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Visiting Hatton Garden: What To Expect

Written by India Charter
December 21st, 2021 • 4 min read

The UK's jewellery hub, where one in three engagement rings are purchased - but what should you expect when visiting Hatton Garden, and should you choose a ring from Hatton Garden?

London is one of the World’s diamond capitals and the Hatton Garden district has been its centre for well over 100 years. It is estimated that one in three UK engagements are sealed with a ring purchased in the area. While its dealers, merchants, wholesalers and retailers conduct over a billion pounds of business annually, despite its size and relative importance as a diamond and jewellery centre, Hatton Garden, for many, remains a best kept secret for significant jewellery purchases. Here, we delve into what makes Hatton Garden the perfect destination for buying engagement rings.

London's diamond district

Known locally as ‘The Garden’ and brought to the fore by the recent and well publicised safe deposit heist, Hatton Garden is home to around 70 jewellery stores and a further 300 allied trades and jewellery related businesses. The range and choice of diamonds and fine jewellery on offer is staggering - and Hatton Garden can seem somewhat overwhelming on the first encounter.

To the uninformed, diamonds and engagement rings may appear somewhat commoditised - or at least you may expect to find the same offering in every store - however, gem quality, purchasing advice, workmanship and prices vary tremendously from one store to the next.

Finding the best Hatton Garden jewellers for you will take a little research - our M.O.? We're a bespoke jewellers with a difference, part workshop, part showroom, our immersive process allows you to select the best diamonds for your budget, and the perfect design, crafted just the way you want. Find out more about Queensmith.

Independent and affordable jewellers in Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden’s jewellery stores are largely independently owned. There are currently no high street names and no international brands; they’d simply be unable to compete. Devoid of the brand premiums, advertising budgets and West End rents, shoppers' budgets stretch further here. Assuming you're ok ditching the brand name, purchase direct from one of Hatton Garden’s bespoke jewellers and you’ll expect to pay about half that of a like-for-like engagement ring bought from a branded jeweller.

Why is Hatton Garden Famous?

Hatton Garden is famed globally for its diamond jewellers. It is often known as the centre of the diamond trade in the United Kingdom. It has featured an iconic history from when this association first began in the early 19th century from its royal roots to heists and the recent influx of lab grown diamonds, which continues to the present day.

Browse ring designs and find your diamond.

Planning your visit to Hatton Garden

Buying diamonds, an engagement ring or wedding bands is not something done every day, so the best advice is to conduct a little research and planning ahead of visiting Hatton Garden. An appreciation of the factors to consider when making a diamond selection and shortlisting the right shops to visit can make the difference between something exceptional to be treasured forever and something a little less inspiring and mass-produced.

The cost and significance of purchasing diamonds warrants suitable consideration. It generally takes most people an hour to make an informed purchase selection on an engagement ring - or some opt to come back for second appointments with time to mull over their decision in the meantime.

Is jewellery cheaper in Hatton Garden?

Prices are competitive, but Hatton Garden jewellers can often be half the price of the big-name competitors and larger jewellery houses. Most Hatton Garden jewellers are privately-owned, independent businesses.

Do I need an appointment to visit Hatton Garden?

As a hugely popular destination for jewellery purchases, calling ahead to book an appointment, especially on busy weekends and peak evening hours, can be the difference between a hurried chat or an in-depth consultation. Popular jewellers in Hatton Garden, including Queensmith, operate via appointment - so make sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment at the door!

At Queensmith, we usually advise booking your appointment two or more weeks in advance. The most popular day of the week, Saturdays, can book up two or even three weeks in advance. Appointments during the evening are also popular, so be sure to factor this into your plans.

Hatton Garden opening hours

Most Hatton Garden jewellers are open Monday to Saturday, with a limit amount also trading on Sunday. Most Hatton Garden jewellers are not open on Sundays. While opening times vary from store to store, typical hours are between 10am and 5:30pm. Queensmith is open Monday to Saturday, from 10am until 6.30pm on weekdays and 10.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.

Located on the fringes of the Square Mile, Hatton Garden is about one minute walk from Farringdon Tube (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines) and five minutes from Chancery Lane (Central Line).

Travelling by car, there is an NCP carpark on nearby Cross Street and a small carpark on Hatton Garden. There is plenty of of metered on-street parking on Hatton Garden and surrounding Greville Street and Kirby Street, though be warned, parking wardens take no prisoners!

What tube station is Hatton Garden?

Located on the fringes of the Square Mile, Hatton Garden is about one minute walk from Farringdon Tube (Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines) and five minutes from Chancery Lane (Central Line).

Parking in Hatton Garden

If you’re travelling by car, there is an NCP car park on nearby Cross Street and a small car park on Hatton Garden. There is plenty of metered on-street parking in Hatton Garden and surrounding Greville Street and Kirby Street, though be warned, parking wardens take no prisoners!


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