestyles.

Before the emergence of lab diamonds, which have lower prices-per-carat, a 0.8 ct engagement ring was deemed a fairly average size. Now, the average size of engagement ring we see is closer to 1.25 ct and expected to increase as lab diamond popularity grows.

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