Diamond Education

Finding the perfect diamond requires research. Knowing what to look for and understanding a diamonds main characteristics will provide you with the knowledge & confidence required to make the right decision.

At Queensmith, we aim to be totally transparent, wanting your ultimate selection to be an informed one. Our gemologists have prepared these diamond buying guides to better help you refine your selection criteria and understand the characteristics that will determine the price of your diamond.




When selecting a diamond, your first priority is usually to choose a shape. At Queensmith we specialise in the round brilliant cut of diamond as they are cut for optimum fire, life and brilliance. Learn about round brilliant and fancy shaped diamonds such as princess, cushion and pear shapes here.


The Four C's

In order to get the perfect diamond, there are several factors to consider. The 4c's are the most common and well known diamond characteristics that will help you determine the quality of a diamond and where on the scale you want to be.



The skill with which a diamond is cut determines how well it reflects and refracts light: total internal reflection is the ultimate goal and the true skill is in the cutting. For us, Cut is the most important of the 4c's.


Most polished diamonds are graded for their lack of colour within the stone; that said, there are some truly beautiful fancy coloured diamonds out there. The colour (or lack of) within a diamond can have a huge impact on its beauty, value and desirability.


The clarity of a diamond can have a huge impact on both the beauty and value of the stone. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare (and therefore expensive) so some compromise is recommend if you want to make the most of your budget.


Carat is the physical weight of the diamond and it is one of the most visually apparent differences when making comparisons between them. There is a very visible correlation between diamond size and carat weight when it comes to round brilliant diamonds.


Queensmith Diamonds are independently certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Established in 1931, the GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls. Each one of our diamonds comes with it's own GIA certificate that certifies the diamond's quality & characteristics.